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10 Gift Ideas for Grandma

Updated on January 9, 2015

Make Her Feel as Special as She is!

There’s nobody in this world quite like your own grandma, am I right?

They spoil you with hugs and kisses from the very day you are born, shower you with gifts, and send you home with a belly full of sweets!

Eventually you get to a point where you realize that perhaps it’s time to really start giving back to Grandma.

Although your love and attention is what’s most important to her, she would cherish even the thought of you gifting her something special, whether it’s on her birthday or Grandparent’s Day.


Choosing the Right Gift

When it comes to gift ideas for Grandma, you really want to take time to think about what she would actually enjoy. Although the thought is all that really matters, consider these following tips when brainstorming gift ideas for Grandma:

  • Sentimental: You really can never go wrong with a gift with nice sentiments. Framed poems about how special grandmas are and little figurines of a grandma with grandchildren are always nice!

  • Memories: Anything that brings back happy memories will certainly bring tears of joy to her eyes. Think a nice frame with an old picture, or something from a place where you two spent a lot of time together when you were growing up.

  • Hobbies: Does grandma have hobbies? Whether it’s jogging or knitting, get her something that will keep her busy in her golden days.

  • Bonding time: Grandmas love spending time with their grandchildren, so think about gifts that can bring you guys together on other days, such as a scrapbooking kit or even a box set of her favorite oldie tv show.

All things considered above, you should have no problems thinking of some great gift ideas for grandma. If you still feel unsure, take a look at the following list of ideas.


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Gift Ideas for Grandma

  1. Antivirus program for computer: If your grandma is anything like mine, then she will download anything that pops up on her computer screen that tells her to. This leads to half of her web browser being filled with toolbars, and not to mention viruses. Get her protected!

  2. Framed photo: If at all possible, get the whole family together to take a nice family portrait and put it in a nice frame. Have a three, four, or even a five generation photo? Perfect! Have it printed on canvas and framed!

  3. Willow Tree figurines: Willow Tree makes very precious figurines for anyone who is special in your life, and of course grandmas are one of them! Get her started on this beautiful collection.

  4. Life Alert: If your grandma is getting up there in years but still lives at home, or is often alone, this is a great gift. It can instill confidence in her independence and provide assurance that she will have help in case of an emergency!

  5. Tablet: If you aren’t going to help grandma keep up with the everchanging technology, then who will? Buy her a cheap tablet (or a really good one) and pre-install a few games that she will love such as Bingo Bash or Words With Friends. She’ll wonder why she’d never had one before once you show her the ropes!

  6. Remote starter for car: If grandma lives in a cold state during the winter (which is everywhere but Florida), then this is a gift that she would really appreciate!

  7. Pandora bracelet: These bracelets are beautiful and make future gift giving very easy as all you do is continue to buy meaningful charms to add on! Start her off with nice charms that symbolize family and her grandchildren.

  8. Family tree photo frames: Grandma will love this tree of picture frames! Supply her with some pictures of the family so she has some to use immediately.

  9. Music box: Get grandma this beautiful music box that contains a nice message for grandma on the top. When she opens it, she will smile at the fact that it plays one of her favorite old songs “Wonderful World.”

  10. 5-in-1 turntable: Grandma has lived through many formats of music: Records, 8-tracks (not available), cassette tapes, CDs, and digital music. Get her a gift to where she can relive it all in one gadget! No need for all of her old music to be sitting in that dusty attic!

All of these gifts will certainly put a smile on grandma’s face, but what matters to her the most is that you spend some quality time with her to make her feel whole!

DIY Grandparents Gift Ideas


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