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10 Top Christmas Gifts Ideas for Teen Girls and Boys

Updated on October 28, 2015
Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls and Boys
Christmas Gift Ideas for Teen Girls and Boys | Source

Teens are little fuzzy about things, it is difficult to understand what they will like and appreciate as a Christmas gift. You might be observing them from few months and taking notes here and there to find out what they want as Christmas present and found out that they actually want everything they have heard under the sun.

In order to help you with this issue, we are here with a list of 10 Good Christmas gift ideas for teen girls and boys:

  • Books / posters / stationary / cushions.

Teens will love having some cute or edgy stationary that they can carry to school. With so many online shopping websites around, you can definitely find one to gift them. Books and inspirational posters also make a good option for a gift. If your teen is into reading books you can gift those cushions or pillows with any good quote written over it.

  • CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray disks, flash drives etc

You can gift teens their favourite collection of movies, music and concert or TV series in a form of CD, DVD, Blue ray disk or even a flash drive that they can add to their collection and enjoy whenever they want.

  • Subscriptions

Give teens subscriptions of their favourite magazine, book store, movie store, burger or pizza point or anything you know they are fond of. This way they can buy their favourites all year around without bothering about money.

  • Accessories for teens

Teens and their love for accessories is well known. Gift them a cool waist belt, jeweler like bracelets, ear studs, necklace or an anklet will glitter their bubbly faces.

  • Socks on Christmas

Christmas and socks make a joyful pair. Gift girls and boys them a cool pair of fluffy socks.

  • Journals is a best gift idea for teens

Journaling is an excellent habit to start in teen ages. They are numerous journal options available in market. You can easily find a diary or a notebook that matches their style on internet.

Christmas Gifts Ideas
Christmas Gifts Ideas | Source
  • Gadgets

Teens these days are more gadget savvy. Teens find it cool for owning a lot of gadgets. You can buy her a hair dryer, hair straightener, kindle book reader, Waffle Maker, Cake Pop maker, exercising equipment or a simple power bank. They need all of them, chose anything that suits your budget and their lifestyles.

  • Gadget Accessories

Mobile cover with or without pocket to keep a card or some money, or a laptop skin. With frequently changing choices of teens, they are always short on their accessories.

  • Scholarship

Teens who are interested in studying further or want to take up a professional course to build their career, you can offer some scholarship to them. Scholarship for their studies will be worth your investment and definitely they will value this forever.

  • Personalized DIY gifts

Personalized gifts are always special, that’s no hidden secret. This gift idea can be economically good and your teen will love it. You can create a money jar and fill with coins or change you get throughout this time. This is a cute present and will give your teen a beautiful tool to save money. You can find numerous tutorials to make this lovely present on Pinterest.

You can also make dim party lights using light strings used for Christmas decorations in a bottle. Search internet for cool options and easy way to make them.

The teen at the receiving end will definitely like the gifts from above mentioned 10 top Christmas gift ideas and would show off these gifts to his or her friends. For teens, Christmas is a celebration time and they have expectations which are definitely above chocolates and candies. Try anyone of the above ideas and see their brightening faces with joy. Merry Christmas.


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub with useful suggestions for Christmas gifts. Teenage is crucial and special care is required while selecting gifts for boys or girls.

      Thank you for sharing this helpful hub!