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Free Printable Letters From Santa

Updated on December 17, 2013

Where To Get Free Printable Santa Letters For Christmas

Every child who loves Christmas time and believes in Santa will enjoy receiving a real letter from him, especially it's the first letter of the kind he or she will be surprised with. Using free printable letters from Santa makes this so easy, fun and above all - completely free to set it up.

Sure, you could go out and buy ready-made Santa letters, but why not make your own personalized letter from Santa addressed to your child? It hardly takes a bit of time, and it looks just the way you want it.

By using free printable Santa letters from ready-made templates you'll save yourself time, money and with the professional quality letters you'll be sure to make the letter really sparkle with Christmas joy!

Here you will find some of the best free places to get your free templates from, along with some ideas and tutorials on how to make your own. Don't pay for commercial letters, yours will be just as good - if not even better than what you'd pay money for!

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How to Create Free Printable Santa Letters

free letter from Santa Claus
free letter from Santa Claus

When you want to create your own free letters for your kids from Santa, you can either do them from scratch, or use one of the many free templates available online, some of the best ones being listed right here on this page.

It is so easy to make your child smile and be enthusiastic about Christmas and about receiving his or her gift. The anticipation will be so much bigger. especially if the letter is personalized, stamped and comes in a cute Christmas style envelope as well.

To use one of the free templates online simply click on any of the sites below and follow the instructions - usually involving selecting the template you like, personalizing with the child's name and some additional personal information (including the gift they like the most) and finally either printing it out, or saving it to your computer - or what I've seen lately done was to add your email address and have the personalized letter sent to your inbox right away

I like this option, I think it's a fun one and even if later on I would lose the website's bookmark, I'd always have the letter in my mail box (which usually comes with the name of the website in the mail, so I would remember later on where I took it from).

image credits: Creative Commons Flickr

Of Course You Can Also Do This.... - But why not use something better looking that is free as well?

5 Recommended Places to Get Printable Letters From Santa is a great place to get your free template - and not one, but 5 - to compose the letter from Santa to your child. Each template is downloadable and it's very easy to create the letter from it.

You get the same layout in 5 different colors - from blue to red - and letter personalization has never been easier: all you do is enter the child's name, age, gender, hometown, accomplishment and above all - what is the gift he or she mostly wishes to get this Christmas.

Visit the site

It Is This Easy To Create Your Letter From Santa Following This Template

For Something Very Special...

How about this beautiful classic book by J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit - the book includes his original letters from Santa - the whole collection of letters that Tolkien's kids received from Santa Claus between the years of 1920 and 1943. A truly unique collection, one which every child who loves the Middle Earth will simply adore.

How about this classy place with no less than 15 free printable letters from Santa for various kids. There are here letters to girls, to boys, even to the naughty adult. Each letter has another recipient so it can be truly personalized for anyone whom you know to fit "the bill" so to speak.

All you need is click on each letter, save it to your computer and then print it out - the letters are ready to send or give as they are, but if you prefer to customize them even more, you can do it for a small fee of - I think - $5. But that is not necessary as they are ready "out of the box".

Visit site

Santa Letters From

Free letters from Santa
Free letters from Santa

Here are 3 lovely Santa letter templates to use for free. The site also offers a short tutorial on how to use the templates to craft your own letter from Santa. Each letter is very easy to personalize with the name of the letter recipient, the accomplishment, the teacher's name as well as the gift that is most wanted from Santa this year.

A great simple set of letters that are perfect to send to your child as coming from Santa Claus.

Visit site

Free Santa letters
Free Santa letters

More free templates I found while searching for great free printable letters from Santa are on this site. They have 2 template layouts (show in the image above), along with 2 backgrounds as well, all for free. It is very easy to customize your letter to Santa. What you need to add is the child's info along with your email address and the personalized letter will shortly come to your inbox.

If you upgrade you will also get a certificate and a Santa envelope, but you don't have to - the actual letter is completely free - and you can find Santa envelopes on the net for free as well.

Visit site

Free Santa Letters Online
Free Santa Letters Online

When it comes to crafting your own free letters from Santa to your child, here are two additional lovely templates - all for free. They also have North Pole packages that merely cost less than $3 including a printable Santa letter with a matching certificate and envelope. However the basic 2 templates are completely free to use.

You can add the child's name and your name along with your email address and the letter will be sent to you within minutes. A simple yet adorable design that will delight children at home.

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Have You Ever Received A Letter From Santa As A Child?

Have You Ever Received A Letter From Santa As A Child?

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Some Additional Places To Get Free Printable Letters From Santa

If the sites above are not enough or you want to browse a bit more, here are a few more free websites offering free printable Santa letters to choose from. Some are fully free, others have also up-gradable payable options that will give you a certificate and a Santa envelope as well.

If You Prefer To Buy Them Professionally Ready-Made

A Few Fun Letters From Santa At Amazon

These letters are fun and ready-made, and they don't cost an arm and a leg either. If you don't feel like creating your own, this option is there to buy them and send them or give them without a second thought.

How To Make Your Own Santa Envelopes

Make Your Own Envelopes To Go With The Santa Letters - Without spending a dime

Use Regular Envelopes With This Snowman Seal

Snowman Cheer Envelope Seals (pack of 25)
Snowman Cheer Envelope Seals (pack of 25)

If you have regular envelopes, you don't have to make new ones. Simply add one of these Snowman seals on each (you get a pack of 25, more than enough to send out to all kid family members and friends) and they're very easy to apply.


Have You Ever Made A Santa Letter For Your Kids?

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      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      My children are grown and gone but I just may do one up to mail to my husband this year. Lol...he can be so funny.