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Dukan Diet: Low Carb Diet Plan

Updated on August 2, 2014

Nutritional approach to nutrition based on the protein, which was designed by a French physician nutritionist and dietician dr. Pierre Dukan , has been tested by more than 3 million French who had rated it as the fastest way to losing excess weight and maintain the new weight.

Dukan Diet is an unique method that provides a healthy diet plan based on the methods employed by a prehistoric man while he was in the stage of the hunter. It includes 100 foods, some of which are 72 animal and 28 plant and as long as you stick to these foods , you can eat as much as you want .

This science-based and balanced diet that provides an incredibly good results is carried out by a single program which consists of four phases , of which the first two melt pounds, and the other two prevent their return .

Before starting with a diet you need to consider what is your ideal weight and according with that conduct a three, four, five or more days of the original phase of the "attack phase" - but no more than 10 days. If you want to lose six pounds, two or three days of initial protein phases will suffice, but if you need to lose 12 pounds or more, five-day stage with protein will give the best results. For those who need to lose two or three pounds will be enough and one day the initial phase.

The first phase or the "attack phase" allows you to eat as much as you like choosing between 72 foods, while in the second stage "phase of navigation" you continue to eat protein-rich foods with the addition of 28 vegetables.

In the third "consolidation phase" you gradually add fruit, bread, cheese and starch, losing the pounds every 10 days, and in the last phase of "stabilization phase" you can eat whatever you want by following a few simple rules that will help prevent a return to the old weight .

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So, as previously mentioned, the diet is based on consuming high protein foods and all carbs rigorously limited - including fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The emphasis is on intake of protein from the poor fat sources such as fish, poultry and dairy products that are low in fat.

Diet itself consists of four phases:

Phase 1

The first phase lasts from one to ten days depending on how much weight you want to lose. Those using this diet can expect to lose between 7 to 12 pounds in the first 5 days!

During this phase, the consumed food is only protein based, possibly with additives which do not contain fat or carbohydrates. These are mainly spices such as vinegar, mustard, salt, natural herbal spices ... from beverages consumed by all those that do not contain calories, including water, coffee, tea and diet soda drinks (but these drinks, however, in limited quantities) .

Usually during this phase you will get a bad breath and dry mouth and so it is advised to drink lots of plain water

Permitted foods:
Veal and beef (steak, fillet)
All birds except geese and ducks
All seafood, surimi and fish
Eggs, egg whites, egg yolks - to 4 weeks
Milk and yogurt - nonfat, low fat cheese

Phase 2

In this phase of the diet - vegetables are introduced. More preciously, you alternate days when you only eat protein meals with days when you add the vegetables. Vegetables suitable for this stage are those that do not contain starch, such as lettuce, spinach, celery, cucumber, tomato ... vegetables can be eaten raw, steamed or in soup.

This phase is carried out until you reach the desired weight. Usually you will lose about 2 pound a week.

Allowed foods along with those of the first phase:
Tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, leeks, cabbage, mushrooms, celery, fennel, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, all kinds of lettuce, carrots, beets and artichokes.

Prohibited foods:
Rice, potatoes, corn, peas, beans and lentils.
Oil and grease are still not allowed to use, but you can use lemon juice, yogurt, spices, vinegar.

Phase 3

This is the maintenance phase, in which you are maintaining results you have achieved so far. You will continue to base your diet on protein and vegetables but some "little things" are allowed: portion of fruit and two slices of whole grain bread per day. In addition - it is allowed an extra portion that contains carbohydrates (but once a week) and it can be for example pasta or rice.

At this stage it is also allowed "holiday meal" (Eat what you like :)) that after a few weeks of Phase 3 can be practiced twice a week.

You can eat foods that are allowed in the previous stage and the following is added:
- 1 fruit a day except bananas, grapes, cherries and nuts
- 2 slices of whole grain bread
- Up to 4 grams of cheese per day
- 2 times a week starchy meal (pasta, rice etc..) But avoid adding fat to prepare these dishes
- Once or twice a week lamb, pork or ham can be eaten
- 2 meals of your choice including wine and dessert, but not two days in a row

Phase 4

This is the last stage where the diet slowly returns back to eating everything you like, but following the rules of phase 3 (with more freedom in the choice of foods). Also, it is advisable to at least once a week eat only proteins as in phase 1


  1. Attack Phase
  2. Phase of Navigation
  3. Consolidation Phase
  4. Stabilization Phase

By Following all 4 phases you can reach your desired weight fir a very short time.

Books "Dukan Diet" and "Best Recipes", except the fantastic success they had achieved in France, have been translated into 14 languages ​​and published in nearly 40 countries, and 12 years since the first edition became the best-selling book after Harry Potter.

Big number of authorities agree in their assessment that the Dukan method is the most effective in the fight against one of the major health problems of the modern world, and attracted the ultimate dream slender figure Dukan diet program virtually "live" and a number of celebrities including Princess Kate and Pippa Middleton, and international stars Budsen Gisele and Jennifer Lopez

Allowed Foods Table

Attack Phase
Navigation Phase
Consolidation Phase
Stabilization Phase
Veal and beef
Tomatoes, cucumbers
Foods from the previous stage
You can eat everything you like, but following the rules of phase 3
All birds except geese and ducks
radishes, spinach
All seafood
broccoli, asparagus
Eggs, egg whites, egg yolks
leeks, cabbage
Milk and Yogurt
mushrooms, celery
all kinds of lettuce,

The secret to success is in persistence, you need to stick to the phases and discipline yourself. If you manage to do that, results will be tremendous.


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