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Lift Your Mood

Updated on October 18, 2017
Thanks to hortongrou for use of this photo.
Thanks to hortongrou for use of this photo. | Source

Because feeling good is the best medicine there is.

I have been working as a curator for an online company for the past year and a half. I search for articles, stories, pictures and video that fit a certain set of keywords or feeling that the company wants to convey on their websites.

It's one of the best jobs I have ever had. I look at thousands of images and stories every week and have learned the value of positive images and viewing information that makes you think twice, pushes you to accept the enormity of the universe or just plain inspires or awes me by what we are and can create.

Really...can you stay mad, worried or upset when something makes you smile, laugh or think outside YOUR box?

In this job we are tasked to not only find things to make people smile but also find things that make them "feel good". We stick to a set of standards because sometimes, no, often what makes me smile and you smile will be completely different.

What we are doing is creating a vocabulary of standard "feel good" items found on the web.

I thought I would share a few of the positive images I have found on the web.

The Research About Laughter and Humor

According to research from the University of Maryland Medical Center, laughter and a sense of humor is good for the heart. So good, in fact, that it can help prevent heart disease and avert a heart attack.

And guess what? It's FREE! You can laugh all you want and no one can charge you a fee to do so. LOL

So, here are some links to things that passed the "feel good test". Feeling good is just as good as laughter in my book.

Things that can inspire positive thoughts! - We are built with the capability to do things we aren't even aware of.

Case in point...the ability to draw a perfect circle.

That's right, a perfect circle without a template. Just watch the video.

Research on Viewing Positive Images

The Taunton Dental Access Centre, South Somerset Primary Care Trust in Taunton, Somerset, UK conducted research on viewing positive images to lower anxiety in children preparing to visit the dentist. The research showed that both boys and girls had reduced anxiety after viewing positive photos of dentists before visiting the dental chair.

If it's that easy to reduce anxiety, why aren't we doing more of it ourselves?

Bubbles BIG Bubbles on the Beach

This is a Vimeo video for the kid in everyone. Look for "Stinson Beach Bubbles" on Vimeo to locate it.

You'll want to pull out the bubble maker after seeing this one.

I wonder what would happen if you decided to make these big bubble out in the street in front of your house or apartment building? You'd probably make a lot of people really happy or at least get them smiling.

Small Changes Can Lead to Advantages Elsewhere

A short TED talk

Terry Moore, the director of the Radius Foundation, teaches us to tie our shoes.

Turns out you've been handling this task without clearly understanding how it works. Which makes a good point....why aren't we teaching kids how to do this the best way instead of the way that falls apart?

If this doesn't make you smile...

This reminds me of my family at the end of a long day or early morning before breakfast and coffee.

I love the way they look like they're holding each other up, and the blinking just makes me want to squeeze them with delight.

Babes in the Woods

Have you seen two people more happy in the moment? They make the Beatles look dull!

I love these two. They just bring a whole new attitude to playing for an audience. I've also come to the conclusion that rock and roll often sounds better when played on string instruments. Cellos and violins ROCK!

Oddly Soothing Cycling

It must be the respect everyone is showing each other or maybe it's the order and structure they are all following, but I love watching this video. It's soothing and makes me feel good about the world. It's an example of order being a good way to level teh equation.

How often do you view positive images?

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