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Your Mental Health Is Important

Updated on January 3, 2018

mental health issues may sound like an intimidating phrase but is so common, having a mental health issue is something so many people have to deal with, it can be depression, anxiety, bipolar dissorder, OCD, etc. is something that people who suffer it can't control without help, without a hand to hold, without someone to give you an advice or sometimes just to be there with you in the silence.

from my personal experince have a mental health issue and trying to acknowledge it but at the same time living with a family who doesn't understand what a mental health issue is, can be one of the hardest things to do, so if you're going through this, be strong, things do get better it might sound a bit cheesy but it is.


I've been reading lately on social media how everybody talks about mental health but from their own perspective or their own experience, but people who don't suffer this kind of issues do not care about them or at least no all of them, any of this sickness can affect anyone from your family or your social group. If you don't deal with this issues you should be happy but you should help anybody that you see suffering too.

Helping someone with just some kind words may be saving a life, may be giving hope to someone who might tought everything was lost, sometimes expresing your issues can be hard but I can assuere you from my own experience that help comes sooner than you think and that it can make your day, week, month or life better.


  • talk to your parents, explain what this issue is about, explain them what you feel and let them express their opinion too, let them get close to you and if they show support towards your illness then open to them, be confident and they will hopefully support you.
  • If for some kind of reason you can't talk to your mom or your dad, find a friend and explain them what you feel, sometimes having a friend to talk is incredible, if you don't have irl friends you can try to make one on social media, there is a lot of alternatives. If you don't have a close friend then look for professional help, therapy is so important even if you have someone to talk to, therapy can help you find things about yourself you never knew, if you are experiencing very hard troubles with your physical health then therapy can provide you some treatement or some medication i.e. in my personal experience I suffer from clinical depression and I need the medication because of my lack of dopamine.
  • if you are too afraid to talk to someone in the flesh then some online help may be useful. some pages like provide someone to talk to about your sickness 24/7 everyday of the year, it's not free but is a really good alterative. Also there is an app called 7 Cups, is a free app available for iOS or Android that can help you with depresion and anxiety dissorder. Another app is called Calm Harm is free and from personal experiences is really good also available for iOS and Android that gives you a lot of activities to do to stop the urge of self-harming.

No matter where you are, what are you feeling or what are your conflicted emotions, you can make it better, do the things you like and enjoy it at fullest. it. gets. better.
No matter where you are, what are you feeling or what are your conflicted emotions, you can make it better, do the things you like and enjoy it at fullest. it. gets. better.

Life can get so hard sometimes, we all know that but if tou can search for help and you can talk about your illness then I promise you it'll get better soon, it always get better, if you are having troubles please be strong, be brave and more important be yourself.

If you are struggling with suicidal thought please contact the suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255

If you're not from the U.S. here's a link with suicide prevention hotlines around the world:

Please be safe, be you.

© 2018 Mafe Bustos


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