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10 Awesome Gifts To Buy In New Jersey For Your Man

Updated on November 17, 2016

1.The Diamondback Axis Pro 27.5 Bike

The 27 inches Axis Pro wheels are fast and miles lighter than many comparable brands. They are optimized for speed and pulls better traction with a tapered steerer fork and a precision steering axle of 15 mm.

The aluminum frame is designed and assembled with the Butted 6061-T6 that will ride roughshod over undulating and merciless trails with not fuss.

The Air Fork is built on the Fox 32 Float that goes on Climb, Trail and Descend with exceptional gradient efficiency. The tires are from the Schwalbe Racing Ralph assemble and you can get this bike from the Planet Bike New jersey.

2. Leather Boots

If you desire the style and reputation that exotic western boots offer, then you might want to pay close attention to the 13 inches Brown Lizard leather boots.

They come with such comfortable built that includes removable leather in-soles and foam layers that gives comfort instantly with enviable cushioning. These boots are hand-crafted and the mid-calf shaft measures are fit for the perfect swagger.

These leather boots boasts of the Lizard Vamp construct with decorative upper shaft that is stitched in with style. These are made in America and you are surely buying local when you head to the Fairfield for these.

3. Rock Glasses

The man of style loves the grandeur conferred by the presence of Rock glasses in any Rocks Bar. If you are keen to present the distinctive malt or scotch taste and whiskey blend in a drinking glass with a tapered mouth is your best that cannot be ignored.

The design of a rocks glass with a solid base makes it easy to grip while the wide bowl with its transparent hue makes it possible to behold the aroma and sparkle of any whiskey of choice.

You can get a couple of glasses at Plainfield with a size of 4.5 inches in height.

4. Shaving Kit

A set of grooming trimmers comes in as an excellent fit for your man. A 4 way rotation is such that fits for usage and since detachable blade heads are popularly in use, all tough spots are sure to be within reach.

A grooming package that comes with guide combs of 6 variations and sizes will eliminate any sign of uneven hair. The rust resistance, tarnish protection and precision glide is made possible by a grade of steel crafted out of titanium.

The power motor and lithium battery are other points of attraction in this shaving kit that you can readily ship to New Jersey from Amazon.

5. Leather House Shoes

These ease of wear associated with house leather shoes means that they have utility value that you cannot ignore. The recommended pair here is made of suede leather in the upper covering with a sole bed that is well packed.

The inner covers have warmth -inducing wool lining and the footbed is padded with memory foam. It comfortably hugs your ankles around the folded cuff to allow air flow.

These fitting easy wear is one a guy will love to kick on over the weekend and with the flurry lining from sheep skin, it is a comforting construct to be admired.


6. PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 combo is a star attraction that allows your man to enjoy leisure indoors when the outdoors is not on the cards. The PS4 allows the intense moments of gaming to simmer so that any player can dig in with full intuition as the virtual world unloads in such incredible fashion.

Loaded in this package is the Star Wars in all its new volumes along with Golem, RIGS Combat and the surreal PS4 VR universe. The advanced VR visual kit is one that any game buff will be immersed in with unending forays. Delve more into your man’s world with this perfect holiday gift.


7. The Camera Drone

The Camera Drone is an in-built device with smooth video of exciting dimension that is configured on the gimbal 3-axis mode. You are sure to behold visual stills of crystal-clear quality as live streaming is caught via a special link on the HD video adapted-duct.

The flight power is highly efficient and the security of this drone is top-flight in rating with GPS navigation and other programmable features that will rock a man’s world. The propellers are made of carbon fiber with army colors. It comes with a case, extra battery and an in-built USB port. Get this holiday delight at Totowa.


8. The Trail Map

If you have a man in your life that loves to go hiking or mountaineering, the New Jersey trail map is a gift to consider. This trail map highlights the key points on the Appalachian trail that every avid hiker will love to have for keeps.

I am sure you will love to give this a look.

9. The Mountain Sneaker

A pair of mountain sneakers is an excellent buy for your man and it is designed to endure long runs anywhere from the trail to the end of the road at any limit. Mountain sneakers are ultra-light and crafted to a glove-style finish that makes it a durable pair.

The soles were made using the Vibram® innovation so that rain and mud have no adverse traction. The vibrant style of these sole fitters has rubber compounds which make them deliver appropriately for superior grip. When on slick surfaces, the stride is not distorted as the foot grip makes gliding stable.


10. A Dad’s Guide to Family Life

If your man is one that is considering raising a family with you then you should consider getting him a copy of this book. It presents a modern view to fatherhood in a funny and fresh way. The book covers such themes as sibling rivalry, food and eating, socializing, tantrums, discipline as well as pregnancy and birth.

This book is certainly a humorous take on dealing with kids of school age, diapers, bottle feeding and lots more. The edge around bedtime, cleaning up, outbursts as well as bath time, is all covered.

Explore more here at Amazon


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