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The blue moon and Auld Lang Syne

Updated on December 25, 2010

Blame it on the moon

Sometimes when the stars are bright the blue moon comes on New Years Eve night. It will be another nineteen years before a night like this will be repeated again. This was a very special night indeed,because on this night, there was both a full moon and a small Lunar eclipse as well.

The blue moon was once known as the betrayer moon by the religious leaders of the 1500's.It was given this name because its appearance threw the ecclesiastical calendar off. However, it is known for far greater things than derailing the church calendar.

This astronomical phenomenon has been shrouded in myth and mystery for centuries. There are those who say that miracles happen underneath the light of the blue moon. Some of the legends spin mystical tales of long lost lovers, whom everyone swore would never return for his swooning love suddenly comes home to wed her. Here in the real world, we know that such dreams seldom come true except, "once in a blue moon."

Yet not all the tales have such happy endings, There was once a great lady whose husband was a captain of a merchant ship that went down in a fog with all hands. It is rumored that when the news reached her, that she ran down to the seashore from the light house where she lived. There she walked out into the sea and disappeared following shimmering trail upon the waves lighted by a blue moon. Some say that when the moon is right she returns to walk the shore in search of her husband "once in a blue moon."

As we said in the beginning it is often called the betrayer moon, and so it was for two lovers who chose to share their stolen love on the dark end of the street. The two met at the same place each night after her husband left for work on the night shift. All went well until one night the husband became ill at work and took a short cut home. As he made his way down the seldom used path, he was startled by the low moan of a woman and almost stumbled over the two entwined in passion. As luck would have it the moon gave just enough light for him to take them both with one shot through the heart. It was a difficult shot for anyone to make, but it can happen once in a "blue moon."

 The myths and legends depicted here are tales created by the author for the readers enjoyment.

Casting a new light

This light has returned to see great changes take place in the world and our nation for centuries. It shined on Washington when he faced Cornwallace, it shined on Teddy Roosevelt as he charged up San Juan hill. It shined on the beaches of Normandy, and through the canopies in the jungles of Viet Nam. Now, here in the twenty first century, it shines down on the deserts of Iraq and Afganistan.

Now, here at home it's indigo light shines upon an unsure and unstable America. May it serve as a light to a new and promising year. May this small lunar eclipse to be the only dark spot to an otherwise bright and promising future. That will bring this nation back to God and the principles we were once known for.

Then when the light surrenders to a new day and a new year; Missing Verb the mistakes and hardships of the past fade away with the shadows. May this great nation once again regain her strength. May the people remember that this is one nation under God and the dark days of the first  years of this decade be only something we experience, "once in a blue moon."


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    • profile image

      Tammy Lochmann 8 years ago

      Great Hub. Wishing you all the best in 2010. I hope to hear from you more than one in a blue moon though.