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Listen to your Instincts

Updated on September 7, 2012

Trust yourself!

Do you ever just get a feeling about something or someone, but you just can't put your finger on it? Inside you feel uneasy, but when looking at everything on the outside, it all appears to be on the up and up? This happened to me very recently in a big way.

I have an adult son with special needs. He has autism. His disability is such that he requires 24/7 supervision. After being without help for almost four months, we very recently, we interviewed two new people. Both had experience of some variety in caring for and assisting people with more severe disabilities. Both interviewed well. Both passed the background checks. One was a woman in her early fifties, the other, a young grad student in his mid twenties. Although we were more drawn to the grad student, we felt they each brought some positive skills to contribute. In considering their schedules and availability, we decided to hire both. They started the following week. Spending the first few days with my husband and/or I as we modeled care and explained behaviors.

Almost from the beginning, we were uncomfortable with the woman. Everything felt forced. Interacting with her didn't come easy. We thought maybe it was just that we had to get used to having her in our home. Although we didn't feel this way about the young man. The first couple of days we just put it aside. The next week however, instead of being better, the feeling was actually worse. My husband travels for work, so he wasn't around to give me feedback. I couldn't pinpoint a reason to mistrust her, but I did and it drove me crazy.

Making matters worse, my dogs didn't like her. The German Shepherd eyed her suspiciously. The Chihuahua didn't even try to pretend, he would just bare his teeth whenever she was near. And my sweet retriever dog, the pretty girl who loves everybody, simply hated her.

At the end of our fifth day together, I had made up my mind to let her go. My plan was to call the agency the next day, but they beat me to it. Although they could not provide me with details, I was told that while with another client, this woman had endangered the clients safety and well-being on several occasions. She was being terminated immediately.

All day I thanked God that no harm had come to my son. All day I kicked myself in the pants for not trusting my gut. I should know better! As a real estate agent, I come across all types of people. I do my best to listen to the little voice inside as my personal safety many times depends on it. Sometimes, it seems I have been needlessly over cautious, but better to be safe than sorry.

So, my friends, please let this little hub be a reminder to you to listen to yourself. Trust that inner voice to help you decide what and who is safe for you. Take care!


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    • vmott profile image

      vmott 6 years ago from Ozark Mountains

      @RTalloni, You are so right. I know in my business life, many times it is just a bad match. I let those clients go, or find them another agent who I feel is better suited to serving their needs. In that setting, it's easy. With my son, it's a different story. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Sometimes it might not even be a matter of safety, just a bad match. Either way, you make a good point here. On the other hand, you know to keep a watch on whoever you hire!