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Christmas Festive Markets-Visit Cologne

Updated on November 9, 2010
Lighting up time in Cologne
Lighting up time in Cologne

The best Christmas markets originated in Germany and Cologne is a great place to visit with four splendid main Christmas markets to visit,and also several smaller markets. All these run from the end of November through to Christmas time, and these four markets attract almost 2 million visitors.

Dom Market

By far the most impressive Christmas market is the one held at the Magnificent Cologne cathedral, here you will find 160 neat pine stalls assembled about the impressive Cathedral . Gift ideas are plentiful around the stalls – wooden mobiles, Russian dolls, candle-holders, sheepskin slippers , but probably the most impressive are the lace products.

At night, the markets take on a magical feel Everything seems bigger, brighter, more magical.You can admire the colourful bands playing in front of the cathedral and marvel at the entertaining street artists.

Museum chocolate fountain
Museum chocolate fountain

If it is food that takes your fancy , a visit to the Neumarkt, Cologne's oldest Christmas market, which spreads beneath sparkling trees is the place for you . There is plenty to choose from:the local speciality potato and onion fritters, served with apple sauce, banana fritters, various bratwurst sausages, waffles, sauerkraut , pork knuckle and fried sliced potatoes, crêpes and smoked salmon.

The Chocolate Museum is one of Colognes most famous attractions and here you will find the Medieval market. Here all of the stalls manufacture the goods they are selling. There is a smith with a small forge selling ironmongery, and many wooden crafts that are hand -made. The Chocolate Museum also well worth a visit and do try the delicious LIndt Chocolate.

The Rudolfplatz Market is a very good market for children.Many of the stalls have fairy tale themes on their roofs, as the 60 stalls are all based around the stories of the Brothers Grimm. The biggest highlight is the huge Santa that greets you at the entrance. The large fairy tale figures and festive illuminations are always eye-catching as you wander around the market.Although it is smaller than some of the others, it does have an excellent selection of Christmas themed stalls.

All the markets in Cologne are not centered wholly on commercialism, they are full of festive atmosphere. With Christmas choirs, merry-go-rounds, traditional hand-made gifts and toys, seasonal food and wine aplenty in a festive family atmosphere , a visit to the dazzling Cologne Markets is what a traditional Christmas is all about.


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