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A day never to be forgotten

Updated on August 8, 2015

3rd Dec 2012 had something peculiar about it….. A day when you just want to go home, be out free, and yes of course it was the last day of exams…. The rush-hush to be out of the meshed collegiate cobweb…

The hostel seemed no better than a local station with people moving out, having fun, saying their last goodbye….

And unfortunately a bad day that ended on a positive note….

In spite of the fact that I studied till the last minute, I had messed up with my paper…. Now what fool on earth doesn’t look on the second page of the question paper, and worse happens when you know that, you know all the answers of those 40 marks questions… Had I done those in the exam, they would have at least ended cheering and celebrating, not that I had done my other paper well, but human psychology goes unsaid “ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL” …

Once the examination ended, the shock on my face was quite visible…. But what was more annoying, was people making fun of you…

Tired and angry I barely had lunch and prepared myself for the upcoming journey to heaven “ my home”…. Bags packed and I went on for a small nap… But bad luck awaits next.. huge downpour and how was I suppose to go to the station…. After a long search, found few friends heading to the station, with few of them going to the same train I had to board… At last, I thought luck had been with me that evening…. On the road, we started our journey to the station and who knew the tiny monstrous rainy droplets would have blocked the traffic by bursting the drainage pipe… and that bloody driver had to take us through the longer route…. 7 pm we started from college, 8 :30 pm we still on the sholinganallur road… and guess what the driver says “its just 5-7 kms to the stations” … Stuck in the traffic jam, we even tried to drop the cab and get an auto, but in vain… everyone had got down, with just me sitting right at the back, I was there sitting next to the driver giving him instructions…. 9:30 pm it was still the same old story Just 5 kms more…

We then had to call our friends in the train to pull the chain and stop it, if it leaves…. 10:00 pm we are there at Ritchie street and yes YO and behold within 5 minutes we were at the red light 800 metre from our destiny…. 6 of us jumped out of the cab with their huge luggage, and ran to the station as if were the next athlete representing India for the 100 m Olympics… We ran hard, but to hear the train leaving its camp…. Running and panting two of us got into the general boxes… Phewww… one standing on the platform looking us leave… 3 out there still hasn’t reached the platform…. And what a sigh of relief, when we were finally in the train….

We switched boxes on the next station, thanks to the friend who had to spoken to the Ticket Officer to open up the AC doors… Later we came to know that the chain had indeed be pulled and Police came and inquired but “NONE PRESENT THERE SPOKE”…..

OH !!! Paper was bad but at least I was on train to home…. And not to forget, we did call those who were left and told them that we had boarded…. :P


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