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Best Gag Gifts for Women 2016

Updated on March 24, 2016

Gag Gifts for Women in 2016!

Here is my list of the 10 Best Gag Gifts for Women. When you think of the woman in your life you think of loving and tender moments between the two of you. How she'd do your laundry and fold your clothes. How she took it to that bully next door. How she would snuggle up next to you on a cold winter day.

She deserves more than just any normal gift. That woman in your life has been with you through thick and thin. Despite all the love and tender moments between the two of you, there is still a small part of you that loves to tease her and when you do you create more unforgettable moments.

To make an unforgettable moment you need an unforgettable gift, but who has time these days to go out looking for the perfect gag gift? Luckily you found this unforgettable list of the 10 best gag gifts for your Mom just when you need it the most!

10 Best Rated Gag Gifts For Mom - Because She Deserves it!

Top 10 Best Gag Gift Ideas for Women 2016

There is something unmistakably grand about giving a funny gift to someone we love. Replaced is the nervousness of knowing it's something that the person really likes when they suddenly burst into laughter. What a great feeling! Each year my wife and I hold a white elephant party that is so funny it brings everyone in the room to tears. There were times I laughed so hard that I wondered if I had broken a rib, or two. Without further ado here are my 10 best Gag Gift Ideas for that Woman in your life that deserves a "special" kind of gift.

1.) Control Your Man Remote Control - It's not that she doesn't control her man already, but the women in your life will get a kick out of this control a man remote control.

2.) BS Detector Megaphone - Give Mom a seventh sense (she already has a sixth) with this BS detector megaphone. Just make sure you can take a lashing.

3.) Cougar Soap - If the woman in your life happens to be older than you, this could win first prize. Nothing like calling your wife/girlfriend a cougar! Smells nice too.

4.) Toilet Monster - This is a full size toilet. She'll never suspect it. Catch her right when she thinks she is in her comfort zone.

5.) You Are Aging Breath Spray - Do you run every time she opens her mouth? The woman in your life is getting older and her breath doesn't smell the same way that it used to. Help her accept that with the "You Are Aging Breath Spray". Spearmint Flavor .25 fl. oz./ 7.5ml

6.) Shut The Hell Up Gum - Make a deal with Mom that when she gives you a piece of this you won't say a word. It'll be the best gift she's ever gotten!

7.) Bacon Band-aids -Perfect for that vegetarian in your life, or the Mom that has lots of boys.

8.) Shock Lighter - Has the women in your life had a little bit too much of the smokes? Help her curb her enthusiasm with this prank. Remember, you are helping her.

9.) Eggnog Gumballs - Every Mom loves eggnog. Help her have that holiday spirit all day long with these eggnog flavored gumballs.

10.) Fake Turd Toilet - Mom will gag or worse when she gets this gift. She'll never mess with you again! Of course if she cries sometimes at night after this it's not my fault and I'm not in charge of paying for therapy. Another great April Fools' Day Morning prank.

Does She Drink To Much?

Consider this wine bottle glass. Now instead of slowly slipping she can just go ahead and take down the entire bottle. This is perfect for the woman in your life that consumes a little bit too much on occasion.

Origin of April Fools Pranks and Gag Gifts

April Fool’s Day is celebrated April 1st of each year. This is the favorite holiday for prank lovers, practical jokers, and the loathed holiday of the gullible, naïve, and stupid.

In the United States we celebrate April Fools Day all day long. In Australia, the UK and South Africa the jokes and pranks last only until noon and those who continue to play tricks on others after that are known as “April fools”. It’s interesting to note that U.K. newspapers generally run an April Fools’ Day Article on the first half of the day. This is very different than google's yearly April Fools joke that they publish on their “gmail accounts” and other areas.

April Fools’ Day has various origins but the most common is that it orginated because during the Middle Ages, most European areas began celebrating New Year’s Day on March 25th and continued the party until April 1st. When the rest of the world that was celebrating April Fools' Day on January 1st caught up with them they were known as "April Fools". Regardless of its origin April Fools jokes and pranks are both celebrated and despised.

In my house pranks are a celebrated occasion. The longer the prank lasts the better. My wife and I told our family that we were having twins and got away with it for a week!

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants
Accoutrements Emergency Underpants

Sometimes you just don't have time to think about it.


If you've enjoyed this hub on the 10 best gag gift ideas for women, then please vote this hub up! Also if you find any other good gag gift ideas I want to know about it. Feel free to e-mail me or make a comment down below!

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