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Unique Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Updated on October 24, 2016
Easter eggs
Easter eggs
Glitter eggs
Glitter eggs | Source

There are so many more creative ways to decorate Easter eggs other than simply dyeing them. Use glitter, thread, stickers, paint, tacks, or other craft supplies to create unique eggs that will delight people of all ages!

Eggs covered in colorful thread
Eggs covered in colorful thread | Source

Thread Covered Eggs

Wrap eggs (use paint or glue) with colorful threads. Start at the bottom and cover the entire egg. This creates stripes of color that look bright and cheery.

Chalkboard eggs
Chalkboard eggs | Source

Chalkboard Eggs

Cover eggs in blackboard paint. After they dry, draw on them with chalk to create your own designs.

An egg covered in sprinkles
An egg covered in sprinkles | Source

Sprinkle Egg

Paint an egg, cover it with sprinkles, and then let it dry. This creates a cute 3D effect.

Marbleized Easter eggs
Marbleized Easter eggs | Source

Marbleized Eggs

Fill a container with water. Pour different colored nail polishes into the water and dip the eggs into the colors. Push them around with a utensil or wooden stick and set them aside to dry. This will create unique marble designs on your eggs.

Colorful and Metallic eggs
Colorful and Metallic eggs | Source

Wasabi Tape and Metallic Leaf Eggs

Use wasabi tape and metal leaf to create these chic eggs. Spray eggs with an adhesive then wrap them with the metal leaf and brush them with a makeup brush to make them smooth. Then cut the wasabi tape into various shapes and stick them on to give the eggs some color.

Polka Dot Thumbtack eggs
Polka Dot Thumbtack eggs | Source

Metallic Polka Dot Eggs

Push thumb tacks into eggs to create pretty metallic polka dots.

Watercolor eggs
Watercolor eggs | Source

Watercolor Eggs

Paint eggs with watercolors and then doodle on them with watercolor pencils while they are still wet. The result will create colorful, artsy eggs.

Sticker stenciled eggs
Sticker stenciled eggs | Source

Stenciled Eggs

Use stickers of your choice as stencils. Place the stickers on eggs and then dye or paint them. Remove stickers later to create beautiful designs.

Dyeing eggs
Dyeing eggs | Source
Polka dot Easter eggs
Polka dot Easter eggs | Source


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