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20 Inexpensive Doctor Who Gifts

Updated on January 16, 2016

With birthdays and holidays throughout the year, we're always on the lookout for gifts for those hard-to-buy for people. But those of us on budgets always have a hard time when it comes to shopping for specialty items. When licensed merchandise is out of your budget range, it's surprisingly hard to find good Doctor Who-themed gifts. But here's a list of wallet-friendly gifts that will delight any Dr. Who fan.

Search Terms

If you don't watch the show and don't know anything about it, here are some handy search terms to use while looking for gifts. Look for: "Tardis" "Weeping Angel" "Sonic Screwdriver" "Dalek" "Tardis Key" and "Whovian"

1. Dr. Who Jewelry and Charms

Etsy and ThinkGeek have a delightful collection of Dr. Who themed jewelry, many for a good price. Look into earrings and pendants for the Whovian girl in your life. For the Whovian guy, things get a little more difficult, but have no fear, get him a Dr. Who key chain or a set of charms for his backpack or pencil case.

2. Coffee Mug

If you pick the right time of year or website, you can get a Dr. Who mug for under $8. And, seriously, what Dr. Who fan doesn't drink coffee or tea at least occasionally?

3. Cards

When in doubt, get someone a card! While you probably won't be able to find a Dr. Who themed one at your local grocery store, check out the internet. There are birthday cards galore, even some featuring recorded Dalek messages!

As for Valentine's day, try googe image-ing "Dr. Who Valentine" and you'll get lots of images you can save and print out onto paper or card stock. Or, find a normal card and write "Be my companion?" on the inside. Extra points if you draw a tardis or paste a picture of one inside.

4. T-shirts

Who needs to buy the $25 official Dr. Who T-shirt when you can make one? Buy a plain T-shirt at Walmart or Hobby Lobby and use iron-on letters to customize it. "Dr Who" "Tardis" and "Don't Blink" have no repeat letters, requiring only one iron-on letter pack per. Or, if you know their favorite doctor, try doing something such as "I [heart] the 9th Doctor."

5. Pencils

Every high school or college-age person uses pencils on occasion, right? Well how about giving them a Dr. Who themed set of pencils? Etsy has a few different sets that are perfect for your Whovian friend. Or, if you're feeling really cheap, you can grab some Dr. Who themed paper or washi tape and make some yourself!

Bonus: If you happen to know someone with a laser engraver, you make up a whole batch of them for really cheap.

7. Posters

The internet has a huge range of Dr. Who themed posters for an equally wide range of budgets. Even your local bookstore probably has (or can order) a poster for you.

6. Books and DVDs

If you're sure that your giftee doesn't already have them, try looking for the DVDs of the Dr. Who series or for related books. Shop sales and use coupons to keep them within your budget or check out your local used bookstore. Even a library booksale might have something related to Dr. Who.

8. Trinket Box

Check Etsy and Ebay for a Dr. Who themed trinket box. Or, if you're an expert (or even a dabbler) at decoupage, make a trinket box for your favorite Whovian. What better place for your Dr. Who-loving friend to keep his or her jewelry and trinkets?

10. Games

While Dr. Who Trivial Pursuit may be out of your budget, look for Dr. Who playing cards or joke books.

11. Scarf

If you don't watch Dr. Who you may not know this, but there is an iconic Dr. Who scarf. It is a multi-colored striped knitted scarf which was worn by the 4th Doctor. While it tends to be pretty pricey on Etsy or Ebay, it's not very hard to make if you know how to knit, or know someone who does. There are knitting patterns for it online, and a number of sets of instructions to make it easy to breeze through this gift.

12. Magnets

From the Doctors themselves to the Dalek, you can find anything on a magnet. Try picking one (or more!) up from your local bookstore or online.

13. Stationary or Postcards

Check Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon for some cool Dr. Who stationary and postcards. They're perfect for the Dr. Who fan who likes useful gifts!

14. Notebook/Journal

For your Dr. Who fan who is also an aspiring writer, get a notebook! There are plenty of Dr. Who notebooks and journals available in specialty stores and online. Keep an eye on the price though, as some of these are ridiculously expensive.

15. DIY Weeping Angel

If you're really adventurous in the crafting department, this is your thing. These DIY Weeping Angels are made from old Barbie dolls, paint, and a few other common crafting materials.

16. Christmas Ornaments

Yep, you can find a Tardis Christmas ornament. In fact, you can find lots of Christmas ornaments. And don't limit these to just Christmas gifting. They also can be hung from car visors or lamps or just left sitting on a corner of a desk in the hopes of attracting other fans.

17. Pins, Buttons, etc.

Try finding a niche bookstore and seeing what kinds of things they have for cheap. A lot of places will have pins, buttons, decal stickers, key chains, bookmarks, stickers, and similar paraphernalia.

(Hint: if you see a bookstore with comic books or Japanese manga it'll probably have some Dr. Who stuff too.)

18. Crafting Supplies

If your Whovian friend happens to like crafting as well, make the obvious choice: buy her some crafting materials! Dr. Who fabric is a good option, with a yard only running you around $7 or $8. Dr. Who washi tape or duct tape is also a great gift for a someone who likes making or decorating things.

19. Misc.

And there are also the random Dr. Who related things that pop up from time to time, most of which make awesome gifts. One person on Etsy has Dr. Who cookie cutters. There are also Dr. Who lip gloss and nail decals available online. Also check out Dr. Who soaps and even matchboxes. You can even find Dr. Who dish towels, if you look hard enough. If you can think of it, someone probably has a Dr. Who version out there.

20. Gag Gifts

What gift list would be complete without a few gag gifts? Check out these quirky gift ideas filled with in-jokes. Write the word "Sonic" on an ordinary screwdriver. Get a package of fish sticks and a pack of lemon custard and wrap them together with a note saying "11th Doctor." Give them a bowtie. (red, with the number 11 on it, or otherwise Dr. Who themed) Gift them a banana with a note attached reading "A must have at any party."

Which gift do you like the best?

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