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Halloween Gift Baskets

Updated on October 14, 2014

Halloween Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are always a treat!
Gift baskets are always a treat! | Source

Halloween Ideas: Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween is the perfect time for Halloween gift baskets. Halloween is not just for small children. Although, adults do not generally go trick or treating they still enjoy Halloween treats and Halloween candy as well as many other Halloween items. If you are searching for something to give as a Halloween gift idea, you might want to consider Halloween gift baskets.

A special thank you to mensatic over at Morguefile for photo use.

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Hauntingly Delicious: Gourmet Halloween Gift Basket
Hauntingly Delicious: Gourmet Halloween Gift Basket

Anyone will love this gift, especially if they love gourmet.


Finding just the right Gift Online

If you prefer buying gift baskets to give to others, you will find there are so many from which you may choose. So many, in fact that trying to make up your mind may be a chore in itself. However, just keep in mind the person or people you are shopping for when choosing the gift basket that you will send to them. For instance there are some that are especially made for children. There are some that follow a romantic theme for that someone special in your life and, there are some that are include a lot of different things to please just about anyone.

I got to searching for some and I really like the way this Hauntingly Delicious Gourmet basket looks. It is a cute basket chock-full of so many different and delicious holiday treats. If you already have a particular theme in mind while searching for items, you are sure to find something scrumptious to give to people you care about.

I Love Halloween

I love Halloween!  (poster and other items available by clicking the source link)
I love Halloween! (poster and other items available by clicking the source link) | Source

Gift Basket are Full of Fun

Whether you buy or make your own homemade gift baskets for family and friends remember to fill them with things they love,
Whether you buy or make your own homemade gift baskets for family and friends remember to fill them with things they love, | Source

Gift Baskets

Halloween Ideas...

Gift baskets are useful for many different occasions including the holidays. You can find them already made and ready to be delivered and you can learn how to make them yourself. Consider shopping online for all your all occasion gift basket ideas. For instance, you can order from a wide selection of gift baskets for Halloween. These come with all sorts of great products and Halloween theme items for all ages and interests.

Halloween gift baskets might include anything from Halloween candy and other sweet treats as well as some salty snack ideas. Halloween baskets for children might include among other items, Halloween toys, Halloween stickers, Halloween sounds CDs and Halloween games. Others might include fruits, coffees and cocoa or for the adults even wine, cheese and crackers. Finding just the right Halloween basket for someone special might be easier than you might think. You just have to get out there and look for them. These types of Halloween gift baskets might range in price from $30 to $100+ when you shop for them online or buy them already made in a store.

Make your own Gift Baskets or buy the Ready Made to Go

Halloween is full of fun and mystery!
Halloween is full of fun and mystery! | Source

Homemade Halloween Gift Baskets

You can make your own homemade Halloween gift baskets for people of all ages if you like. You will need various items to fill the baskets. You can order those online or you can shop for them locally.

First, you need to find the type of container you want to use for the basket. You can of course, use a real basket, a Halloween pail, Halloween mug or bucket as well as various other types of containers. Since, you are making Halloween baskets, be sure to choose a container that fits the individual you for whom you are creating the gift basket. Find the right size container to hold all the Halloween items you plan to include.

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How to Make Homemade Halloween Gift Baskets

Next, you will consider the types of Halloween treats you will include in your homemade gift basket. Choose some colorful gift-wrap paper for wrapping some of the items you will include. However, before you begin to fill your gift basket, you can crumple up some of the colorful gift-wrap paper and then place that in the bottom of the container to give the contents a lift up as well as protecting the items as a cushion beneath the load.

After you have the cushion of crumpled paper in the bottom of your basket, you can begin slowly adding the items you plan to include. Be sure to take your time as you add each item since, you want to make the most of the space you have available to fill.

Make a Homemade Halloween Gift Basket

After placing all your Halloween theme products and items into the gift basket you are making, you will need to wrap the basket and contents to prevent them from falling out. Find some Halloween theme or colored cellophane wrap to do this. Measure off enough cellophane wrap so that you can set the basket in the middle of the cellophane wrap with enough on all sides that you can bring all the sides up together at the top of the gift basket. After gathering all the sides of the cellophane up to the top, you can secure it with a twisty tie and a colorful ribbon to match the occasion. This should prevent the gift basket from opening and all its contents spilling out.

Alternately, you might enjoy sewing. If you do, you may enjoy making your own homemade gift baskets. You can use pre-made patterns like this one to create some lovely gift ideas for just about anyone on your gift giving list.

Add Candy to your Giftbasket

Just about everyone loves candy this time of the year!
Just about everyone loves candy this time of the year! | Source

Happy Halloween Greetings

...let your friends know how much you care...

Remember, to include a Halloween greeting card with an envelope for the individual who will receive your Halloween gift basket.

Be sure to include some happy Halloween sentiments and then attach the card to the basket with some tape.

Alternately, you can place the card inside the basket before sealing it, just be careful not to crush the card during transporting it.

Then again, you can simply carry the Halloween greeting card and then hand the card to the person along with your homemade Halloween gift basket.

Halloween Fun

Have a Great Halloween!
Have a Great Halloween! | Source

Buy Gift Baskets...

Make Homemade Halloween Gift Baskets...

Whether you want to buy a Halloween gift basket for someone or you want to make it yourself, is your decision.

If you are trying to save money, you can find some online Halloween gift baskets at a discount that can help save you money.

Alternatively, you can make homemade gift baskets and then include the various Halloween treats you can afford to include and still stay within your budget.

The choice is up to you; either way, it is the gestures of thoughtfulness and kindness that will let others know that you care and that you love Halloween too.

Will You Buy or Make Gift Baskets?

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