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Yoga To Improve Quality of Life and Disease Prevention

Updated on December 27, 2015

Yoga for Health

Yoga is considered as a gift by many due to its immense benefits and ability to provide cure for a wide range of diseases without having to intake medications. But aside from providing cure, yoga can also be used as a preventive tool. With regular yoga practice, you can improve your health and well being such that your body is better able to fight off diseases.

Yoga is a Life Style

How Does Yoga Improve Quality of Life?

People of any age or gender can benefit from the practice of yoga. Its restorative mechanism is what makes yoga unique from other medical approaches or exercise trends that is currently practiced by various individuals. It emphasizes the promotion of a healthy well being more than it focuses on trying to cure diseases. Indeed, prevention is still several ways better than cure and anyone who has tried yoga can attest to this.

In fact, many who have adapted yoga as part of their regular fitness routine does so since it significantly improves their health maintenance system. One of its practical applications involve stress reduction techniques that enable you to cope with daily stresses in life that could have entailing impact on your health. Indeed, stress depletes your immune system's ability to fight off diseases so it is important to eliminate stress in your life. There are several methods involved in yoga that will provide you with an effective stress management tool, such as meditation, breathing exercises, and stretching yoga poses.

Healing Yoga Benefits Cancer and Heart Disease

Yoga For a Healthier Heart

Heart problems and cardiovascular diseases is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Finding an effective cure against these type of diseases will greatly reduce the mortality rate. But yoga offers an even more effective approach to put a stop to the increasing number of people suffering from heart diseases. Hence, expert yogis suggest incorporating yoga exercises, meditation, and breathing exercises into your daily life so you can embark on an important lifestyle transformation that will improve your heart condition.

When an individual suffers from stress, it constricts your breathing passage, creates tension in your heart muscles, and increase heart rate. When this happens, you simply have to start executing yogic breathing exercises to release pressure exerted on your heart and its surrounding muscles. Performing yoga exercises is also known to improve your circulation to improve functions of your vital organs.

Improved Resistance Through Yoga Asanas

The impact of performing yoga exercises and positions are the subject of several health studies over the recent years. And these studies show somewhat similar results that indicate the ability of yoga to improve the quality of life. This happens mainly due to the improved body composition and better fitness level. Moreover, these effects are equally significant as a complementary therapy for those that are undergoing conventional medical treatments.

By regularly executing yoga exercises, an individual is able to improve their muscular strength, produce a leaner body mass, and improve immune system. It also helps to improve one's level of self-esteem and produce a more positive body image, which greatly impacts their view of the self without suffering from any form of side effects.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain : Forward Bend Yoga Pose for Back Pain

Yoga For Disease Prevention?

Yoga improves your health such that it equips you with the ability to fight off common diseases and other conditions. Whether it affects your physical health or internal organ system, yoga is able to address various health issues, which is the key to improving your quality of life. So, what are these common health problems and how does yoga improve your body's ability to prevent them? Find out more below.

Back Problems or Pain

Chronic back pain or problem is a common complaint shared by several individuals. But yoga offers a great method to relieve you of any pain sensation or prevent back pain from developing. Back pain, particularly in the lower back area, is often caused by poor posture or remaining at the same position over a long period of time (which is likely with individuals sitting in their office desks for several hours each day).

The asanas or positions required in the practice of yoga are based on stretching or bending. The aim of these exercises is to add flexibility, provide proper toning, and increase strength in your muscles. All of these are important qualities that your body need to eliminate pain in your back or some other parts of your body. And the best part about performing these yoga exercises is that they serve both as a way to prevent injuries or speed up the process of healing.

Yoga for Abdomen & Digestion

Stress Relief Yoga : Yoga Neck Stretches for Stress Relief

Digestive Disorders

The ability to add strength and flexibility to your muscles and joints are obvious benefits that can be derived from practicing yoga. But not too many people are aware that yoga provides benefit to your internal health system, as well. One of that is your digestive system. When you perform advanced stretches or curling exercises, it also internally massages your organs such that it facilitates for proper functioning of those organs. And when your internal or digestive organs are healthy, so are the rest of your body.

Stress-Related Conditions

Anxiety and stress are normal bodily responses prompted by various external impulses. In fact, stress is considered as healthy as it enables the body to push beyond the limits and act according to what type of physical situation an individual is confronted with. But when present in an overwhelming amount, yoga is not good for your health.

There are several ways to equip your body to cope with the effects of stress or better yet manage stress before it begins to create devastating effects on the body. The breathing techniques employed during yoga exercises is very effective in helping you control stress and regulating your breath patterns. The Complete Breath technique is one of the breathing exercises that you need to learn, especially when you are “stressed out”. Simply concentrate and pay close attention to the sound of your breathing and this will enable you to calm down your nerves and avoid panic attack. Daily or regular practice of breathing exercises and meditation is also known to effectively reduces anxiety or depression caused by stress

Health Conditions Related To Aging Process

There is also a relatively new category of yoga that caters to the needs of older or aging individuals. This might appear as a bit surprising for many given that most people have this misconception that yoga requires a certain level of flexibility or physical skill. However, older individuals can experience several great benefits from yoga such as improved dexterity, injury prevention, and reduced amount of pain in their joints, muscles, and ligaments as yoga exercises help to add flexibility into them.

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