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What was your first experience with EFT?

Updated on April 30, 2012

Peaks of Sedona


Comments Invited.

It was high on a narrow ledge in the red rocks ofSedona,Arizonathat it first hit me that this therapy really works.

My wife and I had been doing some hiking on some of the excellent trails in the region. We were doing a 1 to 2 hour trail every day and finding it a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Today’s trail involved a moderately difficult climb but the difficult parts were only a few feet high. There were even “steps” chiseled out of the limestone in the challenging spots. The goal was a spot between two spires with an incredible view of the valley. We reached this notch and walked between the spires to view an amazing vista of red rock formations, mountains and dark green vegetation that grows where the moisture collects.

Entranced by the view, I walked out on a ledge for a better look. After taking it in for a minute or two I became aware if the possibility of my imminent demise. It was a couple hundred feet down to rocks below. A misstep would be 100% fatal.

The symptoms occurred before any thought so “thought stopping” or “thinking happy thoughts” was of limited use. My legs were becoming unsteady and I was experiencing mild vertigo. All these sensations were aggravating the peril I was in. I was also aware that, if I were to regain composure, striding back to safety would be a simple matter.

I remembered this tapping method that I had learned from a fellow Reflexologist at one of our meetings, so I thought I would give it a try. I did three rounds of tapping – no special magic in the words I used, just addressing the problem. and I was able to get up and calmly walk back to safety. Without EFT I would likely have had to crawl back in rising terror.

As someone who has experienced panic attacks and social phobia (nearly all behind me now , thanks to EFT), I have studied the conventional means of dealing with these aspects of being a highly sensitive person.

These problems have cost me dearly in my career and personal life so I have been motivated to try many things including: meditation, breathing exercises, affirmations, thought stopping techniques, flooding, facing the fear, and so on. I can say, without reservation, that nothing works as well and as conclusively as EFT. Many of the rest are just band aids.

EFT has been such a wonderful contribution to my life I’d like to share it and would encourage you to do so in your comments.


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    • DougReid profile imageAUTHOR

      Douglas Reid 

      6 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      Hi Matthew

      The origins and process of EFT is described in some of my other hubs:

      and 5 Reasons to see a probationer for EFT. Also, has a free book that explains EFT and how to do it.

      Thanks for your interest.

    • Matthew Ryczko profile image

      Matthew Ryczko 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      Hmm... I'm intrigued but I feel like the article suddenly ended after an intro. What is EFT then? How does it work?


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