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Ladybug Birthday Party Supplies And Ideas

Updated on February 1, 2013

Ladybug Birthday Party

Are you wanting to plan a ladybug birthday party? Then I'd imagine you're on the look out for ladybug birthday party supplies and here you can look at some fun options for you to choose from. Ladybug themed birthday day parties are a very popular birthday party theme especially for Young girls, all through the year.

Personally I love ladybugs, they are a lot of fun. When I was little I spent hours in the backyard catching them.

Children especially young girls love ladybugs. If you have a young girl in your household who has a birthday coming up a ladybug birthday party is a great idea. Read on while we talk about how to have the best lady bug birthday party possible!

Ladybug Birthday Party Supplies

If you are planning a ladybug themed birthday party you will need ladybug birthday party supplies. Some of these supplies you can make at home other of the ladybug birthday party supplies you will probably want to pick up at the store or online.

A huge thing you can do at the ladybug themed birthday party is to use a ladybug tablecloth. All you need is a red cloth with black spots. This will do more then you might think when i comes to bringing a ladybug theme to the party.

If you use black and red birthday party streamers then they will help add to the ladybug party theme. Or you could make your own streamer type decorations at home with your child.

A lot of birthday parties have piñatas, for a ladybug birthday party you would get a ladybug piñata as you could imagine.

Ladybug Birthday Invitations

Ladybug Birthday Party Favors

Ladybug themed party favors may be one of the coolest ladybug birthday party supplies there are. You can hand out cute little plastic lady bugs, or lady bug themed toys at the party.

If you want to take ladybug party favors to the next level you could purchase some ladybugs put a few in small jars with a branch inside and holes poked in the lid to let in air, then hand them out to the children. For a while all the children will have their very own pet ladybugs. How fun is that?

A fun idea that the children will love is ladybug headbands. This may seem just for the girls, but it really isn't. You can purchase headbands with lady bug entente attached and the children will love to be able to wear them throughout the party and take them home with them.

Ladybug Party Craft

A fun streamer craft that you could do with your child is to make lady bug themed paper chains.

  1. Use black and red construction paper
  2. cut it into strips
  3. tape one end of the strip to the other end (creating a circle)
  4. simply link them together by wrapping each new strip around the last finished circle.

This will create ladybug birthday party themed paper chain links! My Mom and I used to do this craft all the time when I was younger. :)

How To Make A Paper Chain

Ladybug Birthday Party Cake

But of course, there is no other ladybug birthday party supplies that beat the awesomeness of the ladybug birthday cake.

If you have a lot of people coming to the ladybug themes party then you need a ladybug birthday cake! You could do something like having a round cake frosted red, then have black frosted mini cupcakes put on top of the red cake as the ladybug's spots. However this is best for larger parties.

If you have a smaller party you can use a round cake (or you could see if there is a ladybug mold cake pan) use red frosting of course then also using black frosting to paint on some spots. Or another way you could add the black spots is to use a frosting decorating tube and just put little spots on the cake.

You could also do the something will cupcakes. Then every child can take their own little ladybug cupcake for them self.


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