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10 Gorgeous Gift Ideas For A Fashionista

Updated on March 9, 2014

Define Fashionista

Know a girl who loves her fashion and makeup? One who always wants to stay on the cutting edge of style and culture? You’ve got a fashionista on your hands. This newly coined term has come to mean a lady who loves high end fashions—but not necessarily high end prices. So, to please a fashionista on your list, shop smart and shop often.

Here are some of the best gifts for her, the fashion-minded lady in your life.

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Makeup Gift Card

Everyone who loves fashion usually loves makeup as well. Stores like Sephora and Ulta offer gift cards that a girl can spend in dreamland.

Their stores are big and stocked with every cosmetic and hair product imaginable. If beauty is her thing, this is perfect. She can even use it online. Stash it into a gift basket for women and she'll flip!


Anything in cashmere makes a great gift, and many things come in cashmere these days. Why cashmere? Because it's one of the softest, luxurious materials out there. Use your head if you don’t know her exact size and opt for a hat, scarf, or gloves that are likely to fit.


Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets have been a hot ticket item for years past, and they don't stop there. They're hot this year and it seems the more bling they have, the better. The bigger, the better as well.

Help her add to her collection as fashionistas love to stack them, mix and match them, and they can never have enough. To top it off, you could even opt to give her a personalized jewelry box to store them all in!

Every woman loves jewelry!


Oversized Rings

Cocktail rings are not just for evenings any more. Now they show up with jeans and t-shirts for everyday wear.

They come with big designs on them now as well, plus big gems or even frill.

Get a few big rings from a faux gift line and she’ll be decked out and you’ll still have money left over.

2013 Fashion Trend Ideas


Fashion Necklaces

Necklaces sure have come a long way. And really, anything goes these days.

But a necklace that’s able to be made into various lengths, including the “Y” formation worn in front, are hot now. You can find these really anywhere, online or offline. For more unique pieces, try or if you want something really fashionable, look at Nordstrom's or Macy's. You're sure to find something cute and chic.

Want bonus points? Add clanky charms on the bottom.


Fashion Pumps

If you know her size, get her some cute pumps. There are so many styles that are hot right now that you just can’t miss.

Better yet, get her a gift card to Zappos or another online shoe shopping site and she can choose for herself. If you're more sure of a bricks and mortar store, try a gift card to DSW.


Grey Accessories

You have to go grey these days to be cool. Any accessory in grey is a smart pick. From bracelets to rings to necklaces and earrings, you’ll be a hit if you show up with a grey choice.

Remember those pumps I was talking about? Why not go grey. Double the fun!

Pink Accessories

Hibiscus is truly a top color this season and you just can't miss it. Not quite fuchsia and not quite pale pink, this rosy shade is in between and all the better.

You will find it all over the stores as it’s a Red Carpet must-have.


Green Accessories

Is she's not a rosy pink kind of girl, or a gray accessories kind of girl, then you might have to move on to another color but that's okay.

If you’re then stuck for colors to look for that are hip, go green.

The color green in every shade is making its way down runways and into the hands of those in the know.


High-End Handbag

When all other ideas are exhausted, go with the fail-safe high-end handbag. But instead of paying thousands of dollars, go online. Sites like Ebay list brand new Coach, Vera Bradley, Dooney & Bourke, B. Makowsky, and Louis Vuitton bags for a song. Just be sure you’re getting the real thing if you’re paying top dollar. If you’re only after the look, there are many other bags to choose from that cost less.

Hot Handbags in Action

Now You've Got It!

Shopping for a fashionista can be really exciting. And you may just end up picking up something for yourself as well... If nothing else, you are now more in-the-know about all the latest trends and what is hip!


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Your really good at woman's fashion and this hub makes it so obvious, I like how your beautify your hubs appearance, and its truly awesome. I read about half of the hub though, because I'm a guy, and its tough to try to read it all knowing I don't need much of it all.

      I'll show my wife though, because she loves fashionable handbags, shoes, and customized trinkets, or jewelery.

      Thanks for sharing with us all and till we meet again in the comment sections, maybe even the Q&A or forums.

    • earthbound1974 profile image

      earthbound1974 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I love them all. What women want, women surely get. LOL! Thanks for featuring those awesome pics. I'm a fan!

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Yes! Finally my favorite color is in style. I love anything GREEN!

    • caramellatte profile image

      caramellatte 6 years ago

      I love bags and jewelry. Cool hub!

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 6 years ago

      Shoes and purses are my favorite splurges. Wish I didn't work from home so I'd have an excuse to buy more :) Great hub!

    • Marylol profile image

      Marylol 6 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      You got me at "Fashion Necklaces" =)