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10 Awesome Gifts For The Equestrian

Updated on August 26, 2015

Super Gifts for the Equestrian

If there's an equestrian in your life, I bet you never know what to get them for birthdays or holidays. If you don't know horses, it's nearly impossible to know what they might want or need and really, they will always need something!

Even though they may think they have everything they need, they will surely appreciate getting something new. A horse brush is a good example. They can last forever but after a few years, it's just a brush. A new neon pink one will make them smile!

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Riding Gloves

We'll start with an easy inexpensive gift. As an equestrian, I always need gloves. When I don't have a lot of money, I will usually pass on the gloves even when I need them. They aren't an absolute necessity but they do come in handy on most days. They make it easier to hold the reins and keep your hands warm when there's a cool breeze. They make great gifts!

Heritage Performance Gloves, Size 7, Gallop
Heritage Performance Gloves, Size 7, Gallop

Gloves are inexpensive and come in all different colors making them a great gift! Ones like these with nice patterns are fun to ride with but if your horse lover shows, they probably won't be able to use them in the show ring. Either way, they'll love them!


Helmet Camera

These are fairly new and fairly expensive but they are awesome! Whoever you get this as a gift will be so excited to try it! It could be nighttime, freezing cold outside, or even raining but they will try to get out to their horse to try it out as soon as possible! Make sure that when you pick one out that it has good stabilization or it might be a little hard to watch. This makes a great gift for a horse rider so they can share what they do with all their friends and family.

Gift Card to the Nearest Tack Shop

There's a lot of horse tack that is specific to the horse someone is riding. There's different sizes to saddles and bridles. Saddle pads need to be the right size and color. Winter blankets are a certain measurement that you need to know.

With so many variables, why not stick to a simple gift card? That way, the person who gets it can go to the store and pick out whatever it is they want or need.

Horses Need Lots of Gear


Turnout Blanket

These blankets can be expensive so for someone to get it as a gift is wonderful. If they don't have to buy it themselves, they will have more money to spend on more important things like lessons and gas for trail rides. Make sure that you find out the length of the horse before heading to the store. The hardest thing about buying a blanket is knowing the right size but once you know that, it's a piece of cake.

Tough-1 420 Denier Turnout Blanket 150g 78In Purpl
Tough-1 420 Denier Turnout Blanket 150g 78In Purpl

Blankets come in different sizes so make sure that you find out the correct length before buying one of these. The one shown here is 78", just the right size for my horse.


Ariat Boots - English or Western - They're the best!

Anyone who rides horses knows Ariat. They are the ultimate in comfort, style, and functionality. I'm not a big brand person but when it comes to boots, I spend a little extra to get Ariats. After you wear them awhile, they will break in to fit you perfectly. I had a pair that I wore for over 2 years before I even started thinking about replacing them.

Ariat Women's Fatbaby Cowgirl Western Cowboy Boot, Distressed Brown/Camo, 8 M US
Ariat Women's Fatbaby Cowgirl Western Cowboy Boot, Distressed Brown/Camo, 8 M US

These boots are Fatbabys. They are easy to put on and they're great for riding. Very nice, high quality boots.


Spurs - and Spur straps!

Spurs are one of those inexpensive things that make great gifts! I would stick with the basic western or English spurs rather than the specialty ones because everyone can use them.

Another new trend is spur straps with lots of bling. If you don't know what kind of spurs to get, you won't go wrong with the blingy straps!

Belt Buckles

Belt buckles are another gift that you can find that can be inexpensive and unique. Belt buckles come with as many designs as you can imagine. My favorite place to get them is at antique stores. You can really find some nice ones there and they're usually under $20.00. If your horse lover shows at western shows, they should be wearing one so your gift will for sure get some good use.

Subscription To A Horse Magazine

There's lots of horse magazines that you can get a subscription for. These make the perfect gift because your loved one will keep on getting your gift all year long. Not only that but they will learn tons of information from your gift. It's a gift of education with their own private teacher. They will find tons of things to try with their own horses and learn about the newest training techniques. They will find all the newest gadgets, gear, and apparel.

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Donation to a Horse Rescue Center

After looking through this list and a few other websites, maybe you still have no idea. Maybe they just don't need anymore things. In that case, make a donation to a horse rescue center in their name. It will do a world of good in a horse's life and make your gift recipient feel good inside.

iPhone Case

Equestrians always have their phones on hand in case of an emergency which is always possible when riding a horse. One of these cases will make them smile every time they look at their phone. Ok, maybe not every time but they'll like it a lot! It will be fun to show off to their friends too.

Minis are horses too!


Mini sized stuff for mini sized horses

If your friend or relative has a mini, they will love getting new things for him or her as much as if it was a regular size horse. Plus, since minis are so small, all the stuff for them is less expensive! They're cute so they make cute things for them like pretty colored tack and blankets. You could get matching blankets, halters, and leg wraps. You could find a matching t-shirt for the person. Be creative!

What's an Equestrian?

What's the best gift you've ever gotten?

If you're an equestrian, what's the best gift you've ever received? I've gotten a few things that really made me smile like a decorative horse plate and a new blanket for my horse.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find it easier to pick out a gift now!

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