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10 Free Birthday Gift Ideas for You

Updated on December 30, 2010

Find the perfect birthday present - 10 Free Birthday Gift Ideas

Does your teenager have a birthday coming up? Is it your bestie's big 18 soon? Mom or dad hitting half a century? And you have no idea what to get them? Take my advice on birthday gifts that are likely to break through the outer layer of nonchalance and win you a grateful smile from the one you want to have the best free birthday present ever!

The "perfect" birthday gifts ideas for him or her

I know it's not easy to find the "perfect gift" for your friends and/or loved ones. Take that and the state of the current economic status where we are all looking for ways to cut back on the spending whilst attempting to maintain a steady input, and you have a didgy situation on hand! Well imagine if you could I have combined several gifts and additional benefits to come up with 10 great ideas to save you money, while at the same time, getting the best out of those $30 or so you've saved for this special occasion.

Below you'll find listed 10 terrific Birthday Gift Ideas for a friend, be it a him or her, or even the boyfriend or girlfriend. There's something for everyone!

No Money Birthday Present Ideas
No Money Birthday Present Ideas

No Money? Free Birthday Present Ideas

Listed below, you will find 10 great birthday present ideas that you can use when you don't have the money or enough money to buy a gift for everyone of your 50 friends. Because at one point or another, we all stop and think to ourselves, "geez, imagine how much money I would have left over if I didn't spend it all on birthday presents". Right? Of course we do. We just don't admit it.

Birthday E-Cards at
Birthday E-Cards at

1. Birthday Gift Card Savings

There are lots of online e-card websites that let you send an online card to the recipient's email. allows you to do just that - for free!

Birthday Present Joke
Birthday Present Joke

2. Personalized E-Card - Funny Birthday Present Idea!

Take the e-card to the next level. All e-cards let you enter a personal message to go along with the card so you can write something like this: 'As my birthday gift present to you, this year I subscribed you to a really funny One Joke a Month service for an entire year. Remember to check your email on the 1st of every month!'. Then set up a reminder for yourself to remind you to send an email with a hilarious joke to that person every month! Not only is this gift at no cost to you and requires no money for the birthday present, but you are also giving a very personal gift as you can pick what joke to send.

Surprise Birthday Party Idea
Surprise Birthday Party Idea

3. Surprise Birthday Party Idea

Plan a surprise birthday party and get all your mutual friends to pitch in for a birthday present. That way your share will be very small, and you won't feel bad about it because you will a great time with the birthday boy/girl!

Reuse Christmas Presents
Reuse Christmas Presents

4. Recycle Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas is almost here.. you'll be getting lots of present yourself and some of those will be of little or no use to you. Save them you'll be thankful you did. You'll be surprised to find out how many unused presents, specifically Christmas presents, can be recycled for use with other celebrations, such as birthdays.

Win a Birthday Gift Present Idea
Win a Birthday Gift Present Idea

5. Enter a "Win a Gift" Contest

There are hundreds of thousands of competitions online that let enter online in contest to win free birthday gifts. You probably don't fancy the item you're trying to win yourself, but I bet the birthday present recipient would love it. These competitions are free to enter and take a few minutes to do. At the end, even if your return rate on entries is 1%, you would only need to enter in a couple hundred to get yourself a 'No Money Birthday Present'.

Buy One Get One Free Birthday Present Ideas for Gifts
Buy One Get One Free Birthday Present Ideas for Gifts

6. The Buy 1, Get 1 Free Deal

Next time you're out shopping and see a sign reading "Buy One, Get One Free" don't just think you only need one and walk away. When you buy one of the items for yourself, you'll be getting the second one for free, which can very well be used for someone's birthday present sometime down the line.

Take out Deals as Birthday Present
Take out Deals as Birthday Present

7. Take-Out Deals

Is the birthday boy or birthday girl a fan of take-outs? Wouldn't they just love to get a whole bunch of take-out deals they can use? Save up those offers you get in the mail, especially the ones you know your friend really likes and pack all the coupons with your birthday card.

Poem Birthday Card
Poem Birthday Card

8. Write a Poem

For someone very close to you, the perfect birthday present does not get any better than a heartfelt poem written for them, by you. There are thousands of poems you can look up for free on the internet and use them as a guideline to help you get started.

Makeup Samples for Birthday Gift
Makeup Samples for Birthday Gift

9. Free Samples = Best Free Birthday Gifts

Sign up right away for free samples because you will be surprised with what you can get. Depending on your taste, likes and preference, you could either go for all make up and fashion items, or you could go for perfume and cologne samples, or both! Try to get about 5 to 10 of these samples.

To present it in a nice manner, decorate any cardboard box (for example, a shoe box) or a condiment box you might have lying around and place all the samples inside. You could label the box with something like '[Name of recipient]'s Pamer Box' and voila! You have a great No Money Birthday Present.

DVD Collection
DVD Collection

10. Your DVD/CD collection is handy!

  1. Go through your book collection and look for the books that look like they have never been opened.

  2. Go through your DVD movie or TV show collection (or even MP3 CDs work well!) and take the out the ones that show no signs of being previously watched.

    These make great gifts and are totally cost-free to you.

Reader Feedback - Liked a free birthday gift Idea from this page? Let others share your experience of having the best free birthday present ever!

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      8 years ago


      Your #9 idea is also excellent.

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      8 years ago

      I like your #10 idea very much.


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