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10 Best Cars for Escaping the Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on March 20, 2013

Top 10 Cars for Escaping a Zombie Apocalypse

With the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse quickly approaching aside from stocking up on food, water and weaponry you should consider vehicles better suited for escaping hordes of the undead.

Whether you're looking for something fuel efficient to escape an over run city or you need a heavy duty vehicle that's corpse resistant you're going to want to read about the best cars for fleeing and evading the walking dead. If you don't feel like kicking the oxygen habit once the ghouls start roaming the earth read on.

Ford Econoline #10 - Mark 4 Urban Outbreak Unit

Photo Credit @tshirtbordello

The Ford Econoline is a good choice for an escape vehicle if you have a larger group you're trying to get out of the city with. Not only does the Econoline come in V9 and even V10 models, but the storage space is enough to hold a small army of survivors fairly comfortably. This is good if you have a clear path to your destination, but you may want to consider a more rugged vehicle when considering navigating clogged roads after Z-Day.

Shaun of the Dead Trailer

Shaun of the Dead

Toyota FJ Crusier #9 - Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle

Photo Credit @Eyellgeteven

The Toyota FJ Cruiser despite having less room for multiple survivors is a good choice if you know you're going to have to be taking advantage of seasonal roads or just doing some off roading in general. The Cruiser comes with an optional luggage wrack suitable for mounting twin gatlen guns and light wracks.

28 Days Later Trailer

28 Days Later

Nissan Pathfinder #8 - Umbrella Corporation Edition

Photo Credit @RogueForce

The Nissan Pathfinder showcasing at the 2012 San Diego Comicon a year before the apocalypse is a decent choice for living. It gets great gas mileage, can handle a little off roading and has side running boards for better mobile close counter attacks. It's major down fall comes with wheel clearance. This vehicle is good if you're trying to get out of town, but not so much if you're heading toward a fairly inaccessible area.

Resident Evil Trailer

Jeep Cherokee #7 - Toronto Dpt. of Zombie Disposal

Photo Credit @snowrail

The Jeep Cherokee has a lot of off road options including wheel clearance which makes it a vehicle to consider when dealing with the walking dead. As you can see in the image above with a lifted suspension and beefy tires this truck is equipped to evade a horde of angry biters and or split skulls of hangers on. When considering your choice of escape vehicles this is one to consider. It's rugged, fairly roomy and handles well in most terrains.

The Crazies Trailer

The Crazies

Chevrolet, Blazer #6 - Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle

Photo Credit @ZORV

Size is what the Chevy Blazer has to offer when it comes to zombie eradication. This truck with optional off road tire package can keep distance between you and marauding ghouls. The 96" long bed models are perfect for moving multiple survivors, shipping supplies and munitions and ofcourse corpse removal. If zombie eradication is what you're looking for this is a good truck to consider. So if you need to muscle your way through screaming hordes on the front line this truck is a great choice.

Land of the Dead Trailer

Hyundai Elantra Coupe #5 - Zombie Survival Machine

Photo Credit @lotprocars

Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Unveils the New Hyundai Elantra @ The Zombie Survival Machine was debuted at Comicon 2012 by writer/ director Robert Kirkman. Kirkman some may call a modern day George Romero decided that the fuel efficient and sporty Hyundai, Eleantra would be an ideal post apocalyptic automobile.

The Z.S.M. (Zombie Survival Machine) package will be available shortly. Special features include. 3 121 SlimLite Black 130-Watt Long Range KC HiLITES, steel welded Z-proof Window mounts all the way around, Optional front end Zombie Catcher, and last but not least steel formed wheel mounted Zombie Ankle Biters. I don't know that i agree with Kirkman totally on his vehicle choice as I plan to head for Z hills come the Pandemic, but it sure looks like a good vehicle for close quarters undead action.

KC HiLiTES on Amazon - Lights Fer Yer Ride

The Walking Dead Trailer

The Walking Dead

Nissan, Rogue #4 - Los Angeles County Zombie Control

Photo Credit: @gamersincepong

The Nissan Rouge is a good choice for a zombie getaway vehicle and if you have the Rogue featured above your ready to be invisible anywhere they have grey snow. The sporty but surprisingly roomie Nissan is a good pick if you have a small family and will likely be carrying many supplies and fresh water. The Nissan Rouge gets a 4 out of 5 when it comes to rollover resistance.

The Rogue includes 3-point seat belts for all passengers, around view monitor parking aid perfect for seeing if there are any ankle biters on the ground, essential child safety rear door locks, Rearview monitor parking aid again for better zombie protection and zone body construction with front and rear crumple zones. The Nissan Rogue is well equipped for city, highway or off road driving. Just be conscious of your fuel supply. While this is a decent getaway vehicle it only gets 14mpg. You'd want to make sure you don't have to travel too far without a vehicle in Zombieland.

Resident Evil Apocalypse Trailer

Hummer H3 #3 - Anti Zombie Transport Vehicle

Photo Credit @tops_to_treasures

The Hummer H3 is a great choice for a zombie car if you're in the mood to send the undead to Valhalla with Viking brute force. It's what the US army uses for inserting themselves into distant, hard to navigate terrains. The steel front end bumper is perfect for eviscerating undead craniums and the large tires and high wheel clearance make this a perfect vehicle for navigating a highway decorated with all manner of decaying corpses. Ride in style and enjoy Sirius XM radio while you turn ghouls into the worlds worst smelling exploding water balloons. If you're ready to take the dead head on; and then remove that said head, you couldn't go wrong with the H3 Anti Zombie Transport Vehicle.

Zombieland Trailer

Ford Expedition #2 - Tactical Zombie Eradication Vehicle

Photo Credit @geoffross

The Tactical Zombie Eradication Vehicle is perfect for close encounters with large groups of the stinking dead. The Ford, Expedition is good for decent size groups or families. Third row seating in the Expedition provides room for 8 survivors to sit comfortably while being surrounded by hundreds of putrid, stinking, rotted zombies. The back seats can also be folded down to provide more storage for supplies, group extractions or even transportation of previously eliminated ghouls.

I Am Legend Trailer

I Am Legend

Jeep Wrangler #1 - Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle

Photo Credit @denisbaldwin

The Jeep, Wrangler is my top choice for the impending Zombie Apocalpse. Optional larger tires, ground clearance, and over all climbability make this a perfect zombie outbreak response vehicle. The open body of this 4X4 vehicle is great for quick strategic attacks and the top rollbar is ideal for mounting weaponry. The traditional Jeep body makes the Wrangler more versatile than the new 4 doors. A shorter wheel base provides more options if you get into tight situations. When the zombies come I'll be ready with my own personal zombie outbreak response vehicle. BRING IT ON ZOMBIE SWINE!

Dawn of the Dead 2004 Trailer

Dawn of the Dead

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Photo Credit aliveafter

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      That's a Chevy Blazer not a Silverado. It's also military grade, so I think you've given it the short end of the stick.

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      Gosh, how did I miss Colbert on the Zombie Apocalypse the first time around? Whew. Thanks for remedying that oversight! As to cars... up till now, I've kind of been thinking the ideal ride for Team Zombie might be a fire engine, with motorcycles and bicycles stashed on top for exploring. You've provided me with some fuel for thought, though, and made an excellent case for the Wrangler. I'll have to meditate on this.

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