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10+ Unique Valentines Day Ideas & Gifts for Her

Updated on January 24, 2019

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for her on Valentines Day? It can be hard enough to choose just the right item to gift someone when it’s not a special occasion, even if it’s a Valentines Day gift for him. This article offers a list of unique Valentines Day ideas for her to make the holiday special.

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Bath Bombs

Naturally this had to make the list because there are so many options available. You can choose a single bath bomb, which can work as a solo gift for making the night special. You could put it in a Valentines Day Spa Kit (More on this below), or get several different varieties and she can enjoy them for days to come.

There’s more to it than just grabbing a bath bomb, does she have any favorite essential oils? Maybe she prefers the scent of roses over lavender? Then there are the specialty blends for different moods and settings. Although this can seem taunting, it’s really great because it can show how much you pay attention too!

If she doesn’t have a bath, look for a shower bomb. Same concept, minus the soaking in essential oils part.

24K Gold Rose by Defaith

Roses are a classic Valentines gift, but there is one key issue with this. Flowers die, and often within a few days to a week. Why not gift something that could last a lifetime, be a conversation piece and be romantic all at the same time?

You may send her flowers throughout the year, but chances are you don’t send her 24k Gold Roses that often. Which makes this a special and unique idea.

Valentines Day Card

When it comes to gift giving holidays, it is simply tradition to get a card. Rather it be only a card to gifting a large hand-picked basket of goodies, a card is just part of it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic or show humor with the card you get.

Be romantic with poems, quotes, or making your own using a poem and picture of both of you and printing on cardstock.

Be funny, like a card that says “They will never find your body…” on the front, and “as hot as I do” inside.

Coupon Book

Want to do something romantic for your loved one, but not seeing anything that fits her (or your) personality? Try a gifting a coupon book for V-day. There are a couple options here:

  1. You can find all sorts of coupon books on Amazon, from casual and romantic to exotic and sexual.
  2. Get crafty and make your own. All you need is paper, pen/marker and your imagination.

When making your own, you don’t have to an illustrator. Simply writing a coupon value, such as “One 30-minute massage before bed” with hearts around it.

If you do want to take it a step further you could use Paint, PhotoShop, or hire someone on Then print the coupons and make a book.

Tonight & Not Tonight Pillow Case Set

Want a cute and funny gift that has a use? Try these throw pillow cases to spice things up.

Avoid mixed signals and go with a more direct approach so your partner knows exactly what type of mood you’re in. One side says “Tonight” while the reverse says, “Not Tonight”. No more guess work, right?

This set comes in a gift box and fits an 18” x 18” pillow.

Plush Gifts Make Great Valentines Day Ideas for Her

It is hard to argue that one of the classic, but still popular Valentines gifts for her is a cotton filled furry creature. From your average sized specialty bears and other adorable creatures, to the massively oversized plush animals sticking out of caged bins at Wal-Mart just asking to be adopted or gifted to someone special.

Like with other options on this list, plush animals give you a wide range to choose from and another chance to show how much you pay attention to her. For instance, don’t go with the classic teddy bear if she’s terrified of bears.

Does she like weird, unique things? Scout around for the uncommon ones, like a duck with a unicorn horn or a platypus. Trust me, weird combinations exist. On our first date I won my girlfriend a platypus with a dragon/duck complex, she named it Quackers and strange plush toys became our tradition.

Beaded Bracelets or Other Jewelry

Women love jewelry, there is not doubt about that. Right now, beaded bracelets are trending and there’s a good chance she will love it if you get her one. They often come in various styles, colors, and materials.

You should always consider any allergic reactions she may have to metals.

Funny or Romantic Sock Sets

There are various options under this category. You can go with the casually romantic designs like hearts, XOXO, roses, or cupid. If you want something more unique, look into sock sets with phrases on them.

I always like options when possible, and phrase sock sets make a great Valentines Day idea because there are endless possibilities for her. For example:

“If you can read this, Bring me wine!” – Great if she’s a wine drinker, make her feel special.

Caution: May start your career as a bartender.

“Dobby wants a sock” – Even people who hate Harry Potter find Dobby adorable.

Then to add more variety, there’s color options. For this, the best approach is to look at the socks she owns, what’s the most popular color? There’s a good chance she has more of a certain color because that’s what matches the majority of her wardrobe.

Couples Coffee Mugs

Saying everyone loves coffee is a stretch, but a good amount swears by it (myself included), so a special coffee mug just makes sense. Giving it to her on V-day is going to instantly make it special, of course, but put some thought into it.

Does she have a favorite band, book, movie, phrase, belief, etc. There is no end to what can be put on a cup, just look over at Zazzle. Figure out what she would like and go from there. You may be able to find a professionally designed cup, or customize your own.

Still can’t think of anything? How about this coffee cup set:

Home Spa Kit

Finally, we come to the omega of all Valentines Day gifts. One may argue it is the most complicated to piece together, while others say it is the simplest way to go. The basic concept is to throw a bunch of health and body products together and call it a day. But, let’s take a deeper look for the sake of being unique.

Like with everything else – consider her likes and dislikes.

If she loves lavender based stuff, start there and go with a lavender based spa kit. If she prefers peppermint, go with a peppermint theme – try buying these items around Christmas for best options and choices.

No matter the base scent, a spa kit should include at least a few different items, but it can be bigger or small based on what your budget allows.

Basic ideas include bath bombs, shower bombs, scented candles, bath salts, moisturizers, soaps and relaxing music.

If your budget allows and you want to take it over the top, include a voucher for a full day spa treatment too.

I hope this article has provided you with some Valentines Day gift ideas for her this year, and many to come. Just keep in mind, what you do this year could become a tradition, or a competition next year as you attempt to outdo yourselves. With that said, take a look at these Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him.

If you have any suggestions to leave them in the comments.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Billy Haynes


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