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The Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor -- the friend you need to cure cancer

Updated on September 17, 2014

Breast cancer survivor -- how to treat chemotherapy and radiation side effects

I survived cancer and the side effcets of radiation and chemotherapy with raw vegetable juices. How to choose the best fruit and vegetable juice extractor? And why buy one -- in the first place? I tell you my own story in the hope that someone else will also benefit from raw vegetable juices to heal and keep healthy ever after.

My knowledge about vegetable juice extractors is recent but well researched after I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, stage three, more than a year ago. After the shock -- I had to act as friends told me about the bad side effects of radiation and chemotherapy -- the main cancer treatment that patients are usually given by the health professionals. I have read and talked with other cancer survivors about the benefits of vegetable juices and raw vegetables against the radiation and chemo side effects first -- but reading more I found out that raw vegetable juice, if taken regularly, can in fact destroy the cancer cells and cure cancer. I had to buy my own vegetable juice extractor of course -- and then learn which vegetables would be best to juice in my situation.

There are many friendly juice makers on the market and even more reviews that describe one or another product or type of product as being the best. For a first time buyer, or for someone that only had a juice maker long time ago, the task of buying one proves to be difficult. It can even leave one rather discouraged from taking the actual buying decision. I guess the best thing is to start from somewhere though -- at the end, any juice maker is better than no juice maker at all! They all do the juicing and are quite affordable and effective nowadays. You will find that your juice making machine will become a good friend, especially if your reason to get one is for health purposes. As any other good friend would help you in a difficult situation, the juice maker will also help you to address your problem and improve your well being, fitness and general health.

I made this article for my friends to show them the benefits of raw vegetable juicing -- before they have to find out by reasons of being sick, as it happened to me. If I only knew what I know now about vegetable juicing!!!! So, I guess no one should wait to get ill before paying attention to this topic -- so please, read and consider to start now -- you'll see that it will be more of a pleasant experience than you expect!

Photo from Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Your Life Savers

Vegetable juicing for health -- a cure for cancer

List of illnesses to cure with vegetable juicing

Juicing for health -- one can start juicing as a result of being diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or diabetes. Others can deicde to drink fresh vegetable juices every day to keep in good health -- and that is the smart way to take this step. But vegetable juices are not only beneficial for health -- they also take care of a beautiful, clear, glowing skin, a shiny, healthy hair and a general fitness and sense of well being. That is not surprising though as every other aspects of life depend so much on health. Read more about the various properties and nutritional qualities of various vegetables and the juices made of them -- and the specific illnesses they address. I had to go through a lengthy chemo treatment and radiation afterwards but vegetable juicing is good to address other illnesses too, like diabetes, skin diseases, problems of metabolism and digestion, liver dysfunction, lung disease.

Kurt Tupperwein -- self development and health

Mens sana in corpore sano -- in latin it means that a healthy mind is in a healthy body. Science of nowadays porved the reverse also valid: if we have a healthy mind, it will have a positive health effect on our body as well!!

I have read these books to understand how the body can be helped to fight cancer by the right state of mind and little practices that we adopt as lifestyle. We can not buy Amazon from where I am currently living -- so the books have been bought and sent by post by good friends from Europe. I appreciate that the books have helped me greatly. It is different when one understands why the juice is better than the whole vegetable or why mindset is so important in staying healthy or getting there after an illness. I highly recommend .Kurt Tupperwein's books in this regard.

Vegetable song for growing adults

Why juicing, why raw vegetables? - The benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Find below more detailed and specialized information on the benefits of juicing vegetables and fruits. Check the charts with health qualities and properties of various vegetables and fruits and choose those that suit your needs. have fun juicing and have more fun by staying healthy and fit -- fully enjoying your life!

Which vegetable juice extractor is best?

All vegetable extractors are good -- but one still has to choose!

Well, there are choices to be made.

There are machines that promise an almost 100% extraction. Working at low speed, they can also process grass and leafs. They are the masticating juice extractors, similar in design to a meat processor. Others are centrifugal juice makers -- they come in many shapes and forms, according to how the waste is collected and whether they have a cleaning kit or a juice collector bowl attached.

Personally, I already have a great number of bowl and cleaning brushes in my household -- so any much more would just be a burden of storing them.

Are you prepared to spend half an hour for preparing your glass of juice and get your almost 100% extraction that the reviews are promising? Do you really want to start juicing grass too? or do you simply want a glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice every day without using up too much time? Be realistic when you answer: and make your decision -- it will greatly benefit your health and general well being, provided you will truly using your soon to be new fruit and vegetable juice extractor!

The best fruit and vegetable juice extractor has to suit your own needs and the reason for which you want to start drinking freshly made vegetable or fruit juice.

Vertical centrifugal vegetable juicers on Amazon

The best fruit and vegetable juice extractors for an average person that only wants to have some fresh fruit or vegetable juice for a healthier life style are the centrifugal juice making machines. Their processing time is fast -- under one minutes for a big cup of juice and a little bit more for more.Get a vegetable juicer today and keep illness away!!!!

A very good choice of vertical centrifugal vegetable juice extractor - Comfortable, everyday fruit and vegetable juicing for the whole family.

Preparing the fruits and vegetables would take less than a few minutes as they do not have to be cut into small pieces for the latest models of juicers have a large feeding tube -- an apple just cut into halves or quarts, a big carrot into three, etc. Cleaning and washing depends -- most of the modern juice making machines are dishwasher friendly, but I always wash mine by hand as it only takes me another three minutes.



It is easy to assemble

It is comfortable to use as it has a large opening of the feeder. Vegetables must not be chopped into small pieces.

It is easy to disassemble

It takes only a few minutes to clean.

Has two speed controls to use it and adapt speed to your needs.

Parts are dishwasher friendly

Materials of micro mesh filter and cutter are strong and resistant for heavy duty.

User friendly juice extractors

Centrifugal vegetable and hard fruit juice makers/machines

The debate between the vertical centrifugal juice extractors and the slow horizontal wheatgrass juicers is raging. The truth is that they both have features and applications that the other group has not. In an ideal world, the best would be to have both; the vertical juicer for the quick, day to day morning juice making and the masticating juice extractor for the more elaborate process of extracting juice from the grass and vegetable leafs. There is also the time that the horizontal masticator is taking for the process -- some juices oxidize before they are even getting into the glass for drinking.

Make your fresh vegetable juice just before you drink it!

Get into the habit of drinking a fresh juice every day

Vegetable juices became essential for a good functioning of our bodies in the new environment most of us live in. Unlike our grandparents -- or even parents -- we are exposed to more stress factors and pollutants then previous generations. To detoxify and keep our systems clean and healthy we need a greater intake of fresh juices that have all the healthy nutrients, minerals and enzymes still intact. Most of the enzymes necessary for the metabolism are destroyed over 42 degrees C. Also, if we eat the vegetables with all the bulk and fiber. we could never get the quantity it takes to provide enough nutrients and enzymes.

Vegetable juicing and having a daily glass or two of fresh vegetable juice, does not mean that we should completely give up on eating whole vegetables as well -- it is a good practice to include both forms in our daily menu.

Find your best fruit and vegetable juice extractor to suit your needs

Choose the best juice maker to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Well, I have a good reason to become knowledgeable about juice making machines -- I did a lot of reading and research for finding the best one as it is currently one very valuable ally in my fight against the cancer I have been recently diagnosed with. Scientific research points to fresh vegetable juice as helping the body to destroy cancer cells.

I already bought a machine and by using it daily I understand what o good vegetable juicer is supposed to offer. First, it should be efficient and stable and extract the most of the juice of the fruit or vegetable, without harming the health ingredients, the vitamins and minerals that will provide the body with the precious enzymes. But I also want to be satisfied that my vegetable juice making machine is easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to disassemble and most of all very easy to clean. It should also not take too much space up -- no matter how big a kitchen is, it is not meant only for a fruit and vegetable juice maker!

Different vegetable juices and their benefits for health

Qualities and properties of various vegetables in juices

Different vegetables have different minerals and vitamins in their composition. For the most efficient use of them in different vegetable juice combinations and recipes is good to know the health qualities, the minerals and the vitamins they contain. Vegetable juices benefit our body by their use in helping the body against different illnesses but we should know how to use them for specific needs, for the health problems that we actually might have. If we consume vegetable juices in a proactive way, we also should know the right proportion of them in our diet and if we drink fresh vegetable juices as part of a therapy or as an alternative therapy, we should know which ones work best for our individual situation. Read more by clicking on the links below about the various vegetable and their benefits for health.

Hibrid fruit and vegetable juice extractor - Vegetable juice maker that combines recent technology


This fruit and vegetable juice extractor seems to meet the approval of a large number of customers.The producer himself has a lifelong experience with fruit and vegetable juicing. The machine is a hybrid, using both extracting and masticating to deliver the best of both types of juicers. Delivers ease of use and speed of an extractor combined with the juice volume and juice quality of a grinder.

Unleash the healing power of live fruits and vegetables! Juicing live foods can help you lower cholesterol, lose weight, prevent cancer & strokes, unclog arteries, repair harm done by poor health habits, and prolong life and give you lasting vitality.

Fresh raw vegetable juice recipes

Various vegetable recipes to address different health problems

Fresh vegetables juices have the most of their natural properties that benefit health. Raw vegetables are better for our health than the same vegetables in cooked form. Only tomatoes are better to be consumed cooked. Raw and fresh vegetables made into juice are better processed by the body as there are no fibers to keep healthy components in the bulk -- every bit of nature's gift is released and processed in a very short period of time -- minutes from ingesting. Different vegetable juices have different components and address different health problems. Read more to understand how vegetables juice works in the body and which are vegetables to be used for juicing for a specific health problem.

A vertical masticator juice extractor - Low speed for the really decided juice consumers

If you really want to choose the last trend in health consciousnesses over comfort -- this is one juice maker machine that buyers would recommend. But be realistic when deciding to buy it -- the process of actually extracting the juice will take much longer.

The Omega Model VRT350 VERT Juicer is a revolutionary product that features the high efficiency of a masticating style juicer in a vertical design. The VERT is designed to be compact, contemporary and productive. A processing speed of 80 rotations per minute prevents the oxidation and degradation of freshly juice product and an oversized spout serves up drinks with style and efficiency.

Horizontal masticating fruit and vegetable juice extractor - Choosing the real juicer's life over comfort? This is a good option!

Depending on how much you juice at one time it takes 30-40 minutes, from washing and cutting up the vegetables to finishing up cleaning the last piece of the juicing mechanism -- but it extracts juice from everything -- juices greens and wheat grass or any other leafy stuff as well as fruits and root vegetables at low speed.

Consumer friendly juice extractors

Masticating slow juice makers for vegetables, green leafs and grass

Masticating juice extractors have many qualities -- as described in the pages in the selection of reviews below. Nevertheless -- it is not all perfect, as the slow time required for the processing of vegetables and leaves or grasses makes that some other vegetables are getting oxidized before the finishing stage. The cabbage juice, as an example, which is one of the basic juice for a healthy vegetable juice diet, must be consumed under two minutes in order to avoid oxidation of the most important enzymes. The masticating juice maker machines take much longer to even process it. However, it is also true that the centrifugal juice extractors can not process the green leafs and grass that nutritionists recommend to be included into the juice menu.

Manual fruit juice extractor - Make you own green juice going totally green!

Manual fruit and vegetable juice extractor for the environmental conscious! No electricity, no carbon footprint -- and it is processing the wheat grass too -- and why not? any other grass, in fact.

Good to take on a trip where no electricity would be available -- surviving on grass juice!

Jokes aside -- fresh lemon or orange juice is also quite good and it should be given especially to children as they have a high energy consumption. Fresh lemon juice is another must for health -- with ginger -- should be mixed into the water that you drink daily

The comfortable fruit and vegetable juice extractor for the average juice consumer - Too comfortable not to use -- this is the first step into the right directi

This fruit and vegetable juice extractor can be your ticket to get into the daily habit of making fresh juice -- it is so easy to use and clean! The whole process of preparing, making the actual juice and cleaning will take you less then ten minutes -- five if you are quick and in a hurry! The parts are easy to put together and be taken off then just turn the waste into a bag or on to a newspaper and rinse under a jet of clean water! It is the best option for someone that only is starting out into the wonderful world of healthy juices.

The easy clean central pulp container juices 1.5 quarts before it needs to be emptied. With a 750 watt motor it has a heavy duty performance. It also has a unique Cyclonic Juicing System which operates at 14,000 RPM to maximize extraction.

Survivor's guides for fighting cancer and chemotherapy side effects with raw vegetable juice

The power of natural healing -- why get a start to juicing?

Going through chemotherapy myself, I find the sites below being effectively helpful. In the difficult stages of coping with the days after chemotherapy sessions that I receive at the Cancer Centre, I personally found the raw vegetable juices to be efficient in improving my blood count results and I did not suffer from nausea, body or head aches as I was told I would. Yes, I turned a bit orange from the carrot juice but it did not bother me at all. I spoke to other cancer patients locally and some of them are on vegetable juices as the effects become known through the internet -- some people I spoke to chose vegetable juicing as an alternative treatment -- some others just add it to the mainstream therapies. I decided to do undergo chemotherapy and radiation and adjust my lifestyle and nutrition to healthier ways including raw vegetable juice into my daily diet.

Update! August 2012

I've finished treatments and been declared free of cancer cells. Waiting for my next tests after six month. Keep well!

Update! November 2012

I had cancer cell tracing test -- and have been declared free of them. I am looking forward to February 2013 for my next tests. Many of my friends bought vegetable juice making machines -- they use them at the convenience of their time and pleasure. I still would want them to have more of the fresh vegetable juices -- but I am happy as things are!

Further Updates!

March 2013 -- Last test came clean -- I am all well and my hair grew.

September 2014 -- I am here and will go for tests as soon as I find the time for them.

This lens is to advise my niece and friends living scattered all over the world -- they heard me buying a vegetable juice extractor and being very happy about the effects of drinking fresh juice every day. I am in the middle of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, so my example of neglecting important health/nutrition issues had a great impact on them. They all want now to buy extractors and are asking me which one is the best. Besides them not having the same brands as we have here in South Africa, it is also the question of the type of machine. I just realized how little we know about juice extractors before we actually use one -- so an objective information from actual consumers would be a valuable help. Thank you!

Please, give us your feed back -- there are first time buyers that would appreciate your imput - What do you know about vegetable juicing and juice extractors?

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    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 4 years ago

      Great health advice: "Juicing for health -- one can start juicing as a result of being diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or diabetes." Thank you! Fantastic lens! Sundae ;-)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Juicing is a wonderful way to get all the nourishment we need. I'm so glad you made this lens, its an important topic in winning the fight against cancers. - God bless you my dear friend. :)

    • jolinsz profile image

      jolinsz 4 years ago

      I just started juicing my self. I use to make smoothies a lot and love to put in mangoes, orange juice, almond milk, kale, and strawberries. Now I am trying to juice with fresh carrots, kale, beets, spinach, oranges and whatever else I can think to put in the juicer. Thank you for sharing your healing process with us!

    • rattie lm profile image

      rattie lm 4 years ago

      I attribute many cancers to processed food. If we all went back to nature, drank juices and ate things natural, we'd all be so much healthier. Good luck on your health journey.

    • ErinRivers profile image

      ErinRivers 5 years ago

      It's so important to use raw vegetables for some fresh juice. They are like health bombs. Can't have enough of them. Thanks for sharing all that fantastic information!

    • profile image

      crstnblue 5 years ago

      If only we'd take more care of our health... would be such a big difference.

      So, why not make use of our juice maker and start our refreshing diet now with a delicious glass of natural juice!? :)

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      We have a Jack LaLanne juicer and it works very well. I hope juicing helps with your appetite and chemo recovery process.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      We have a Jack LaLanne juicer and it works very well. I hope juicing helps with your appetite and chemo recovery process.

    • tylerabernethy22 profile image

      tylerabernethy22 5 years ago

      I am SO buying one of these. You can really detox with one of these suckers.



    • profile image

      judit 5 years ago

      I guess everybody ought to have a fruit and vegetable juice extractor in the house -- and use it too. We ought to help our bodies to sort all the rubbish we put into it.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Mine is like this last one here -- except that it has 800 W. I am very happy, it takes only a few minutes to make my juice and clean the extractor. The first one on the list seems to be a very good centrifugal juice maker. That Jay Kordich juicer must be very good, I never saw one myself but has very good reviews and ratings, it says it makes the grass too and it gives a lifetime warranty!! Well, that is the best I found on Amazon. Amandla!!!!!