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Top 10 Christmas Gifts Ideas

Updated on October 6, 2015

Gift Ideas

Amazon Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle Fire introduced a few months ago is a hotly anticipated consumer favorite gadget for this Christmas. With starting prices much lower than the world’s best selling tablet computer in the iPad, consumers who urge for a tablet/e-reader combo electronic that also fits in a slim budget might choose the Kindle Fire as it’s the most complete tablet offered in its price range. The Amazon Kindle Fire is first and foremost an e-book reader but also serves as an entertainment hub with movies, music, and internet surfing available features on this tablet.

Apple iPod Touch. Everyone seems to get carried away with the iPhone and iPad that little mention is made of the iPod Touch these days. Without mincing words, the iPod Touch is an iPhone without a SIM card slot. It’s capable of doing just about anything the iPhone does and is the perfect music hub for young adults who prefer to move around with a sizeable music collection.

The iPod Touch is also great for iOS gaming, checking mails, and web surfing over Wi-Fi, and making use of the hundreds of thousands of apps on the iOS App Store. It also comes in at a substantially cheaper price than the iPhone and without a contract to worry about.

Wrist Watch for Male and Female. Would you like to appreciate a Boss of yours? Or is it that special friend that helped out during tough periods? Wrist Watches are seamless male or female gifts appropriate for friends and loved ones. Wrist watches come in various shapes and sizes, across several budget categories, so it’s really easy finding one that fits into your budget.

Coupons and Gift Cards. Christmas Gift Cards make the perfect Christmas gift for friends and relatives. Amazon Gift Cards for example one are redeemable nationwide and never expire. You may also purchase Visa Gift Cards, MasterCard Gift Cards, or take faith in coupons from several stores nationwide. Good thing with holiday gift cards is that you can start buying them right away in anticipation in order to build up a nice collection by Christmas.

Steve Jobs Biography. Aptly titled Steve Jobs, the only authorized biography of Apple’s former co-founder and CEO who just died under a month ago is a must-have this Christmas. The book is written by Walter Isaacson, a former managing editor of Time magazine, and who had more than 50 interviews with the man himself before he passed away. For your colleagues at work, entrepreneurs you know, the Steve Jobs biography is a great book that has a lot to teach us about the life and ideology behind who many already consider to be one of the greatest CEOs to have ever lived.

Christmas Cards. Personalized Christmas Cards with text, photos or your company logo are great Christmas gifts to present to friends, clients, and relatives. These greeting cards come cheap and heaviliy discounted and can be mailed out to recipients. Presenting customized greeting cards at Christmas is a cost effective way to appreciate those around you without spending too much.

Gift Baskets. Gift Baskets are simply perfect for the holiday season. Christmas hampers, wine hampers, chocolate gift boxes, fruit baskets, spa gift baskets are only some of the many options you have in this area. Most retailers will ship a gift basket on your behalf to a desired destination. It’s the ideal way to thank customers, friends, and relatives as you wish them a Merry Christmas.

Digital Picture Frame. These make a valid Christmas gift for Men and Women alike. Digital Photo Frames let you create slideshows with existing transitions with some frames capable of video and audio feedback, as well as having Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connectivity enabled.

Clothes. Personal clothing ranks high on many people’s wish list for Christmas, but picking out the right clothing can be difficult. Don’t be discouraged. Clothes are still highly regarded once you get them right. Consider this one for your spouse, kids and close relatives or friends whom you’ll be able to estimate their body size correctly.

Manicure/Pedicure Set/Electric Shaver. A manicure & pedicure set for ladies and an electric shaver for your male friends are in line as handy Christmas gifts to appreciate those close to you. Both items are not so expensive to burn a deep hole in your pocket should you buy in bulk and budget correctly.


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      kaete 5 years ago

      Kindle fire is on my list of top gift ideas.