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The Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 22, 2014

Schoolgirl, Vampire, Cat Woman or Sweet Devil-The Choice is Yours!

Dear Ladies, Halloween comes and 2 questions pop up in your mind - "Which party should I go?" and "What to wear?".The first question I leave entirely for you. What about the second one, I have a few suggestions and friendly advice.

If by now you've missed Halloween parties, I should uncover some myths, which you've probably come across, watching one of your favorite American sitcoms. No self-respecting lady will be masked as potato or Humpty Dumpty.

Forget any costume that will highlight the advantages of your shape. Now is time to be sexy and daring, because it's a costume - a clear enough sign that you would not be dressed like that everyday, so do not be afraid of biting opinions that you are "slightly" dressed.

The Sexiest Halloween Costumes. Schoolgirl, Vampire, Cat Woman or Sweet Devil-The Choice is Yours!
The Sexiest Halloween Costumes. Schoolgirl, Vampire, Cat Woman or Sweet Devil-The Choice is Yours! | Source

Top 11 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Scoolgirl - find one outdated striped skirt, put a shirt tied above the navel, section the hair into two ponytails (if you do not look ridiculous with this kind of hairstyle, of course ) and don’t forget makeup - you're on a Halloween party, though. Now is not the time to be a natural.

Nurse – be a nurse but from those ones, who are more likely to cause increase in heart rate, than its normalization. Combine with thick shade of lipstick.

Mrs. police officer – you’ll be not only irresistible, but you always can "distribute justice" by playing with a "bad guy."

Pippi Longstocking – with plaits, freckles, why not with colorful lollipop. Combine with shorts or a skirt.

Fairy -You can combine with no problem tenderness and provocation. Use soft colors - sky blue, peach or other fabulous colors. Remember that every good fairy has a magic wand and delicate butterfly wings.

Playboy Bunny - tail and ears. A little more pink - sweet and sexy as many of the other ladies at the party. Do not despair that choosing style Bunny won’t be original and unique - most branded bottles of alcohol are won from such suits.

Witch – what about if you ride a broom. My advice is not to overdo with the "make up" on your face. Trying to become frightful, you draw cobwebs, spiders etc., which definitely takes a lot of your attractive appearance.

Vampire - come on ladies, Dracula is looking for partner. Stake on the typical gothic combinations with the predominantly black and red colors. Obtain a pair of sharp teeth, and pick a victim.

Catwoman – I don’t know know why, but men are “dying” to pull cat's tails on Halloween. The choice to play Catwoman is great - from the challenging short dress with cat ears, to the complete Halloween costume of leather. Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong.

Halloween Devil Costume - traditions are traditions. Definitely, you will not be the only one person with such costume, but it may be that it suits best on you. Take a risk!


Masked like a ghost? It sounds great. For this purpose, you can refer to the various mysterious symbols, including sunglasses, hat, and a candle in your hand. Moreover, you can unleash your imagination and you will have an inexhaustible source of ideas during the celebration, thus, neither you nor your friends will get bored.

Remember - the idea of Halloween parties is to celebrate yourself and have fun!

Simple Tips What Not To Do On A Halloween Party

1. Do not go to a Halloween party without costume.

To show up at a party where everyone is masked in T-shirt and jeans and to say that you are disguised as yourself, is no longer fashionable. Rather it shows a lack of imagination.

2. If you are a man do not put on dress.

No, no and no. It’s not original, not creative and not cool. And the girls will not be impressed.

Man in a dress looks like a solution if you have not thought of anything else, but believe me, it is not.

3. Do not disguise yourself as something which is difficult to explain.

No need to spend all the evening in complex explanations what you mean with your costume. It should say all, not you.

4. Do not spend too much money on Halloween costumes.

No matter how enthusiastic you are, don’t forget your Halloween costume is something you will wear only once. No sense to give too much money for it. Much better is to collect things from your wardrobe and to do what you can, or buy some small items such as masks, fake teeth or plastic trident. The idea of the costume for Halloween is to look funny and original and induce comments like "Wow, how did you think of that?" But not to show that you have extra money and this is the only way to impress people.


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