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10 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults 2015

Updated on September 17, 2015
MarcStorm LM profile image

If I was rich I would buy all the costumes I've always wanted and have a huge room, in a mansion, full of them... for some fun times.

10 Cool Costume Ideas For Men & Women 2015

One of the main reasons we put on a costume and dress up like our favorite character's is so that we'll look cool.

This page I put together has at least 10 costume ideas for both men & women(sexy women's costumes, as well!). If you're also looking for couples costumes, these ideas will do nicely for you, they can even just be stand alones.

I personally put this selection together and went through them one by one for quality. The majority of them are highly rated, just check Amazon though, for the final say, as for customer reviews.

I definitely want to get a Neo costume!

So, now you just have to ask yourself.... Do you want to look cool this Halloween?

These are some of the best costumes around!

Matrix Costumes

I'm a huge fan of the Matrix movies! If you haven't seen them, then you're missing out! But, even if you haven't seen the movies you can still check out these sharp looking costumes that will definitely make you look cool!

I can still remember how psyched I was, anticipating the sequel, "The Matrix Reloaded". I even bought the soundtrack for it, as soon as it was available, the day before the movie hit theaters. I loved that soundtrack and still do - I still own it! The original score, soundtrack CD and the vocal/instrumentals CD as well. I basically love the whole trilogy and even the Animatrix dvd/cd set I bought, and still own! Someday I'll buy myself one of these awesome Neo Costumes! I wish I could buy the outfit he wore in the 2nd and 3rd movies!

Put On One Of These Costumes & Check Out How Cool You Look In The Mirror!!!

The Expensive Neo Costume

If you want to look cool in a costume, Neo is the way to go! The anomaly, the protector of the human race. The only human that the machines fear! He wants peace, he doesn't want death on either side, he just wants a fair shake!

*Keanu Reeves was perfect for this role, he nailed it! I don't think they could've picked anyone better. I'm sure there are some people out there who don't like Keanu Reeves though. Because the way this world is - no matter who you are, there is going to be someone who loves you & someone who hates you, and everywhere in between, sometimes it's just chemical!

Shown above & linked to below, that is the more expensive Neo costume! That is an expensive leather coat to really look like Neo. The other costume I was showcasing was pretty much the same design as the cheaper one's they sell but with higher quality fabric, craftsmanship and functionality, especially as it pertains to the buttons working and being able to open the suit up at the bottom. Just f.y.i....The cheaper costume has a really bad rating and reviews that reflect it. The expensive one is the way to go if it's what you really want to be for Halloween.

Matrix Neo Cosplay Costume Black Wool Trench Coat
Matrix Neo Cosplay Costume Black Wool Trench Coat

There are some cheap Neo Matrix costumes on Amazon but I recommend buying a sweet expensive one like this one. You should Amazon search "Neo Cosplay" to find the best ones. They have a really cool PU Leather one that's around $80 that looks pretty awesome!



If you're a girl, or woman who wants to look cool, then Trinity is for you! She's a fierce fighting machine! When I say machine, of course she's human but she knows how the machines work and has tirelessly fought to protect human life while looking and acting cool doing it!

*I still love the story of how Carrie Ann Moss got the role of playing Trinity. Supposedly, her and a bunch of other women were up for the role and would all train together and whenever it was Carrie's turn to do fight sequences, she would actually hit, punch and kick the trainers/movie fight coordinators, because she didn't know she was supposed to hold back and so all the fighters would have to keep padding up. Ultimately, she got the part. I guess they loved her gusto and not to mention, she's one heck of an actress - she played the part perfectly! Gotta love the people who do the casting for movies! Excellent!

The Matrix: Trinity Adult Costume
The Matrix: Trinity Adult Costume

Trinity's all like jump, freeze, kick! See-ya!

Get in that phone booth! Take out the twins! Pound that motorcycle and get the keymaker to safety! Get that powerplant shut down! Fly that helicopter! Tell that Agent to "Dodge This!" She's got a lot on her "tastes like chicken" plate.


The More Expensive Trinity Costume

To be the best you have to rock the best! This is the pricier of the 2 Trinity costumes. Which is it gonna be?

There are only 2 items included with this costume, the coat and the glasses. So, you'll have to put together your own wardrobe underneath and don't forget to buy a nice pair of boots, and if you want, a pair of gloves!

Rubie's Costume Co Women's Grand Heritage Deluxe Matrix 2 Trinity Costume, Black, Standard
Rubie's Costume Co Women's Grand Heritage Deluxe Matrix 2 Trinity Costume, Black, Standard

Trinity is high-class and I'm sure you are too. Bring the expensive costume home and match it with some hardcore boots. Maybe your own sunglasses if you don't like the pair provided with the purchase. Shop smart then boot up!



Morpheus! Captain of the Nebuchadnezzar. The free-er of minds. The one, who will find the one! He is the leader who believes in prophecies and faith. He will stop at nothing until all humans are freed and peace is achieved, whether it be by fighting or by balance. Take the red pill & let him show you how far the rabbit hole goes!

*I mean what can I say, another great casting decision! Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus was flawless. His performance was perfect! His voice was strong, as was his presence - to be that of a captain and a leader, with faith and integrity. Brilliant!

Rubie's Costume Co The Matrix: Morpheus Adult Costume
Rubie's Costume Co The Matrix: Morpheus Adult Costume

He's the guy passin' out the pills, disobeying direct orders, giving his own orders, giving the suits a taste of their own. He doesn't want your mainframe, he wants your batteries! Juice me up! Take your damn metal hands off me, you damn dirty machines! Peace, above all, Peace!


The More Expensive Morpheus Costume

Morpheus believes in the finer things in life which is why this costume is higher in value than it's predecessor. Decisions decisions! The problem is choice!

Also! If you want an even more expensive costume! They have the actual, real world costume, that Laurence Fishburne wore as the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, on Amazon. Definitely check on Amazon for that if you're interested. It is extremely pricey though, because it's a one of a kind piece of movie magic history.

The Best Dark Knight Bane Mask!

This is probably the best Bane Mask I've seen - it's kind of pricey but it's worth it! The only other ones I've ever seen were just cheap looking and colored un-like what Bane's mask really looked like in "The Dark Knight Rises" This one matches it pretty well! Follow the link, underneath the picture, to Amazon and check it out! They have more pictures of it, in different angles to see how cool it looks.

Putting together a Bane costume is pretty easy, once you have the mask.... just buy, or put on(if you have one), a pair of black cargo pants, some boots and a muscle shirt, maybe even look on Amazon for a tactical vest and if you really want to go all out, try to buy a coat with some fur on the collar like his character wears in the movie lol - that's kind of hard to find though.

Bane Mask Costume Batman TDKR Full Adult Size - New V2 version Xcoser
Bane Mask Costume Batman TDKR Full Adult Size - New V2 version Xcoser

"I will finish crushing your city, Batman, once I've destroyed your backbone. I will break everything you love, so that you feel what I am... the Bane of your existence. There's no stopping it, Batman! It's inevitable. My voice won't let you! You've had a hard childhood, fought monsters in your later years. You're worn out! You can't stop me with your rickety, machine-assisted legs. Who's going to stop me? The city is set to crumble..." Boom! Catwoman

Flip Flop on that, metal face!


Batman & Batgirl

More superheroes anyone? Batman & Batgirl are extremely cool costume ideas! I can still remember watching the old cheesy, corny Batman show and loving Batgirl! She was awesome and even the girl playing her was beautiful. That's one aspect in the Batman movies they never really touched on enough, except for Alicia Silverstone in the Batman & Robin movie, the one with George Clooney as Batman.

I really hope Christopher Nolan keeps the Batman movies going after this recent trilogy finale! I think it can still work out nicely! There are still so many more avenues to be able to go down and an abundance of villains to choose from!

Expensive Collectors Batgirl Adult Costume

If you really want to go all in, here is an expensive Batgirl costume to please your eyes! This costume is rated at 5 stars! If you'd like to know more about the costume, follow the link through to Amazon and also check down the page for the girl who left a comment on how much she likes it.


This is a highly-rated costume, unlike the Batman one that ends up needing fixes and should prolly only be used for a collector's item, unless you really want to put in the time on the Batman costume.


Expensive! Batman: The Dark Knight Deluxe Grand Heritage Collection Costume

Batman's Bruce Wayne is rich so he wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to his outfit and gadgets, so why should you? The reviews for this costume aren't too good. The costume needs some fixing after you buy it. Your best bet would be to make a Batman costume from buying pieces. If you look on Amazon, they sell a lot of the pieces you'll need to make one - a latex mask, arm gauntlets, accessories galore! All the individual items are really good and the ratings/reviews reflect that. If you jump through the link for that costume up above then you'll see the items I'm talking about on that page. I plan on buying a Batman mask, that'll be fun!

Batman: The Dark Knight Deluxe Grand Heritage Collection Costume, Black, Medium
Batman: The Dark Knight Deluxe Grand Heritage Collection Costume, Black, Medium

It's really a shame this costume doesn't cut it! It looks so cool, but it requires a lot of work to get it up to par. Have a gander at the reviews and comments left for it on Amazon to see what's what and go from there. I say put one together from scratch or even try and fix this one up or even mix and match by getting the other pieces this needs to work


Vampire Costume Ideas

Get out of your coffin, dust yourself off and head on over to the nearest Halloween party! Show up as a vampire and charm them all!!!

This vampire costume is extremely cool and is highly rated. This is one I might buy someday when I want to go as a vampire or if I ever put together a Valentine's Day Costume Party. This costume comes highly rated & recommended. Basically, the costume you receive is from the waist up - the cape, shirt etc. You have to supply the cane, teeth, makeup, shoes and pants. I also recommend that you try to get some cool looking fake tattoo decals, they are also available on Amazon and I know someone who has bought some.

For the ladies, a really cool and stunning vampiress costume. You've gotta look sultry and alluring, this is the one for you! Everything you see in the picture is included, except the necklace and the shoes. I'm sure you have a sharp pair of shoes and some beautiful jewelry to go with this outfit....

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women's Midnight Vampiress Costume, Red/Black, Large
InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women's Midnight Vampiress Costume, Red/Black, Large

They call me Magenta but I secretly like Ruby. I seek out female victims, with fresh perfume hints in their blood. I creep in to their rooms at midnight(especially one woman, named Rose, in particular), as they sleep and dream of their lover's lips on theirs. I slink around the room imagining I were her. Trying on jewelry, silk blouses & lingerie. I sit by her bed and watch her breathe. Sometimes I get exceptionally close and tease myself with her pulsing jugular. But, I never take a bite... she is my trinket, my idol, my mirror. Whenever the sun is down, I will be around, no one will disturb her, not on my time. Someday she will pass away, old & gray. Married & with children. I will admire over them, as if they were my own, until the end of time, with each bloodline.


Roman Costumes

Rome has fallen, but Halloween never will. Here are some great Roman & Roman type costumes to please your eyes and other party goers if you wear them......

This costume is amazing, any girl would look breathtaking in it! Especially that model! Now that's a costume! and a beautiful woman! that would make armies fight over her! Good Lord! You could even go Game of Thrones with these outfits.

California Costumes Women's Roman Empress Costume,White/Burgundy,X-Large
California Costumes Women's Roman Empress Costume,White/Burgundy,X-Large

"Noble Sire, what news of faraway lands? Has our King found the city of gold, fabled in the Book of Rahm? Does my son, Guivern, bathe with Lady Helsa when my eyes are away? Does our noble Captain At Arms speak lies? Does he meet with dark dignitaries during the witching hours? What of the temptress in the woods, has she taken more virgins to her still? What of the arrow holding you firm to this earthen door, can you not move, or breathe, or jest your will? I grow tired of your tales, fetch me a goblet of wine when you reach the pearly after..."


I don't know what it is, but there's just something about a girl in white and gold that really appeals to me. Maybe I was alive during those times or maybe there's a glimmer of heaven and that's what people dress like up there, either way I'm sold on white togas with gold jewelry of either Egyptian or Roman style. I especially love that girl from before and she would look phenomenal in this outfit too. Don't get me wrong though, this girl is stunning too!

California Costumes Women's Athenian Goddess Costume,White,Small
California Costumes Women's Athenian Goddess Costume,White,Small

"My kingdom cries for Ophelia, struck down in careless whispers. Having done nothing to no one. Hamlet, her heart, soiled by his uncle, poisoned by grace. Madness in the courtyard, ghosts in the shadows. Who is this Shakespeare? An evil magician, wizard, warlock of the ages! Our history draws near, curtains, tapestries, covering our bare skin. Foreign kings will surely trample what is left of us. Have we no home, of our own, away from the throne!"


Who hasn't seen 300? If you have seen it, then you know this one! Just go around saying "This Is SPARTAAAA!!!" LOL

California Costumes Men's Spartan Warrior,Brown,Large Costume
California Costumes Men's Spartan Warrior,Brown,Large Costume

"I will thrash and cut my way through the shores of my enemies, blood-soaked oceans, salted pure. Victory & conquest! No one dares defy me in my element! I will lob limb from limb, steal the looks of their depart. Their people will call me their savior as I swath my blade & consume their spirits. I must sharpen my wit and out the vermin in our midst. A traitor who speaks of treason & treachery awaits my crimson-soaked steel!"


An Awesome Robin Hood Costume

This is one cool looking costume! It comes with everything you see in the picture except the boots, the bow and the pants. As for the boots though, the costume comes with boot covers, so that you could wear dress shoes and the covers will make them look like boots. The bow is extremely easy to come by on Amazon,I suggest the Legolas one(from the LOTR movies).

Also!!! If you and your girlfriend wanted to go as a couple with this type costume, be sure and type in "Huntress Costume" in amazon's search bar, and they have a really cool one that matches this one above. Just take the link under the photo and it'll take you to Amazon and even show some cool costume ideas & accessories in the recommendations section.

Speaking of Robin Hood! My favorite Robin Hood movie of all time is the one called, "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." The movie that starred Kevin Costner as Robin of Loxley! I love that movie! Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham. Morgan Freeman is in it too! Check it out if you've never seen it! Just don't ruin the movie for yourself by watching the director's cut first - I personally hated the director's cut! They added some scenes that ruined the movie and some that were pointless. Don't even watch the DC version after watching the first, you won't enjoy it! Take my word on it, go with the regular version. If you even see the words "Director's Cut" Runnnnnnnn!!! lol

California Costumes Robin Hood Adult Costume, Olive/Brown, X-Large
California Costumes Robin Hood Adult Costume, Olive/Brown, X-Large

'Lady Marianne, the Sheriff will no longer bother you! I have exacted my father's revenge, our people's injustice. He now answers to someone, something holy, divine. He won't be able to coin or slither away from his fated trap. The holy father. The holy mother. The holy ghost!"


A Musketeer

If you've ever watched a movie that had the Musketeers in it then you'd know they're pretty cool! I've always wanted to learn some sweet sword techniques, to be able to handle myself in a battle. It comes in handy even when you're not using a sword, like if you're using another object. It's the whole fencing thing, hitting while trying not to get hit!

That Musketeer costume I linked to, from Amazon, comes with everything seen in the picture, except the pants, shoes, moustache and sword. The costume does come with those long brown "boot spats," as they're called. So you could just wear a pair of penny loafers and with that piece of fabric, it would look like you're wearing boots, or you could even buy some brown boot and go without the spats. A sword is easy to come by and you could just wear brown slacks or even a pair of jeans, or try and actually find a pair of white pants. Moustaches are extremely easy to find as well! So who wants to be a Musketeer and protect your king and countrymen? Yeah, I'm not going to make a cliche' joke about this costume being one for

California Costumes Musketeer Set, Blue/White, Medium
California Costumes Musketeer Set, Blue/White, Medium

This is an excellent costume! Get two of your friends together and become the Three Musketeers!!! They also sell some Women's Musketeer costumes as well. There's a couples idea or even an all girls Musketeers! Ghostbusters, musketeers, crush it!


Soldier Costumes

This is a pretty cool costume! With any of the costumes on this page, you could probably make them into zombie costumes by getting a zombie makeup kit and make the costumes into zombie ones by either ripping or tearing it and use some fake blood. To give the costumes even more authenticity you can get them dirty. Roll around in mud or smudge some dirt against you. Get into it!

Smiffy's Men's WW2 Home Guard Private Costume, pants Ankle Covers, Jacket, Hat and Harness Belt, Wartime 40's, Serious Fun, Size M, 22132
Smiffy's Men's WW2 Home Guard Private Costume, pants Ankle Covers, Jacket, Hat and Harness Belt, Wartime 40's, Serious Fun, Size M, 22132

"Listen up boys! The war has started. You've trained long and hard and now America is counting on you. It's not going to be easy but we can win it, we just need your help. Keep moving, keep your head down, keep your gun dry. Take your positions, do your part and we'll take those B$#%^&'s down. Don't stop believing, hold on to that feeling, street lights....something or other. That is all gentleman, as you were!"


Red Hot Women's Soldier Costume

Here's a real hot number for a women's costume that mirrors the guys, meaning you could go as a couple wearing this next costume and the soldier one from before. Make sure you buy some boots, dogtags, a toy gun and any other awesome accessories you can think of to accent your outfit. Strapping!

Smiffy's Women's Khaki Camo Costume Female Includes Vest and Trousers, Multi, Large
Smiffy's Women's Khaki Camo Costume Female Includes Vest and Trousers, Multi, Large

Women on the front lines! Women in charge! Women in control!

All men are created equal! Man, Woman, Human: they all have the word man in them. I see everyone equal, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt unless they break my heart. Punch, Kick, Shoot, Blast your way into the new world you lollygaggers. The world doesn't have time for your bigoted agendas. We're running out of water people! Scorched Earth!


Which Type of Costume?

Which Type of Costume Are You Going With This Year?

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Pirate Costumes

Is your favorite letter RRRRRRRRRRRRRR?

Men's Adult Cutthroat Pirate

I think this pirate costume is pretty cool and it's even raved about as well! It doesn't cost much either! It comes with the shirt & pants. It does not come with the boots, sword or eyepatch - all of those items are easy to come by.

Leg Avenue Women's Vixen Pirate Wench Costume

This is an extremely high rated pirates costume with 60+ customer comments. It comes with only the dress. The fishnets, boots and hat are all sold separately.

Dark Sorcerer!

Here's a really cool costume idea. A Sorcerer. Now the info says it's a dark sorcerer, but you don't have to necessarily be a dark one, but! it's a dark robe and this costume could kind of go into the scary category. The kind of robe you would see some bad guy wearing, opening a seal or gate to a bad dimension or whilst performing virgin sacrifice! Yikes! That's a pretty cool robe though! Nicely detailed! Everything you see in the picture comes with it.

InCharacter Costumes Men's Dark Sorcerer Full Length Robe, Black, X-Large
InCharacter Costumes Men's Dark Sorcerer Full Length Robe, Black, X-Large

"I will cast a spell so deadly your heirs will catch fire! I will open the Earth and swallow you whole. My magic is unparallelled, unmatched. Eat my arcane and taste my poisoned potions. With nowhere to run, my marble maze will curse your very shadow. First...let me roll my die... come on 6!"


Star Wars Jedi Knight!

At this point, it's 2015! Who hasn't seen any of the Star Wars movies? and furthermore, who won't end up seeing them? They're classics, and so is this costume idea...A Jedi Knight! Guardians of the Republic, Interplanetary peacekeepers. As far as what you get, this is just the robe, you'll have to buy your own lightsaber. If you've never bought one, now's the time to do so. Also, don't forget to use the Jedi mind trick to get some more candy!

Star Wars Jedi Super Deluxe Adult Robe, One Size Costume
Star Wars Jedi Super Deluxe Adult Robe, One Size Costume

The new Star Wars movie hits in December! I can't wait! I'm so happy they got the original cast members to come back and do more! I grew up seeing those original movies and I really enjoyed the newer ones as well. Whodathunk the same director would be doing Star Wars & Star Trek, which btw I also can't wait for the new Star Trek 3 when that finally hits.


What Did You Decide On?

Were you able to find a costume that you wanted?

If you didn't, then here are 4 more pages full of the best costume ideas, from unique to popular and every theme in between:

#1.The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015

#2.10 Cool & Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015

Leave a comment and let me know what you think?

Have you ever worn any of these types of costumes?

© 2012 MarcStorm LM

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    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 2 years ago

      Yeah it does! They even have some other really cool ones on Amazon, like a Gladiator one! You could totally pull those costumes off! I on the other hand, would've needed to workout and get into shape for Halloween to look good in it. lol Oh and hey, I just updated the entire page with some great writing in each section for the costumes, in the Amazon product sections, if you want a good laugh check those out.

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 2 years ago from Mobile, AL

      That Spartan costume Rocks!

    • TaraWojt profile image

      Tara Wojtaszek 5 years ago

      Great Halloween costume ideas! I love the Matrix costumes, and of course the pirates, you can never go wrong with pirates.

    • sharonbellis profile image

      Sharon Bellissimo 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Yes, they certainly are cool! Great selection.

    • treasuresabound profile image

      treasuresabound 5 years ago

      I like all the costumes, really cool