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Want to Have the Best Halloween Party in Town?

Updated on October 9, 2017

You Gotta Set the Tone...

Everyone has to know what kind of party this is the moment they walk through the door. Actually, why not just before they enter the door? Try hanging some sort of spooky head (not a real one, plastic!) or other ornament on your front door. You could also try this awesome talking doorbell by Gemmy with a very creepy animated eye.

Pretty cool, right? There are so many different ingredients to get your unique Halloween party brewing. Adding your scariest decoration (something extra morbid and horrific...) just inside the door will start off each new arrival at your party just right!

Have you seen the movie It? So freaky.
Have you seen the movie It? So freaky.

Them Good Halloween Eats!

As far as food goes, you can try carving out delicious, festive apple cups containing your choice of beverage. Try adding a melted caramel rim for a sweet twist! Just make sure you prepare them right before the party starts. Keep them in the fridge until they're ready for use. Note: Lemon juice or soda water can be used to help preserve your cute little cups.

Maybe your guests will be dunking their apple cups into a punch bowl for a refill. Well, why not set your punch bowl inside a fresh pumpkin? Your pumpkin punch bowl is sure to catch your guests' eyes and return compliments. Try your own variation, like adding glowsticks beneath it. Or maybe a bloody rim. Again, please paint this, and don't use real blood.

An alternative to this idea is a witch's cauldron punch bowl. That's cool, too!

Another easy fixer for your party is a no-bake cake. Use black licorice and icing to make a skull on top!


Add Some Haunting Decor!

For the inside of your house, stretch some cobwebs around. Light a few scented candles—people may not even consciously pick up on this, but it will do a lot for your party! Creepy paintings may be something you're interested in, and could be a fun preparation activity for the members in your household, including the ghoul who lives in your attic. People respect that kind of a thing when they come to a party, so you'll be more popular with people. As long as you don't paint anything too weird.

Of course, you'll want to get the right music going. This really depends on what you're going for. There are a lot of great dark cabaret playlists on YouTube to choose from. Check out Spotify. I don't know, you can figure it out!

Is This The Right Music For Your Halloween Party?

Black light rooms are a sure party hit any time of year, but especially for Halloween. Fill the room with all sorts of ghastly spectres! Smoke machines can enhance the spooky effect, or you can buy some dry ice (just be careful!) and drop it slowly, piece by piece into hot water, just as the party is turning up. This will produce a lot of smoke, but make sure you don't touch the ice with your hands—it can give you frostbite. Oh, and don't forget to keep adding hot water to the container.

Halloween Games

A great way to electrify your Halloween party is to give your guests something to do. People will often go along with anything, but you want it to really be fun, right? After surfing the web, I have percolated my own ideas. There's plenty out there, and maybe you can come up with something better! But here are my ideas:

  1. Halloween Character Dare - This is a variation on a classic icebreaker. As guests arrive at your party, they are assigned a Halloween-themed character printed on a piece of paper. The paper is taped to the guest's back, visible to everyone except the guest. They can only try tp figure out their assignment by asking everyone else at the party yes or no questions. But! on the other side of the paper, facing the guest's back, is a dare. Once they guess their character, they may remove the paper and read this dare, which they have no choice but to complete on the spot. Be as evil as you want, it is Halloween after all!
  2. Halloween Treasure Hunt - Upon arriving to the party, guests are assigned a team. Be sure to alternate in order to even out the teams, and pick good team names! Each team starts out with the same clue leading them to the location of the next one. At the end, one team finds the prize—Maybe it's a big bag of candy, a stash of edible treats, or special bottle of liquor! Your choice. Just make sure you pick a good hiding spot!

Hope You Have a Great Halloween!

Go, Michelle, go!
Go, Michelle, go!

Did you use any of these ideas at your party?

Let me know how it went in the comments! Share this article with your friends, and make sure you invite me to your next Halloween party!


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