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Top 10 Best Gag Gift for Kids 2016

Updated on March 24, 2016

All year long you spend your time taking them to and from school. At times they are the best thing that has ever happened to you. At times you wish they would just disappear.

In spite of all of this you can't help but love it when your child succeeds or when they do something nice without asking. Still, there have been times when they have taken the parent-child relationship a little too far. At Christmas time they act as nice as they can so they can get back on your good list and then, in turn, get everything they wanted.

It's time to give them something they weren't expected. The biggest trick will be to use these on them before they turn around and use them on you.

No I'm not devious, I just enjoy a little fun...

10 Funny Gag Gift Ideas for Kids in 2016

1.) Shock Pen - Do your kids keep grabbing all of your pens out of your drawers like mine do? Next time help them remember where they are supposed to go back.

2.) Mega Brows - Fake Eyebrows - Just born with a little too much facial hair? Leave your teacher speechless with these fake mega eyebrows. I actually got this for my son and he won't stop wearing them around the house. It's hilarious.

3.) Flingshot Flying Animals with Sound (Monkey Featured) - This is one of the hottest gag gift items this year. These are going like crazy. Makes a real sound as you flick it across the room. Also available in frog, pig, cow, and chicken! This is a great toy and gag gift!

4.) Shock Gum - Do your kids keep asking you for gum even when you don't have any? Make them think twice about it next time with this shock gum!

5.) The Practical Joker's Handbook -Now I am not saying you should encourage your kids to prank others, and you may pay for this later, but this practical joker's handbook is sure to provide hours and hours of fun. Of if you are scared of giving them ideas, you can always keep it for yourself.

6.) Disappearing Ink - Preppy kid with nice clothes bothering you? Bring them back down to Earth with this Disappearing Ink.

7.) Snakes in a nut can - Classic. Caution, be careful when shaking.

8.) Handbuzzer - The classic prank for that joke lover. BZZZZZZZZZ!

9.) Pull My Finger Fart Prank Pen - "Pull my finger... no really... do it".

10.) Glass Vials of Stink Bombs - What's the best way to avoid being pranked by a stink bomb? Have some yourself. Get rid of those raging hormones at the school dance with some nasty stink. Just make sure you don't bring a date.

I hope you've enjoyed my list of the "10 Best Gag Gifts for Kids". If you don't find the perfect gift, then please check out my other "gag gift-themed" hubs where you can find over 70 more ideas including the 10 Best Gag Gift Ideas for Men, the 10 Best Gag Gift Ideas for Women, and the 10 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas.

My kids love these fake mustaches and they are an instant success with them every time we buy them. Something about putting on eyebrows just makes everyone laugh. While this is a gag gift, most of the time they are more than excited to see it.

Alright so those are a few of my ideas. Think you have some good ones as well? I'd love to hear about them in the discussion area below. Be sure to speak your mind.


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    • manjubose5 profile image

      manjubose5 7 years ago

      Great ideas! I have 2 grand children. Very often I have to give surprise gifts. I love these ideas for New Year.