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Yoga Versus Traditional Medicine

Updated on October 4, 2014

Yoga as Alternative Medicine

When yoga first came about, it was not really intended for medicinal purposes. Instead, it is an exercise routine that incorporated spiritual and mental aspect for a deeper experience that provided efficient psychological benefits as well. And despite the growth of medical research that has provided more treatment options for everyone regardless of their health condition, yoga has developed into an alternative form of medicine that offers non-invasive approach into treatment.

But aside from being considered as an alternative form of medicine, yoga has also been utilized to as a complementary treatment to suffice for any form of treatment being done to an individual. This will speed up the healing and recovery process as the body's flexibility, strength, and dexterity is greatly improved.


Methods of Treatment With Yoga

Individuals who undergo yoga therapy to utilize therapeutic applications for some of yoga's methods have different options available as well. These will all depend on the condition being treated such that your yoga instructor will be able to target the specific area of the body affected and the method of approach can also be chosen accordingly.

Here are just a few of the common components available in yoga therapy and treatment.

Healing Through Mind and Body

The yoga asanas concern the enhancement of the body, while meditation and breathing exercises are more focused on improving the mind. This two-way approach that yoga utilizes during treatment helps to create a holistic impact on your overall wellness. Yoga advocates that all of these vital aspects must be nourished in order for one to attain complete healing. This explains why yoga asanas are always combined with meditation and breathing to forge an internal experience that no other exercises or fitness trends could offer.

Concept of Energy

The concept of life force or life energy is another important component in the practice of yoga. This is one thing that is missing in conventional medicine but is very important to improving functions of the body. When an individual is asked to perform positions or breathing techniques, all of these are done in an effort to manipulate the chakras or energy channels inside the body. And depending on which specific chakra is targeted, it will also produce its corresponding impact on the body.

Healing Yoga Benefits Cancer and Heart Disease

Diseases Treated by Yoga

Yoga treatments are capable of relieving or treating a wide range of diseases, whether purely physical or ones caused by psychological factors. Below are just a few of the common diseases known to be effectively treated with yoga methods. Read more below to learn more about how healing takes place and how yoga improves your condition better than conventional medicine does.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The principles of yoga can be utilized to provide healing for cardiovascular diseases. Aside from the physical aspect of yoga, it also insists on developing a healthy lifestyle that is free of any vices and a good diet method. Indeed, it is a way of life instead of just a single treatment method. It is a holistic approach that combines a healthy lifestyle, diet patterns, regular exercise routine, and stress reduction techniques so you have a sound body and mind.

In fact, recent research made by health experts have pointed out that this approach is even more effective as compared to undergoing surgery. And the best part of all, using yoga as a preventive tool is one way to save yourself from such trouble of having to deal with heart and other cardiovascular diseases. The yogic breathing exercises are also recommended to reduce blood pressure and any risks of hypertension. Meanwhile, regular practice of yoga exercises the muscles of your heart so you can get a reduced automatic response.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Those who have ventured into practicing yoga are the ones that have one common dilemma – chronic lower back pain. Several clinical trials and research were also conducted on the ability of yoga exercises to provide relief from such form of pain while bending or stretching exercises done in yoga help improve your back care system to prevent injuries associated with your back muscles.

Yoga, Decrease Stress and Depression

Depression, Sleeping Disorders, and Psychological Conditions

People living in the modern world has had to face a harsh reality that stress and other entailing conditions should become a part of their daily life. But the psychological aspects of yoga provides you with the tools needed to overcome such problems. Many deem yoga as the first behavioral medicine that is dedicated to altering your mood and attitude such that you can learn to overcome these through yoga relaxation and breathing techniques.

If you notice, many people who are under extreme level of stress are told to take a deep breath. This is one particular concept that is highly associated with yoga. Deep breathing is just one of many yoga breathing exercises that help soothe your mind and body. Indeed, it is a much better form of treatment than having to take medications that can be habit-forming or could result to negative side effects. Through regular practice, you should be able to master these yoga breathing techniques and become better able to overcome stress and other psychological conditions without having to rely on conventional medicinal approaches.

Important Reminders

Any form of medical or treatment approach entails its own risk factors. Hence, nothing is guaranteed to work unless you have looked into the vital factors that affect the success rate of using a particular method. Here are important pointers that you need to look into when choosing yoga treatment method to heal your condition:

  • Choose a qualified yoga instructor. This one is a given, but the bigger question is how do you go about choosing one. You can ask them for a certification from a recognized body that will prove the capacity of a specific yoga instructor to teach or use yoga therapy method on patients or students.
  • Visit local yoga studios and talk to instructors about your condition. Discuss how you can cure your problem and learn about the methods suggested. Since each instructor have their own expertise, opt for one that is most skilled and knowledgeable about your condition.
  • Seek recommendation from your friends or family members who have tried yoga therapy before. Also, ask for advises on how you can enhance the healing benefits of yoga through your own effort.

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  • move2move profile image


    6 years ago

    Great & interesting hub!

    Thank you for sharing :-)!

  • Dr. Aaron LeBauer profile image

    Aaron LeBauer 

    7 years ago from Greensboro, NC

    Great hub. Very informative. Your description of how yoga is therapeutic is right on the money. I practice yoga and use modified yoga poses in my physical therapy practice to help my patients recover from back pain, arthritis, hip pain and for general health and well being.

    thanks for sharing.


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