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Zero Point Energy Pendant - Do They Really Work?

Updated on February 20, 2012

Understanding The Science Behind Zero Point Energy Pendants

Yes, ok, I'll admit it...I was one of those people who thought a Zero Point Energy Pendant was a waste of time and money. I thought there is no way that wearing a stone around your neck would bring about this so called energy and wellness promised by wearing these stones.

Do Energy Pendants really work? If you're looking for scientific proof to validate the effectiveness of Quantum Pendants you won't find any. This is probably why I was so skeptical about these pendants and why so many people think energy pendants are a big scam.

All the reports given on Energy Pendants are what is called Anecdotal and can't be proven by scientific repeatable methods. Anecdotal means that a person can tell you how they feel after using a particular product, but it can't be backed up with scientific proof.

What Science is beginning to recognize though is the affects that energy has on the body. Science is beginning to acknowledge the simple fact that an observable and positive physical response is scientific. Personally, I could tell immediately when I first put on an energy pendant that there was an energy affect on my body. Instantly I became more focused and energetic. I had more balance and my thoughts seemed to be clearer.

What did the energy pendant do for me then? And what is this affect it has on other people also? Something is happening, but what? Hopefully through the rest of this lens I can give you a more logical explanation of what purpose zero point energy products serve in our society today.

Toxic Water
Toxic Water

The Toxic Society We Live In

There is a major challenge in our society today. It's the space that we live in. There are some serious issues with the air that we breathe. The water that we drink. Even the food that we eat. Our food is becoming tainted with all the toxic products they use to kill the bugs on crops. It ends up in the food and this is becoming a major problem and it's not going to get any better.

What scientists are beginning to understand from Quantum Physics is that all things have a frequency. Think about that. Even toxins have a frequency that affects the human body. So as our cells collect this toxic information from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and from the water we drink we begin to lose reception. We lose the information flow that travels from cell to cell in our body.

This is the core of the problem. It all starts with cellular communication and frequencies that Do Not Match The Human Body! Whenever the body comes in contact with frequencies that don't match, our cells will store this toxic information. There is a substance inside our cells that transfers this information and as the toxic information gathers, the clarity goes down. When the clarity goes down, the ability to transfer the information goes down. The communication between the cells gets reduced. As the cellular communication gets reduced, we begin to see symptoms. Then as soon as we have enough symptoms in our society we will gather them all together and lo and behold guess what the experts call this. It gets called a DISEASE.

When your body is in a true state of balance, homeostasis, it will actually let go of the toxic information. When our cells let go of this information it becomes clear allowing normal communication to resume from cell to cell.

Cell Phone Radiation
Cell Phone Radiation

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) - How They Affect The Body

We now know that science shows that energy and frequencies do have an effect on the body. This is where it all starts. It's all about energy and frequency. Several scientists have proven that frequencies affect us moment to moment. There is a frequency that is very serious and prevalent on our society called Electromagnetic Frequency or Electromagnetic Radiation that comes from cell phones, electronic devices, from many devices in our house. Global studies have been done about this phenomena.

But most of us aren't aware of how many studies around the world are showing the issues of EMF's. These are very important studies because we are getting more and more electronic equipment as times goes on. Cell phone use is rising at an incredible pace and the need to have some type of cell phone protection in place is becoming more important than ever.

Cancer From Cell Phone Radiation - This Video Will Open Your Eyes About Cell Phone Usage

Radiation Cancer
Radiation Cancer

New studies are linking brain tumors to long term cell phone use. This video shows a perspective from both sides of the case study reports. Watch this video and come to your own conclusion about this problem we're facing today.

To Watch The Video Click Here-----> Mobile Phones And Cancer?

Transmitter Site
Transmitter Site

What Have These Studies Concluded?

A study released by Dr. Goodman at Columbia University concluded that EMF's caused DNA breakage and cellular stress. So what does that mean? Cellular stress means stress on the cells. When our cells are stressed it affects our health. Stress affects our health. The emf's that we live with each day are constantly affecting us in various ways.

David Carpenter, The Dean of the School of Public Health, State University of New York concludes that 30% of all childhood cancers are a result of EMF exposure. This is pretty serious. Are we getting any less EMF's as time goes on? No...obviously not. We are going to continue to get more.

Spanish researchers have found that people living within 1,000 feet of a transmitter site had the highest risk of cancer, specifically breast cancer that topped the list. So this is not a local problem. This is a global problem. This is a serious issue from around the world.

Read more about the Dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Cell Phone Radiation and why you should be protecting yourself and your family from this silent killer.

Computer 5 milligauss
Computer 5 milligauss

How Much Radiation Can The Body Handle?

The National Council of Radiation Protection says that 2 milligauss is the maximum amount of radiation the human body can handle without any positive or negative effect. Cell damage from EMF's is non dosed dependent. Non dosed dependent meaning that is doesn't matter how low the dose is, EMF's damage the cells. So if cell damage from emf's in non dosed dependent, it doesn't matter how much you get, it's going to affect you in some way.

If 2 milligauss is the maximum amount the human body can handle, lets take a look at how much milligauss the appliances in our homes give out. Most all of us have a computer these days. Some of us even have 2 or 3 computers hooked up to each other. A computer gives out 5 milligauss...that's twice the milligauss the body can effectively handle. A hair dryer gives out 25 milligauss.

For those of you who fly in airplane gives out 50 milligauss. Have you ever noticed how exhausted you are after a long flight? Most people think it has something to do with the time change or jet lag. Guess what? Not true. Time change isn't an issue for the body. What is an issue is the 50 milligauss being blasted at you for 3,4,5 or more hours in an airplane, while your body is trying to stay in balance in the midst of all this radiation and stress. This has been proven by scientists all around the world.

Appliances in our homes emit electromagnetic radiation. The worst of the bunch is Plasma Televisions. While we're watching TV there's 50 milligauss blasting out at you. That's over 25 times what is considered safe, so as you can see this is a very serious issue.

Test How Electrical Appliances Affect Your Muscles

Using Kinesiology And A Zero Point Energy Pendant For This Test

If you have done any research on energy pendants, I am sure have read where people will say that using Kinesiology to test the muscles is a big scam. That they will put force on the person being tested when they don't expect it and therefore will be off balance. So when they test them the next time with an energy pendant on they know when the force is coming and leverage themselves to keep in balance.

This is why I think people should have this test performed in front of a microwave, while using their cell phone, or even in front of your own computer. This will let you know just how much negative energy actually comes out of these electrical appliances and what they can do to your body. It also helps show the significance of how a pendant will transform the negative energy from these appliances into a positive energy that doesn't disrupt cellular communication within the body .

This is a simple test you can perform. Put yourself in front of a microwave oven or a computer screen and hold your arm straight out to your side. Or better yet, use your cell phone and call your voice mail or someone and perform this test with your cell phone by your head.

Standing straight up with your feet together and shoulders straight, hold one arm out to your side at shoulder level. Then have someone apply pressure on the top of your hand and have them push down on your extended arm while you try to resist. When your energy field is being compromised, your brain is unable to effectively communicate to the muscles. You will not be able to resist the pressure being applied to your arm and it will weaken.

Then put on a Zero Point Energy Pendant and perform the same test. You will experience a very noticeable difference in your strength because your bio-field is not being broken down.

Using The Toy Soldier Test On Your Muscles

Here is a video showing another test you can try to see if your energy pendant is doing what it should be.

Do Zero Point Energy Pendants Really Work? - The ZeroPoint Global Pendants Actually Do What They Claim

In my opinion ZeroPoint Global manufactures the best Energy Pendants you can find. Their Pendants are very stylish with a wide assortment of pendants to choose from.

But most important... I think the technology behind these pendants is a step ahead of the competition.

ZeroPoint utilizes a proprietary technology to imprint bio-resonate wave forms on light as a carrier of Blueprint frequencies to your imbalanced body parts. The body, through its own inductive capacitance, integrates the energy to balance the deficient body part.

The Earth provides a multitude of naturally radiating minerals that can be imprinted with specified frequencies. Understanding that all things have a vibration or frequency, ZeroPoint Global has matched frequencies of minerals and crystals that have a vibrational frequency pattern that matches perfectly with the frequencies from healthy systems and organs in the human body.

When a person is wearing an energy pendant your cells, organs and systems in the body begin to resonate with the frequencies from the pendant. This is very similar to a tuning fork. If you have two tuning forks and you strike one of them, the other tuning fork will begin to resonate with the frequencies coming from the struck tuning fork.


I have seen where a lot of companies will claim that an energy pendant will cure certain diseases or ailments, which is absolutely not true. The whole concept behind a true zero point pendant is not to heal, but to protect the body from toxic frequencies that disrupt cellular communication within the body and that penetrate your energy field or bio-field.

Our environment today is like a toxic soup. Years ago we didn't have wireless technology, cell phones, microwaves, the large amount of chemicals and pesticides in the water we drink, foods we eat, and the air we breathe. The frequencies from these hazards are man-made and toxic to the human body.

When the human body comes in contact with an unnatural frequency, in its way to protect itself, cells in the human body will close its informational channels. In order for the human body to be at a high level of wellness, cellular communication must be working properly. When the cells of the body lose communication, certain areas of the body become weak and then before you know it a sickness appears and when left untreated it ultimately becomes a disease.

The Proper Role Of A Zero Point Energy Pendant

What the zero point pendant does is protect your energy field from these toxic frequencies. It doesn't block the frequencies, but what it does is transform the frequency wave into a wave pattern that is not harmful to the human body. When you keep your energy field balanced, cellular communication is restored and then the body is able to do what it was intended to do...Heal Itself!

The pendant doesn't heal anything, it's your body that does the healing. The Zero Point Pendant is simply a necessary tool to protect you from the environment so your body will function the way it was intended to.

Zero Point Global Pendants - Your First Line Of Defense

The Zero Point Energy Pendant is the most important product you can have to help protect your energy field from environmental hazards. It's the one product everyone should have because it gives your 24-hour protection and allows you to go about your daily routine and stay in balance, no matter where you are.

The Zero Point Global Energy Pendants are made from beautiful semi-precious stones with 5 styles to choose from. Tigers Eye, Amethyst, Opalite, Hematite, and Green Aventurine.

The benefits of wearing a zero point pendant include:

Balances the Body, Increases Energy, Speeds Healing, Eases Pain, Helps Reduce Stress, Increases Focus and Clarity, Helps Bring Deep and Restful Sleep, Protects From EMF's (Electromagnetic Frequencies), Radio Frequencies and ELF's (Extremely Low Frequencies).

Systems, Organs and Cellular Groups That Align With The Infused 66 Human Blueprint Frequencies

Muscle Parasympathetic, Brain, Circulatory, Adrenals, Lymph, Evacuation, Endocrine, Connective Tissue, Respiratory, Dental, Spinal Cord

Sodalite Window Pendant

Sodalite Window Pendant
Sodalite Window Pendant

The Sodalite Window Pendant not only has a total of 82 Human Blueprint Frequencies added. This is an exceptional pendant that helps to release emotional trauma and stress stored in the body.

Sodalite Window Pendant Benefits:

The Blueprint Frequencies infused by ZeroPoint provide balanced energy and has been reported to enhance communication and intuition. On an emotional level, the Sodalite Window Pendant has been reported to enhance self-esteem, self-acceptance and trust in others. The 16 Higher Vibrational Blueprint Frequencies have also been reported to enhance community relationships, providing fellowship and solidarity in groups, particularly useful for enhanced intuition, direct perception and inner communication.

Other Benefits of the Sodalite Window Pendant

* Enhances self expression and communication

* Helps dissolve dysfunctional belief systems

* Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks

* Facilitates spiritual growth and intuitive abilities

* Encourages rational thought & objectivity

* Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and trust in others

* Helps with disorders of the throat, vocal cords, larynx and helps with hoarseness

* Helps clear digestive problems

Systems Aligned With The Human Blueprint Frequencies Added

Muscle Parasympathetic System, Brain, Circulatory, Adrenals, Endocrine, Lymph, Plant, Spinal Cord, Dental, Evacuation, Respiratory, Connective Tissue, Cellular, Lymphatic, Connective, Evacuation, Endocrine

Sirius Balance Pendant - Clears Toxins and Static Experienced Due to Environmental Pollution and Emotional Stress

The Sirius Balance Pendant has been embedded with 248 Blueprint Frequencies bringing more energetic balance to the mind-body complex. Sirius Balance allows the user to benefit from a sense of well-being brought to the body through ZeroPoint Energy. This is the most dynamic and power pendant available!

Sirius Balance Pendant Benefits

The Sirius Balance Pendant may enhance cognitive function and overall wellness. The 248 Blueprint Frequencies embedded in the Sirius Balance Pendent strengthen the communication pathways between our internal systems while clearing them of toxins and static experienced due to environmental pollution and emotional stress. When communication pathways are clear and functioning without obstruction, we experience optimum balance and natural health.

Infused Human Blueprint Frequencies And The Organs, Systems, and Cellular Groups They affect

Muscular System, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Connective Tissue, Teeth & Gums, Lymphatic System, Digestive System, Brain, Adrenal Glands, Endocrine Glands, Respiratory System, Vision, Circulatory System, Evacuation, Spinal Cord

EMF Protection Poll

People have numerous opinions as to their feelings on Electromagnetic Frequencies.

How Do You Feel About EMF

See results

Wireless Services To Expand Beyond Belief In The Next 5 Years

ABC News' Ann Compton, Yunji de Nies and Sunlen Miller report:

In this era of smart phones and wireless communications, the country faces a shortage of needed spectrum for wireless, communications growing as much as 250 percent a year.

President Obama today signed a presidential memorandum approving a new effort to sell off government-owned and commercial spectrum to be used to upgrade communications nationwide.

"The motivation for all of this is the threat of a spectrum crunch with a massive increase in the use of wireless data," an administration official said, noting that with the increase in demand - from smartphones, netbooks and all the other wireless devices -- will grow between 20 and 45 times 2009 levels in the next five years. Read Full Story...

A Zero Point Energy Product User Tells How Her Life Was Changed - Could This Happen To You?

You can read all the testimonials you want about a product from a website but it's not the same as seeing a person tell their story.

Are Zero Point Energy Pendants A Cure For Anything?

Zero Point Energy Pendants do not cure any diseases. Anyone that tells you they will is misleading you.

What a true energy pendant will do is help your body get back to a true state of homeostasis, a proper state of balance. It helps transform the negative energy our body receives from electromagnetic frequencies, extremely low frequencies, and radiation into an energy pattern not harmful to the human body. When you are able to remove the absorption of these frequencies into the body, the communication of the cells in your body returns to its normal state allowing your body to heal itself from whatever problems you might have.

The energy pendant doesn't cure anything, it simply allows your body to do what is should be doing....heal itself!

Zero Point Global Products

All Zero Point Global Products sold at Zero Point Health Store help bring the body into energetic balance and provide bio-field protection. Each individual product serves its own purpose, but when you can use all the products and overlay the information on top of each other the results are amazing.

Here's a list of all the Zero Point Global Products available:

Zero Point Energy Pendants

The Zero Point Energy Pendants protect your energy space, helps with focus, balance, energy, and transforms emf and elf frequencies into a frequency beneficial to the human body.

Sodalite Window Pendant

Helps with focus, balance, energy, emotions, stress, and transforms emf and elf frequencies. The Sodalite Window Pendant has 16 additional frequencies added that help clear toxic wave forms form the body cause by emotional trauma.

Sirius Balance Pendant

The Sirius Balance Pendant has been embedded with 248 Blueprint Frequencies bringing more energetic balance to the mind-body complex. The Sirius Balance Pendant allows the user to benefit from a sense of wellbeing brought to the body through ZeroPoint Energy.

Zero Point Intention Disc

The Intention Disc is a disc or pendant that is infused with frequencies that match the signature frequencies of cellular groups in the human body. It can be programmed by the user with specific intentions or goals which cause the disc to align the human body in attunement with the goal or outcome that is desired. The Zero Point Intention Disc can also cause an energetic detoxification to clear extra cellular and intracellular harmful frequencies.

Zero Point Red NaturaLaser

The Red Laser Pointer has 60 blueprint frequencies that match the frequencies of the human body. 48 of these frequencies are set to match your muscular system. You point the Zero Point Red Laser Pointer directly at any area of the body that is sore or injured. Users have reported immediate relief after using the red laser. It helps with headaches, sore muscles, wounds, tooth aches, and even helps with skeletal alignment.

Zero Point Green NaturaLaser

The Green Laser Pointer has 98 blueprint frequencies that matches the frequencies of the human body. It helps bring your body into balance and also helps restore your energy. For sore muscles you point the light directly where it hurts to reduce the pain. You can also use the Zero Point Green Laser Pointer for total body balance by shining the light on 4 specific parts of the body for approximately 1 minute.

Sirius Infinity Pointer

The Sirius Infinity Pointer contains semi-precious stones infused with proprietary frequencies that assist in bringing the body into balance and energetic homeostasis. Helps strengthen and align your Chakras Energy Centers and strengthens your bio-field.

Energized AUM Clay

ZeroPoint Global Energized AUM Clay is a 100% pure and natural Kaolin Clay infused with BluePrint Frequencies. Energized AUM Clay is 100% Pure Ingestible Energized Kaolin Clay Powder. No Fragrance, artificial dyes or colors added. Safe and effective for use as Skin Treatment for irritations and breakouts, Facial or Body Mask, Hair and Scalp Care, Footbath, Body Talc, Bath Soak, Poultice, Oral Care, Pet Care, and plant care.

Numerous tests have been conducted using the Gas Discharge Visualization Camera for the effectivess that AUM Clay has on the body and the human bio-field. The results have been very impressive and shows that AUM Clay helps balance both the inside of the body and outside.

Citrus Silk Oil Vera

Made from 100% Organic oils with 200 embedded frequencies that make this one of the best anti-aging oils you can get. The Citrus Silk Oil Vera works fantastic for many things. It helps block emf, helps with dry skin and chaffing, reduces muscle pains and soreness, and cramps. Reduces facial wrinkles, brown spots, blemishes, scars, and works wonders as a facial cream.

Mint Matrix Oil Vera

The Mint Matrix Oil Vera is made from 100% Organic oils with 500 embedded frequencies. I never leave home without this oil. This is the best pain reliever I've ever used. This oil also helps block emf but has so many other uses such as...relieves muscle soreness, congestion, headaches, menstrual cramps, stomach aches, relieves gas, bloating, indigestion, and heartburn, and many other uses. A drop of Mint Matrix Oil Vera can be put in your food or drinks also.

Zero Point Sirius Silver

Sirius Silver is a solution of pure distilled water carrying a vibratonal and electronically charged signature of the element silver, which has been embedded with Blueprint Frequencies. Sirius Silver has all of the attributes and healing properties of colloidal or ionic silver without being in a 3 dimensional physical form.

Zero Point Frequency Disc

The frequency discs have blueprint frequencies infused into the marble disc. The Zero Point Frequency Disc is used to reduce pain in muscles, joints, and other areas of the body. These discs are also used to enhance the energy of food and drinks. By placing your beverage or food on the disc, the frequencies will remove the imprinted information still present from pesticides, insecticides, toxins, and chemicals that are found in the foods and water making them much safer to consume.

Zero Point Water Bottle

The Zero Point Water Bottle purifies even the dirtiest water with 40 frequencies by removing the toxic frequencies in the water and replacing them with frequencies that match the human body. This water conditioning bottle removes up to 99.99% of contaminants and pollutants that can be found in drinking water.

Zero Point Sirius Earth Hearts and Sirius Earth Heart Strips

The Zero Point Sirius Earth Hearts and Strips have 10 herbal and 40 mineral frequencies that will transform electromagnetic frequencies into a beneficial form of energy removing all the toxins and radiation before it enters into your body. The earth hearts are place directly on the appliance in your house. For cell phones you place the earth heart on the inside of your battery case. This will not interfere with your cell phone reception.

Below is a chart showing how many hearts or strips you would need for your electrical appliances or electronic devices you have in your home.

Purchase Zero Point Global Products Below Wholesale Prices

Why Pay Retail When You Can Purchase Below Wholesale?

The best way to experience these wonderful products is to purchase a discounted retail package. These packages give you a savings of up to 65% off of retail prices...well below wholesale price, plus allows you to purchase any other products you choose at wholesale price for an entire year.

But wait...there must be a catch, right? No catches, no hidden costs, no monthly purchase what you want, when you want. You have your choice of 4 discount packages priced below wholesale, or you can choose to purchase a wellness kit that allows you to purchase wholesale for an entire year. The 4 discounted packages have the wellness kit included.

If you are someone wanting to make some extra money, this is a great opportunity to get started at the ground floor of an emerging market. But not everyone wants to sell these products...actually most people aren't interested in the business side and that's perfectly fine. What I love about this company is that you can simply purchase at wholesale prices for yourself and family.

For more information on these wonderful products and to purchase below wholesale, please visit Zero Point Health Store

Let me know how you feel about Zero Point Energy Products

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