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10 Birthday Places for Kids

Updated on October 21, 2010

Kids Movie Birthday Party

Movie Birthday Party
Movie Birthday Party | Source

1 - Lights, Action, Movie Time

Take the party to your local movie theater. Most kids love going to the movies and it provides ready made entertainment. There are also cinema movie restaurants in some towns such as Chunky's in New Hampshire and Massachusetts that offer a very complete movie birthday package where along with the movie is a food party included. Costing at $15 a person it's a moderately priced party, with little effort for busy parents to plan or prepare for.

2 - There is No Place Like Home (sometimes)

Having your child's birthday party at home has its advantages - primarily in saving you money. It's usually less expensive and provides an intimate environment. However, if you have done it once, then you and your kids may be up for a new venue other than the backyard or basement. Clean up and entertainment are your chores when you have it at home

3 - Classic Pizza Party (Chuck E. Cheese's)

They are all across the country and well known as the party location for kids. Birthday party packages start at around $11 per guest. Each guest receives 20 tokens for games, and the birthday child gets 100 tokens. A "Super Party Package" can be purchased for an additional cost. And of course pizza and soda included in the packages.

4 - A Day at the Zoo (or Aquarium)

A kids birthday party doesn't have to be just about fun. The zoo or aquarium offers an educational opportunity for birthday parties of all sizes. Not recommended to the little ones as the trip to the zoo may also involve a big city so you will need more supervision. Tip: Check out your town library they may have discount tickets for kids.

5 - Roll Up Your Shelves and Get Messy

A lot of cities and towns have pottery or craft stores that also hold small-scale kids' parties where each guest makes and paints a pre-fired clay bowl for example. They have the chance to make their own party favor and everyone is an artist for the day. Prices vary, but are often inexpensive.

6 - Skate or Roll into Fun

Ice skating, roller skating or bowling parties have the advantage of the main activity and party rolled into one. Most bowling alleys or rinks have kids birthday party packages and will range from $9 to $13 per guest. Parties last for about 2 hours and are ideal indoor activities.

7 - Bounce'n Good Times

There are indoor playgrounds such as Pump It Up that feature an array of indoor bouncy structures. They are on the pricey side as parties range from $279 for a weekend party with 25 guests to $209 for a weekday party with 14 guests. Drinks and use of party room are included. The big advantage is kids will be worn out by the end of the party and by the end of the day you should have one very sleepy child. Tip: If the price is out of your budget, you could check out if any McDonalds in town have indoor playhouses as a cheaper alternative.

8 - Bearable for the Litte Ones

Kids birthday parties for the little ones or "less active" sometimes have limited choices. In many malls across American there are Build-A-Bear Prices vary greatly at a Build-A-Bear party, but a "pawsonal" party planner helps keep it within your budget. Each guest gets to "build" a bear, which starts at $10 per child for a simple, undressed bear. To build a bear with an outfit and accessories, the price starts at $25 per kid.

9 - Hair Raising Time for Girls

This idea is more intended for a girls birthday party that includes a dress-up trunk full of prom dresses and evening gowns, hair styles with fairy glitter dust, nail polishing, make-up, karaoke and a fashion show. Plan a trip to the beauty salon for a make-over of glitter, pedicure and lip gloss.

10 - Play Ball

If your kids loves sports (and most of his/her friends too) plan a trip to the ball park. The cost of Major League baseball tickets may be out of your party budget, so consider the minor leagues that provide the same of level big league fun at a reasonable price.


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