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Elegant Christmas Gift Designs under the Christmas Tree

Updated on November 6, 2014

Gift Arrangement

Gift placement under the tree is more than simply throwing everything there and hoping it looks nice. There should be symmetry and a method to your madness. Firstly, try to make the gifts the same height all the way around the Christmas tree. Place presents on top of each other until it is around the equal size all the way around (or at least around the visible part of the tree).

You should place wine bottles or baskets near the front so it becomes more of a focal point.

If your tree looks a little thin under the tree due to lack of gifts, try placing books underneath it. Anything Christmas themed is a good choice. Simply lean them up against the gifts vertically.

Of course, in order to arrange the gifts and have it look fantastic, you must also have a great looking gift and wrapping paper.

How to Make Your Xmas Gifts Look Great Under the Tree

It is Christmastime soon! Everyone in the family expects a Christmas gift. A yuletide gift that would make their eyes open-wide would bring joy and happiness to all. Surely, knowing how to decorate a Christmas present will help bring excitement and suspense to the family and guests, making them ponder what is inside their presents.

Christmas season is the favorite time of the year for most families. Designing an Xmas present is given importance due to Christmas beliefs and traditions. People try to find the best present, the best box, the best gift wrapper, and the best ribbon of all for their special loved ones. These presents are placed under the Christmas tree until the time for the family to open their presents. That's why it is very significant to know how to create elegant Christmas gift designs under the Christmas tree.

To create an elegant Christmas gift, all you need are boxes, ribbons, wrapping paper, scissors, ruler and tape.

Red and green Christmas gifts
Red and green Christmas gifts

The Two Colors of Christmas Used to Wrap

Using the two colors of the yuletide season brings a positive impression to the entire family. The red and green signify love and prosperity. These colors create a deeper meaning for December 25. It creates a yuletide season atmosphere that the whole family will long to experience the same feeling again.

Ornamenting a Christmas present is easy because you are utilizing two commonly used colors: red and green. You must use red to wrap your gift box, and red for your ribbon. Of course, how you make the ribbon does matter. Knowing how to make a perfect ribbon design will convey a highly regarded visual impression from your loved ones.

Image source: grabadonut

A beautiful red present with star and bow
A beautiful red present with star and bow

The Red and Gold Wrapping Paper

The red and gold colors will appear great on your Xmas present. These colors are catchy and eye-popping. Putting the the colors together is a fantastic color combination. Having this kind of Christmas gift design shows elegance.

A red and gold present conveys love and the preciousness of your loved ones. It makes the feeling grow more and healthy. With additional creativity on the ribbon part, it will make most of it. Then, PRESTO you have a very astonishing Christmas gift!

Image source: shimelle

An elegant white present with a gold tie
An elegant white present with a gold tie

The White Christmas Design

Christmas is not only red and green, but it also can be White Christmas. Preparing a Christmas gift can utilize a purely white designs for it. It will still look great having it ornamented using white wrapping paper and a white laced ribbon. In addition, the White Christmas design for your presents means the color of the snow. Isn't it wonderful to have a White Christmas gift design? In this yuletide season, prepare a present design that will make your loved ones feel special and dear to you.

Image source: Olive Oil Lady

A gift is not just made craftily by hand, but also the thoughtful heart of the one who made it just for you.

Colorful Christmas Presents

It is nice to have a very colorful Christmas gift. With the use of different color combination, you can illuminate an extraordinary present. You don't need much wrapping papers. Otherwise, you only need to find wrapping paper having different colors with extra designs that stand out when you add accents to it. You can have additional trinkets, berries and poinsettia leaves to make your ribbon even more glamorous and elegant.

Deciding on what kind of gift design is up to you. The Christmas tree is waiting for your gifts to be displayed under it! So, decide now and think what kind of design will you use for your special gift.

Homemade wrapping paper
Homemade wrapping paper

Fun Tip

You can also use regular wrapping paper to paint on if you are feeling a little lazy but still want to add a personal touch. Grab some wrapping paper, some paint, and a paint brush and write a few words or draw a few extra characters.

This is not only something you can do, but also try to involve your kids. They'll love it!

Handmade Wrapping Paper for Small Gifts

If you have a small gift, it's easy to make some homemade wrapping paper to save yourself a trip to the department store. Of course, not only does it allow you to not leave home, but it can also look even better and more creative than the stuff you pay for.

What you need:

  1. Printer paper
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Creativity

Think of something to say or write. You can easily write things like, "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", or "Santa Stopped By." The most important thing is to be creative.

As far as pictures go, you can paint any number of Christmas symbols or characters: Santa, snowmen, angels, elves, reindeer, or even camels.

I recommend staying within the Christmas colors for this. Use of red, green, and white paints will always look fantastic under the tree.

Image source: jimmiehomeschoolmom

Ribbons Finish It Off

In order to make your gifts look professional and fantastic, you should also add a bow. Here are two types which look absolutely amazing.

  1. Bow with loops of ribbons - This is the type of bow that you commonly see sold in department stores on sale for pretty cheap. However, if you want a more classic and authentic look, you can make one yourself. It involves creating a lot of loops and connecting them all in the center.
  2. Flat Christmas bow - This is a much more traditional style of bow. There's not nearly as many loops but it looks just as amazing.

The Perfect Christmas Tree Arrangement

The perfect arrangement isn't only about where the gifts are placed or even how many gifts are under the tree. Don't get me wrong, the perfect arrangement is about how the gifts are placed under the tree, but it is also about the wrapping paper, ribbons, and the craftsmanship put into each.

Besides, how can you really give a child a gift from Santa when the wrapping paper is messy and the bow looking like Pigpen? Do you really think Santa's elves would let that happen? I don't. So get with it! Choose some great looking wrapping paper, wrap your presents properly, and put a fantastic bow on top. That's what Santa has his elves do!


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      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i would try making my own wrappers. painting would be fun. thanks