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2010 New Year - 11 New Years Party Ideas

Updated on December 21, 2010

Happy New Years!

In this article I wanted to give a brief reminder list for anyone organising a last minute New Years Eve party, here are the most popular ideas for decorating your home or disco and also some unique ideas to spice things up!

I particularly liked the idea in the photograph above which 'rings in the New Year with 2 different Candles representing each year', for example you would have one candle for 2010 and blow that out at midnight only to light the 2011 candle!

Photo courtesy of optical_illusion

New Years Eve

Obviously your guests will be getting terribly drunk so remember to do it in style with your crystallised champagne glasses, no need to buy champagne if your on a budget because Lambrini will do just fine!

Also you will want all of your work mates to feel embarrassed when they see the New Years Eve photos afterwards, so get silly hats and crackers for them to pull!

Photo courtesy of aidanmorgan

Greeting of New Year

Everyone knows when greeting the New Year you need balloons and many people choose black, white and silver ones to represent trading the old for the new. You can also get specialised balloons with the year printed on them which even better.

Photo courtesy of sis

Greetings of the New Year

Remember if you don't have a specialized candle specifically for 2011, you can make the numbers up using birthday cake candles! I have included a link where you can buy them for cheap on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of sergemelki

If you want to go for the classy New Years Eve masquerade style party you can always by the glitzy Broadway style hats and put on you trouser braces!

Photo courtesy of sackerman519

Chinese New Year

If you are quite Bohemian or artistic then you might want to show of your individualism by decorating your house with unique Chinese New Year ornaments. The most popular symbols for these decorations seem to be small smiley children but more traditional objects are of dragons and red lanterns

Photo courtesy of tiny_packages and azmil77

New Years Greetings

You will probably have accumulated a mass of Christmas cards already but if you want to look unique you can always print of some New Years Eve cards and hang them strung across archways in your home.

Photo courtesy tgerus

As we can see in the photo above these people have used the Chinese New Year option and also used an age old method of creating streamers by stapling loops together with coloured paper.

Photo courtesy of  Kaylhew

You can buy some unique and classy decorations if you don't want to go for the cost effective streamers, just visit any Walmart or large supermarket, they will only be available for a limited time though remember!


As you can see in the photo above, Black eyed peas are a traditional food that are said to bring good luck for New Years Day, If you want to appear though you know your stuff then you should boil and serve these!

Photo courtesy of caitlinator

Don't Forget New Years Make-Up!


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