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10 Horrifying Valentine's Day Murders

Updated on February 13, 2017
10 Horrifying Valentine's Day Murders
10 Horrifying Valentine's Day Murders | Source

Valentine’s day is 2 days away (well, at least it is from where I am from) and what better way to celebrate it by ruining your friend’s Valentine’s by sharing with them horrendous Valentine’s day stories. So, from Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre to a man butchering his wife on Valentine’s day, we bring you 10 horrifying valentine murders.

Prefer watching a video? No problem!

Made by yours truly.

Kierra Reed, Valentine's Day Murder
Kierra Reed, Valentine's Day Murder | Source

10. Valentine’s Day without a gift

On Valentine’s day, Henry Brown did not buy his girlfriend, Kierra Reed, any gifts. They started arguing and soon after, Kierra started attacking her boyfriend.

Henry ran and locked himself inside a bedroom as Kierra headed for the kitchen and grabbed the kitchen knife. She threatened to cut and kill him with the kitchen knife as she tried to cut through the door.

Thankfully, the police arrived in time and Henry walked away with a few only a few scratches. As for Kierra, she was jailed on Valentine’s day.

Erica missing on Valentine's Day
Erica missing on Valentine's Day

09. Vanished on Valentine’s Day

In 2015, Erica Alonso and her boyfriend went out to celebrate Valentine’s day. A mysterious couple approached them and gave them a ride home. When they were home, Erica and her boyfriend continued talking until late at night.

Erica and her boyfriend started arguing soon after and she drove off in rage and sorrow. That was the last time she was ever seen by the boyfriend.

A few months later, Erica’s body was found off Ortega Highway.

The cause of death was drug overdose.

08. Valentine Suicide

Valentine's Day Suicide
Valentine's Day Suicide

In 2015, an elderly husband and wife was found dead in a car.

After some investigations, they found out that the husband (age, 77) shot his (age, 76) wife first before shooting himself.

The husband has no records of domestic violence and they were both dealing with illnesses.

Investigators believed this was a planned suicide.

07. The St Valentine’s Day Massacre

st valentine's day assacre
st valentine's day assacre

14 February 1929, Chicago had one of its bloodiest gang war, nicked named the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Seven gang members were gunned down in a garage.

When the police arrived, only one member was alive. He died a few minutes later.

News of the massacre quickly spread around the country as the public was shocked by the brutal nature of the violence that happened on Valentine’s day.

06. Ask Google

Ask Google,Valentine's Day Murder
Ask Google,Valentine's Day Murder

Nathan Leuthold and his wife were missionaries and in one of their missions, they met a female student who they came to like. When the student turned 18, the two missionaries helped the student to migrate to the United States. The man fell in love with the student soon after and murdered his wife so he can be with the student.

There was no evidence against him at first. But then, investigators looked through his browser history.

Before the murder, Nathan asked Google "how to muffle a gun," "hitting someone over the head to knock them out," and "lethal injection".

The High school sweet heart Valentine's Day Murder
The High school sweet heart Valentine's Day Murder

05. The High School Sweet Heart

Two high school sweet hearts, Nicholas Kunselman and Stephanie Hart-Grizzell, were last seen hanging out where Nicholas worked on Valentine’s day.

A few minutes before midnight, a co-worker went to check the shop and found Nicholas and Stephanie’s corpse inside the shop.

Nothing in the shop was stolen, not even money in the cash register.

Until today, investigators still don’t know who’s the killer.

Valentine's Day Shooting
Valentine's Day Shooting

04. Love and Rage

In 2011, valentine’s day, Gibson Paul’s girlfriend, Tomicka Peterson, decided to leave him. She left the apartment and asked a few friends to accompany her just in case her boyfriend became aggressive.

However, Gibson responded by grabbing his semi-automatic pistol and started shooting the vehicle that Tomicka and her friends were in.

All of her friends survived but Tomicka was not so lucky.

Gibson was charged with first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

The psychopathic boyfriend
The psychopathic boyfriend

03. The Psychopathic Boyfriend

Tiana Notice, a master degree student, broke up with her physically and mentally abusive boyfriend, James Carter II.

However, James became even more abusive after they broke up. James started stalking her and even threaten to kill her. Tiana even got a restraining order against James, but it didn’t work. James continued harassing her.

On Valentine’s day, James visited Tiana one last time and stabbed her 18 times.

Tiana bleed to death on valentine’s day and James was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

02. The Doctor

The doctor Murder Valentine's Day Story
The doctor Murder Valentine's Day Story

A well-respected doctor named John Hamilton said he found his wife dead in the toilet.

Susan’s skull was badly bashed open and there were 2 neck ties around her neck. The doctor said he tried resurrecting her wife, but failed.

Everyone thought John was innocent at first, but after some investigations, the court started believing John was the killer.

Crime scene investigators were asked to provide strong evidence on whether John was innocent or guilty. The crime scene investigators confirmed with the judges that the blood pattern on Susan and John’s coat were a match. They concluded that it was John who bashed open his wife’s head and straggled her with neck ties.

Hamilton was charged with first-degree murder, and was sentenced to life in prison.

Husband murders wife on Valentine's Day
Husband murders wife on Valentine's Day

01. I Butcher my wife on Valentine’s Day

On valentine’s day, Stephen Grant reported that his wife, Tara Lynn Grant, went missing.

Police started looking for her, but instead, found parts of her in the house. After some more searching, they founded more bits of Tara near the house.

At first, Stephan denied that he was the murderer. However, evidences started pilling up and he soon confessed that he was the one who murdered, butcher and scattered his wife’s body parts inside and near the house.

He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.


And that’s the end of the 10 Horrifying Valentine's Day Murders. Like and share if you want to ruin your friend’s valentine’s day.

And as always, this is Vendasoul saying stay safe, and thanks for reading.


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      17 months ago

      Ohhh, scary, will tell my siblings.


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