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10 Things to do if You're Single on Valentine's Day

Updated on February 3, 2015

Some believe this holiday is a chance to celebrate the love one has for their significant other. Others feel that Valentine’s Day was solely created by greeting card companies to increase their business. There also happens to be a smaller group, comprised of lonely, single people, who simply don’t know what to do with themselves on this romantically based holiday. A portion of these singles, whether out of loneliness or spite, align themselves with the anti-greeting card folks. Those who are left-over either spend their time torturing themselves with rom-coms and other reminders of the love that has eluded them for yet another year or consistently lambast those they know who are a part of couples as a chance to alleviate their bitter single rage. Newsflash to all: There are much better options out there. The following list provides a few choices available to be tested out this coming V-Day.

10. Read a Book

The age-old response whenever someone asks what they should do. It’s a simple suggestion and as long as the chosen novel or novella isn’t of a romantic nature, could prove to be a worthwhile distraction. Put the cell phone on silent, disconnect yourself from your laptop and enjoy a quiet evening in a land of make believe.

Celebrate "Me" Day

There’s nothing wrong with being in a romantic relationship. There’s also nothing wrong with being single. There is, however, something wrong with antagonizing someone else for their relationship status. For those who are without a loved one on Valentine’s Day, consider using your time to celebrate the brilliant, talented, beautiful individual that is you. Go to a movie; treat yourself to a fancy dinner, or even have an elegant bubble bath complete with a glass of champagne. Don’t allow yourself to feel blue because you haven’t found that special someone. Look on the positive side and realize that just because s0meone else hasn’t caught on to the fact that you’re amazing doesn’t mean you should forget that you possess such fabulous qualities. Because, in the end, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”-RuPaul

8. Go for a Run/Walk

Exercise not only provides a great distraction but it also acts as an excellent solo activity. You can do cardio at any time of the year o week but on a day when a lot of people are coupled up by a fireplace somewhere it doesn’t hurt to take the time to work on your fitness.

7. Try Something New

A vague suggestion but a useful one at that. Being alone on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t mean that you should feel obligated to go about your normal routine and deprive yourself of having fun. Make a new recipe for dinner. See a movie that’s a part of a genre you normally stay away from. Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger at the mall. Start a blog. Join a gym. Go out of your comfort zone. You might just be surprised at your results.

6. Diner Prom

Not an original concept but still usefully unique. Gather a bunch of your friends, single or not, get dressed up, and head out to your favorite local restaurant. Be prepared to be stared at by fellow diners. Fun rating-5 stars

5. Skype Call Your Fellow Single Friends

Similar to Diner Prom, having a group Skype call with your single pals will elicit the same effects with the added benefit of getting the chance to stay inside.

4. Have a Family Dinner

People seem to forget that there more types of love that exist in addition to romantic love. There’s the love that exists between friends, the love that develops between pets and their owners, and, most importantly, the love that exists between family members. If your family is up to it, give them a ring this Valentine’s Day. V-Day is a time to honor those in your life who are important to you. And who’s more important to all of us than those we call our families?

3. Have a Solo Horror Movie Marathon

If you can’t manage to shake that little bit of anger you have towards your single friends, this option might be the best one for you. Taking your feelings out on your friends who are taken isn’t right. Not only doesn’t it get you labeled a “bitter single” it puts a damper on your friends’ special day. These are supposed to be the people you turn to no matter what, the people you care for and cherish regardless of the poor decisions they make or the differences in opinion you have regarding movies, TV, music, etc. Even if you don’t think the relationship will last, try to move your feelings of jealousy somewhere else. Horror films, which are known for their gratuitous amounts of violence are perfect for relieving any envious feelings you might have. Feel free to also substitute another violence ridden genre if you wish.

2. Do Work

If you happen to have a job that allows you to take some work home with you spend your V-Day doing something constructive. Though this may seem boring, (and, depending on your chosen profession, it very well may be), doing something worthwhile will not only distract you from your coupled friends but will give you the chance to be ahead of the game.

1. Attend or Perform in a Presentation of the Vagina Monologues

Around this time of year, it’s common for universities and community theater groups alike to stage productions of Eve Ensler’s famous work. The proceeds from these productions are sent to V-Day, an organization committed to ending violence against women and girls on a global scale. V-Day is also connected to One Billion Rising, a similar movement that’s committed to increasing awareness regarding the crimes against women that occur worldwide. The production itself is comprised of a multitude of monologues that range from comedic to dramatic and cover a wide array of topics. If you’re looking to do more this Valentine’s Day consider attending a performance. For more information on V-Day and One Billion Rising please visit .

Yours truly in a production of the Vagina Monologues circa 2013.
Yours truly in a production of the Vagina Monologues circa 2013.


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