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Expensive-Looking Gifts Under 15 Dollars for Girls

Updated on December 1, 2016

When it comes to choosing an inexpensive gift that won’t make you look cheap, first ask yourself the question: "Would I use this gift if someone were to give it to me?" If the answer is “yes”, then it is probably a good gift.

If you have searched the Internet for the perfect gift for under $15 and went nowhere, have a look at these suggestions. Here you will find ideas for teen girls of all ages and some are even appropriate for adults.

1. Stylish Display for Her Lovely Jewels

These fun and whimsical ring holder can double as decorative accessories for the home.
These fun and whimsical ring holder can double as decorative accessories for the home.

While, undeniably, there are tomboys in this world, it is a well-known fact that, in general, teenage girls like wearing jewelry, and many of them own a lot of it. Costume jewelry, for example, makes for great gifts, but if you have no idea what a girl wants or likes, it can be difficult to pick the right one. So instead, you can consider giving a jewelry holder, jewelry box or a ring dish, which is more practical option and less likely to get wrong.

Freestanding jewelry holders are probably some of the best inexpensive gift options, because they come in many creative designs and can be displayed anywhere in the house. One example of a good gift under fifteen dollars is the Anigram family of ring holders by Umbra. They look super elegant and expensive and will appeal to all ages.

The Anigram ring holders are shaped like cute, little animals, and although small in size, they feel heavy, which makes them harder to knock off nightstands, for example. They also have rust resistance, copper-plated finish, which makes them perfect for use by the bathroom or kitchen sink. Another plus to this little gift is that it can be even used just as a decorative piece on a shelf or desk.

2. Cool-Girl Jewelry to Add Some Swag to Those Selfies

Midi rings complement regular rings quite well and can be worn with anything.
Midi rings complement regular rings quite well and can be worn with anything.

When you know a girl’s taste in jewelry, things can get a bit easier. If you are cash strapped, go for jewelry that is trendy, fun and easy to wear. Stylish jewelry doesn't have to be made of very expensive materials to be lovely - there is cheap jewelry that looks expensive and expensive jewelry that looks cheap. The best way to find out what the latest cool-girl jewelry trends are is to check Instagram. If you start spotting a certain trend over and over, it means that it has gone mainstream.

For example, midi rings have been stacking up on the fingers of celebrities, models and influencers for quite some time. In case you don’t know what midi rings are, they are rings that sit on the finger above the knuckles. The trend was made popular somewhere in 2012 and while many trends have a tendency to fade quickly, this one is still going strong.

A set of vintage midi rings, like those on the picture above, can make a fantastic low-cost gift for a girl, because fashionistas can pair them with almost every look – from swimwear to formal attire. Another great thing about them is that you don’t need to know the exact ring size of the recipient. Some of them are adjustable and the others come in various sizes to fit different fingers.

Lariat necklaces add the perfect delicate touch to any outfit or occasion.
Lariat necklaces add the perfect delicate touch to any outfit or occasion.

Another cool jewelry trend worth considering is the Lariat style necklace – an elongated, Y-shaped necklace that is rather delicate, but makes a statement and will add some edge to any outfit. It can be worn on its own or layered up with other pieces. Teen girls can layer this type of necklace over summer dresses, simple low neck tee and jeans, bikini and just about anything.

Multi-layer charm bracelets
Multi-layer charm bracelets

Charm bracelets have been around in some form or another for years, which also makes them good gifts for many occasions. The multilayer variety of charm bracelets, in particular, have always been favorite among school girls, because they are generally very inexpensive and come with popular charms like infinity symbols, nautical elements and friendship symbols.

3. Insanely Cute Beauty Products

Tony Moly & Etude House Cosmetics – Cutesy packaging and high quality.
Tony Moly & Etude House Cosmetics – Cutesy packaging and high quality. | Source

It is every woman’s dream to stay beautiful at all times and this is probably one of the reasons why beauty products are very popular gifts for women and teens.

Makeup colors and fragrance are usually easy to get wrong, especially when you don’t know the recipient’s taste. On the other hand, beauty gifts like hand creams, lip balms, moisturizers and lotions are a pretty safe bet. One important thing when looking for inexpensive beauty products as gifts is to search for things that are packed in cute packages, because that is what will make an inexpensive gift exciting and a lot of fun to open. And, of course, you have to look for quality too.

Your best bet for finding adorably-packed beauty products that are also inexpensive and of high quality is to look for Korean beauty lines such as Tony Moly and Etude House. Korean cosmetics are a big hit around the world, because they use cutting edge ingredients and put an accent on organic and natural ingredients.

Here are some gift ideas from the Tony Moly brand:

  • Bunny Gloss Bars – These come is several different colors and flavors. The pull-off cap of each gloss is made to look like a bunny face and each one has a different facial expression, which makes you want to collect them all.
  • Hand Creams – The hand creams are super moisturizing and are available in fruit-shaped and panda-shaped containers. The Panda hand cream is a part of their “Panda’s Dream” line and can be combined with the other panda-themed products from the line like their Cool Eye Stick and the pocket lip balm.
  • Bunny Moist Mist Moisturizer – There are two different Bunny Mist sprays - a Moist Mist is for dry skin and a Soft Mist for oily skin.

4. Funky Socks that Make a Statement

Chicken legs are not necessarily a bad thing.
Chicken legs are not necessarily a bad thing. | Source

When it comes to low-cost gifts, people (especially close relatives) often chose to give socks, and it is no secret that this gift is quite often not appreciated. There is nothing wrong with giving socks as presents, but the problem is that people tend to pick pairs of plain, boring socks that are just not fun to receive. Instead, get some playful, statement socks and everybody will be happy.

For example, check out the brand called Moxy and their funky, chicken legs socks that will make anyone smile. Their unique design is totally fun, they don’t feel cheap like some novelty socks and are very comfortable to wear. Another brand that has cool socks in all kinds of patterns is “Sock It to Me”.

5. School Supplies with Flair

A bunch of leaf-shaped pens in a vase can really freshen up your desk.
A bunch of leaf-shaped pens in a vase can really freshen up your desk.

Today's school supplies are not your mama's school supplies. Of course, you can still find plain-old school supplies that get the job done, but there is also a lot of ridiculously-cute stuff out there that is just as packed with personality as girls are. And those funky school supplies make awesome, inexpensive gifts. With a little bit of digging you can find some unique items that will make girls want to head to class just to show them off.

One such gift is this zen-looking bunch of leaf-shaped ball-point pens called Pooleaf. They come in three beautiful shades of green and are sold in packs of twelve (the vase is not included). In order to make your gift look like a nice plant in a vase, you will need to get 3 packs. Each pack costs a little over $3, so you won’t go over budget.

Some other suggestion for cool school supplies include:

  • Iwako Japanese erasers – they come in every shape imaginable – fruits, animals, food, toys etc.
  • Highlighter pens shaped like nail polish bottles
  • Decorative correction tape
  • Acrylic staplers and tape dispensers
  • Fashion file folders
  • U Brands binder clips with floral designs

6. Tools for Creating Artistic Manicures

These clever, 2 in 1 nail art pens come with everything you need to transform your fingers and toes – a traditional nail polish brush and an art tip.
These clever, 2 in 1 nail art pens come with everything you need to transform your fingers and toes – a traditional nail polish brush and an art tip.

Many teenage girls love doing their nails and experimenting with different colors and nail decorations, which makes a set of nail polishes or nail art kit a good and affordable holiday gift.

The nail art pens from Migi are great bargain for the quality and quantity you get and it is perfect for those who like their nails to ”pop“. It is basically a nail polish in a pen, but unlike other similar products, these are two-way pens. What this means is that when you twist off the pen cap, you get a regular nail polish brush, but if you take the cap off, it actually turns into a nail art pen. The pens typically come in sets of four and each pen contains two different colors. Each color is in its own detachable container, so you can mix and match them. And if you registers your pens at the Migi website, they will send you free refills and replacements for life. The set is also a good gift choice for beginners, because it comes with a practice sheet, cleaning pin and a helpful booklet with nail art techniques and “how to” tips.

7. Upgrading Her Smartphone’s Camera

These lenses are a great way to improve a phone’s native camera and start taking more fun and exciting photos and videos.
These lenses are a great way to improve a phone’s native camera and start taking more fun and exciting photos and videos.

Nowadays every teenage girl carries a smartphone with a relatively decent built-in camera. Phone cameras are convenient, but there are still things that they can't do very well. For example, they can’t shoot from far away like zoom lenses on real cameras, nor can they shoot extra wide angle photos. Therefore, for a girl whose artistic needs stretch beyond the usual photo filters, a nice kit of attachable lenses can make an awesome birthday or Christmas gift. The good news is that you don’t need to drop a lot of money to get a nice lens kit. For about $15 you can get Mpow’s MLens kit, which is a collection of three clip-on lenses – a macro lens, wide-angle and fisheye lens. They simply clip onto the phone, on top of the native camera. One of the advantages of this kit is that the lenses work with most devices, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong model.

The macro lens provides 10 times magnification and gives you the ability to take clear and detailed pictures of very tiny objects. With the wide-angle lens you can take super wide shots that look similar to those of a GoPro camera. This lens also works with video and the phone’s panorama mode, which will make for some very creative shots. And the fisheye is just a fun lens that creates distorted, panoramic photos.

8. Accessories for Her Favorite Purse or Backpack

Here is the purr-fect companion to a girl’s favorite handbag.
Here is the purr-fect companion to a girl’s favorite handbag.

There are many purse accessories on the market that can help organize the chaos in a girl’s purse, but finding an inexpensive one that is useful, stylish and at the same time won’t fall apart after few uses can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some suggestions:

Unique Storage Cases – A cute and colorful storage case is a good budget gift that can help with staying organized. To make an inexpensive gift more interesting, look for clever, multifunctional or unique designs. For instance, a cat face storage case would be way more exciting present than an ordinary storage case. These cat face cases, in particular, would be perfect for little girls and pre-teens, because most of them like cute and unusual stuff.

The cat face cases are marketed as coin purses, but they can be so much more – a little pouch for earbuds, a case for keys, cords, earrings, rings and all kinds of trinkets. These cute “cats” are more or less the size of a palm and the back side is plushy, which adds to the cuteness. They will impress almost anyone because of the attention to detail in their design.

Estee Lauder Pulitzer Cosmetic Bag
Estee Lauder Pulitzer Cosmetic Bag

Designer Cosmetic Bags – A girl can never have too many purses and that old saying stretches to cosmetic bags too. Pretty cosmetic bags make fabulous, inexpensive gifts, because they can double as pencil cases, makeup organizers, travel pouches or can even be used for protecting small items.

It seems like designers tend to make the cutest makeup bags, but they are usually quite expensive. However, if you look online, you will find that some designer brands like Vera Bradley, Estée Lauder and Betsey Johnson have some affordable cosmetic bags.

Take as an example the charming, floral collection of cosmetic bags by Lilly Pulitzer for Estee Lauder. For the cost of less than 10 dollars, this is an exceptionally great gift, as even Walmart cosmetic bags generally cost more. This “In Bloom” pouch by Lilly Pulitzer, for instance, is very sturdy, lightweight and not bulky, so it fits nicely in a handbag (which is very important for a girl). It is also pretty roomy inside – to give you an idea, you can fit two glass cases side by side. Many teen girls would be happy to have one of these in their purses.

9. Boatloads of Makeup to Experiment With

Makeup junkies will love to play with all this colors and you will love the price.
Makeup junkies will love to play with all this colors and you will love the price.

What girl does not love to play with make up? So, a nice eye shadow palette or a set of eyeliners is an awesome gift idea for any teenage girl.

The price of makeup sometimes determines its quality, but it is also possible to find good quality at lower prices. One of the best makeup gifts for under 15 dollars is Shany Cosmetics’ eye shadow palette with 40 colors. Unlike other inexpensive brands out there, the colors of this palette are long lasting, with very good pigmentation and will not fade after a couple of hours. This is one of those versatile makeup sets that anyone would love. It also comes in a very elegant and sleek-looking box, which makes the gift look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

10. Headbands

Girls who love feline ears, especially the anime fans, will love this headband as a gift.
Girls who love feline ears, especially the anime fans, will love this headband as a gift.

Girls who love cats, anime or follow celebrity fashion would be happy to receive a cat ear headband as a gift. The cat ear trend was made popular by celebs like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift and looks really pretty on teens. You can find them at stores like Urban Outfitters and, of course, online.

Don't sacrifice your hairstyle every time you him the gym.
Don't sacrifice your hairstyle every time you him the gym.

The young ladies who like to workout or who play team sports like softball and soccer may also like a set of colorful headbands as a gift. You can get a set of stylish headbands for about 10 dollars from many of the main sports apparel companies, but keep in mind that not all headbands are created equal and not all stay in place. One product to consider is the Under Armor’s mini headbands. What keeps them in place is the grippy silicone under the logos. This type of grip is much more comfortable than the soft plastic strips that tend to dig into your head after a while and are used by other brands. Under Armor also offer a lot of bright patterns and colors for you to choose from.

11. Spice Up Her Toothbrushing Routine

Bye-bye, boring toothbrushes! Hello, brightly-colored sonic brushes!
Bye-bye, boring toothbrushes! Hello, brightly-colored sonic brushes!

Another practical and cheap gift you can give a girl is an electric, portable toothbrush. Toothbrushes like Violife’s Slim Sonic are similar to the regular Sonicare brushes, but have the benefit of being very compact, so you can take them anywhere. Of course, they are not as powerful as the full size models, but are ideal for travel or to carry in a lunch bag for brushing after meals. The fun colors and patterns they come in make them very cool, little gifts to give at a gift exchange party.


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