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10 Funny & Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults 2015

Updated on September 17, 2015
MarcStorm LM profile image

If I was rich I would buy all the costumes I've always wanted and have a huge room, in a mansion, full of them... for some fun times.

10 Cool & Funny Costume Ideas For Adults

There are 3 types of Halloween costumes that people buy - funny, scary & cool ones. The costumes listed on this page fit into all of those categories except scary. Here you will find some of the best funny & cool costume ideas. All of these costumes, listed below, can also easily be used as couples costumes.

So, do you want to look cool or funny this Halloween? Then check out these ideas and you might just find one you're looking for. These costume ideas are popular and unique. Take your pick......

Image Source: Peter Griffin Battles The Giant Chicken!

Family Guy Costume Ideas

TV Show Cartoon Costume ideas

The latest season of Family Guy just ended, another hilarious season in the books! I'm not sure when it'll be back but I also missed a couple of episodes so I'll have to try to find them to watch, sometimes they replay them online, for a limited time, here:

Man, I love that show! If you're a fan of the show "Family Guy" then you'll surely know the history of these first costume ideas. It's the epic battle of Peter Griffin and his arch nemesis, The Giant Chicken! The chicken costume is easy to come by, I linked the costume down below. As far as Peter Griffin's costume it takes a little work. They sell a mask like one shown up on right and linked to down bottom.

That's a great mask to buy if you want to be Peter Griffin. I so! want to get this mask and add it to my bag of random masks. I would buy all the clothes needed and put on this mask and just do some Peter Griffin magic haha!

Or, you could try and get all the pieces to his costume and stuff a pillow in your shirt to look pleasantly plump like him.

A white shirt, green pants, brown shoes etc.

There are also more Family Guy costumes below......

Disguise Men's Family Guy Peter Griffin Adult Vinyl Mask, Tan/Brown/Black, One Size
Disguise Men's Family Guy Peter Griffin Adult Vinyl Mask, Tan/Brown/Black, One Size

Peter Griffin, that big loveable dunderhead. Why in the world would Lois be with him? let alone make babies with him. Probably because she's as messed up as he is, so is every character in the show. Comedy at it's finest!

You and a friend should dress up as Peter Griffin & the Chicken and have an epic battle at the next Halloween party!


The Bird Bird Bird, The Bird Is The Word, Have You Heard?........

Adult Chicken Costume

Rubies Costume Co. - Adult Chicken Costume

There are a couple of different chicken costumes to choose from. This costume is fairly priced for what's included and might just be the least expensive of all the top chicken costumes that are available to buy.

Also, there are cheaper chicken costumes available, more than these 2 previous ones, but the part for the face is opened, so it's just your face and then half the chicken's face goes on top of your head. I'd rather have one where it has the chicken face, not mine, otherwise it's too cheesy in my opinion. I mean it would still work but It's not my thing. I want to look the part and walk around the room making chicken noises *cluck! *cluck! *Bigawk!

FunWorld Funny Chicken Suit, Yellow, One Size Costume
FunWorld Funny Chicken Suit, Yellow, One Size Costume

Here is another chicken costume, it's a more expensive one but the arms are more freed up, without the fabric under them, like the picture up top shows for that one. That way you can do more Peter Griffin & The Giant Chicken battles/fighting.

If you go with this costume, you should go online and read up on some chicken crosses the road jokes, or just chicken jokes in general, to throw around when you're slinging barbs. Cause you don't give a cluck!


Who's Your Favorite Griffin?

See results

Stewie Griffin On YouTube

It's pretty much official...Stewie Griffin is the favorite! according to the majority of people polled. I love them all and yeah Stewie is hilarious! Check out some videos on Youtube to have a laugh lol

Funny Banana Flasher!

LoL! That banana is split! No wonder they call the costume, the banana flasher. I'm sure you've all seen the regular banana costumes, you've never seen one like this! Sure, they sell those other ones on Amazon, if you follow the link for this one up top then you'll see regular ones down the page.

Banana Flasher Costume - One Size - Chest Size 48-52
Banana Flasher Costume - One Size - Chest Size 48-52

Come get some! Now that's a funny costume!

It's kind of expensive, but I think it's worth it, if you find yourself a slippery peel.

Get some real bananas to bring with you and ask if anyone wants a banana in their sundae.


Hot Nurse Outift!

Now that's a hot nurse outfit! I'm going to faint! or am I?

They also make that costume in plus sizes. Which also makes the costume great too because then it'll really look great if you have more curves too. Big women are beautiful and so are smaller women! So rock what you got!

There are a lot of different nurse costumes available on Amazon. To check out some more, just follow that link and there will be more recommendations on that page.

Darque Nurse Costume
Darque Nurse Costume

Nurses deserve all the credit. Sure, the doctor will see you now, but we'd rather see you. You don't see us as just a chart. This costume is a lot more appealing than your regular wear. A nurse dressed as a sexy nurse? nah that's not a cliche, or ironic, it's just cool! Brains & beauty!


Doctor or Nurse?

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In An Ambulance You Gotta Chance! In A Hearse It's Gotta Be Worse!

Good Vs. Evil Costumes

Angels & Devils Costumes

It's the age old tale of good vs. evil. Angels versus devils. So who do you want to be for Halloween this year, a good, decent, caring angel - saving people from the spiked party punch, or! are you going to be the mischievous devil who spiked the punch and is looking to poke people with his pitchfork!

I can remember wearing a devil costume when I was a kid. Funnily enough, I was in catholic school for that Halloween lol. The teacher wasn't too happy and it definitely turned heads LoL I had the headband horns, the tail sticking out of my pants and the long black and red pointed stick(pitchfork). I wasn't bad by any means, I just liked the costume when I saw it at the store. I wasn't up to date with any religious stuff seeing as how I was a kid and that stuff didn't matter. "Ignorance is bliss!" as they say.

Fallen Angels beware, you mischievous dark seeds! No no, it's just a costume and you just want to look bad and act(act being the main word) bad. Sometimes, bad can be oh so good! lol In the good way of course, lol

Dark Angel or Light Angel? You decide which better suits you.

California Costumes Fallen Angel Dress, Black, Large Costume
California Costumes Fallen Angel Dress, Black, Large Costume

This dark angel costume runs about $30 - $40 depending on the size. Everything that is pictured is included, aside from the boots and the wig. I'm sure you've got a nice pair of black shin boots laying around somewheres or a pair of high heels you've been waiting for a special occasion to slip on. If not, then maybe it's time to buy a new pair... I won't twist your arm!


Have You Ever Dressed Up As An Angel or A Devil?

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A Great Inflatable Illusion Costume!

This costume is hilarious & cool! It's basically what I call an illusion type costume. You look like you're on a horse. Your actual legs go into the horses back legs! It's a very highly rated costume and I highly recommend it. You have to supply the shirt and cowboy hat though. That's a unisex costume which means you can be either male or female and wear it. Follow that link to see more. They even sell another one like that but it's an ostrich instead of a horse. I prefer the horse one!

Halloween Inflatable Cowboy Outfit - Horse Fancy Dress Costume - Stag Night Party
Halloween Inflatable Cowboy Outfit - Horse Fancy Dress Costume - Stag Night Party

I love this costume. It's got a built in, inflatable machine that takes 4AA batteries(not included). Make sure you try the machine after you buy it, to make sure it works. If it doesn't, you'll have to return it/exchange it. Sometimes machines die, but don't dismay. The ratings for this costume are stellar so the chances of it not working are slim to none. If by some chance you wait too long to buy it and can't return it, try stuffing it with some clothes and taping it up. That might even give it more of an authentic fullness. It could get kind of heavy though, use light clothing or buy some bubble wrap or something light to /stuff it.


Cops, Robbers & Prisoners Costumes

Since the beginning of time there have been 2 groups of people: good people who try to make their life, and those around them, have value by doing good things and looking out for each other, and bad people who wish to steal and get over on people anyway they can. Hence the need for police to deliver justice to criminals.

So you can either wear a police uniform for fun or to hold yourself to a higher standard that you appreciate in the uniform. But also why not wear a funny robber or prisoner uniform as a good sense of humor too. Which will it be?

If a girl was going to arrest me, while wearing this outfit(looking hot), or if i saw her and I didn't do anything wrong, then I'd prolly make sure I did do something wrong, lol or duh! just go and talk to her lol

*A little history on the word "cop". Back in the early days of police officers, they wore badges that were made of copper, hence the word copper or cops. Well, that info is interesting I think. Did I hear one of you reading this say big whoop? lol "Respect Mah Authoritah!" - Cartman from Southpark lol *A little history on the word "cop". Back in the early days of police officers, they wore badges that were made of copper, hence the word copper or cops. Well, that info is interesting I think. Did I hear one of you reading this say big whoop? lol "Respect Mah Authoritah!" - Cartman from Southpark lol

Bad Boys! Bad Boys! Whatcha Gonna Do?........

Do Cops Get A Bad Rap Or Are They Overly Aggressive!

See results

Freeze! Hold It Right There! Drop The Mouse! You're Under Dressed! LoLz Costumes!!!

A Cool Robot Costume

This is a pretty cool looking robot outfit. It comes with everything you see, except the gloves and sneakers. Beep Bop Boop! Is a robot for you? Be your own Zingbot! lol You'll know that reference if you watch the show "Big Brother." Or just pretend to be a broken robot who crashes into things or malfunctions a lot! Maybe a dirty programmed robot? It's entirely up to you!

Forum Novelties Men's Robot Adult Costume, Multicolor, Standard
Forum Novelties Men's Robot Adult Costume, Multicolor, Standard

Beep. Blop. Bloop. We will enslave humans and keep them in a human zoo. We will use you for fodder and amusement. You will oil our machines after we take control of your cities and spell doom in your alphabet cereal.

You have no right to laze about while we work your assembly lines. You will be our flesh-targets for laser practice as we train to conquer the galaxies with our logic & metal. All Hail Robo-Galaxia!


Football Players, Referees & Cheerleaders Costumes

Just about everyone loves a good football game, so why not put on your own this Halloween? You just have to decide whether you want to be a football player, the blind ref or the smokin' hot cheerleader. You won't get a penalty flag, but you will get a field goal candy kick! If you're going as a couple, you could even switch it up and have the guy wear the cheerleader costume and the girl wear the football player costume. It'd be funny but I think the girl would look better in the cheerleader outfit lol.

This outfit comes with everything except the shoes and hair ribbons. Maybe you and the ladies want to all wear football costumes and crash the party? There a lot more women's football costumes on Amazon, even some more risque ones! Be sure and check out them out, by following the link of that one above.

Another great idea is that they also have a lot of cheerleaders costumes to choose from, you could even be Debbie from that famous Dallas know the They have a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume as well as some other really hot numbers! Highly rated to boot, just like the football costume ones. Check the ratings & reviews for them!

3WISHES 'Champs Score Costume' Sexy Cheerleader Costumes for Women
3WISHES 'Champs Score Costume' Sexy Cheerleader Costumes for Women

There's no sense in being a cheerleader if you can't get the attention of the fans and team to kick the game into high gear! This one'll have the room/stadium erupting in cheers so loud that the other team can't concentrate. Be sure and check this costume out so you can see what the backside says! Yowzer! Give 'em hell! Team spirit!


Did You Ever Play Football or Were You A Cheerleader

See results

This one's pretty funny! The only problem is that people who have bought it have stated that their glasses are broken or break easily, so you might want to make sure you have a pair of sunglasses on hand or buy a cheap pair just in case.

If you're a girl and want to go as a ref, go to Amazon, by following that link above and then search for "Starline Sassy Ref Costume." That's a really hot outfit you might like. It's not a funny one like this one above, it's in the sexy category!

FunWorld Men's  Blind Referee Kit, Black, One Size
FunWorld Men's Blind Referee Kit, Black, One Size

Don't forget a whistle! Make sure you spend a little extra, you don't want a cheap one that'll break or that isn't loud enough. If you're going to buy something buy quality, something you can use more than once. Try a pea-less/dual-chambered whistle. I would get some flags to, to throw in the opposite direction than the foul lol Oh and a referee hat, because it doesn't come with this.


Funny, Scary & Cool Abominable Snowman

Now here's a funny & cool costume, but it can also be scary! You can give someone quite the scare! It's somewhat similar to the bigfoot costume that the company also sells on Amazon - you can see that one, down on the same page that I linked the one up top to.

Famous abominble snowmen? You've got the one from those animated, "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" movies, from the olden days of television - the one with Cornelius and the elf who wanted to be a dentist. You've also got the character in that olden day skiing video game, the one where he comes out from the trees and attacks you if you're going to slow or messed up on the course lol You could even be a relative of the big foot from the "Harry & The Hendersons" movie. Yeah I'm going old school with these character ideas references. Either way, just watch out for poachers, hunters and busy traffic on roads! if you get this costume lol

California Costumes Men's Abominable Snowman Costume,White,One Size
California Costumes Men's Abominable Snowman Costume,White,One Size

You're an elf that wants to be a dentist? You want someone to squeeze, to hug, and to call George? Your relative's arm was cut off by Luke Skywalker on the planet Hoth? You like to hide behind trees and take out skiers? You live in a mountain right next door to the Grinch? You're the culprit behind avalanches?


Race Car Driver Costumes

Are you making a quick pit stop at a Halloween party this year? Then why not show up in style, in a race car driver outfit costume and do a victory lap. Slap some decals on your car and drive..... within the speed limit! dang! and get there safely, ready to burn some rubber, your shoes! on the dance floor, lol.

This costume is extremely recommended by other girls who have worn it but I'm unsure if the flag comes with it, I believe it does but there are cheap ones on Amazon, I've seen them.

*Is it just me or does that girl look like Jenna Jameson!?!

Women's 2 Piece Race Car Driver Costume (Multicoloured;Small/Medium)
Women's 2 Piece Race Car Driver Costume (Multicoloured;Small/Medium)

Women can drive! Don't give me that hooplah! Danica rocks the round ring every Nascar season. Let the boys be the pit-stoppers as you race your way to glory this Halloween! Candy & gasoline all the way baby! Get out of here Saved By The Bell's, Screech, we're talking about tires screeching & squealing you famous anus!


Vroom! Vroom!

Do You Watch Nascar?

See results

Funny Sumo Wrestler

This costume is pretty funny! It's not expensive either! The only problem is, if you really want this costume, you better strike while the iron is hot because it's almost out of stock and I don't know if or when it will be back. They do sell other different looking Sumo costumes on Amazon but they're not as highly rated as this one. If you and a friend wanted, you could each get one and go to the party and battle each other lol Just be careful of everyone else, the surroundings and try not to break each other! lol Good Times!

California Costumes Men's Sumo Wrestler Costume, Tan, One Size
California Costumes Men's Sumo Wrestler Costume, Tan, One Size

"Get in mah belly!" much? I got some tubs for ya pencil-pushers. I'm gonna serve up some hurtin' with my girth! No room can hold this monstrosity! I will crush the punch & smash the snacks! I am the big one! I am the bouncer! Throw yourself out!


Pilots, Flight Attendants, Stewardess' Costumes

*Radio squelch/hiss - "This is your captain speaking..... You're in for a bumpy ride this Halloween flight if you didn't pick out a costume yet. We only have a few hours until we land so I suggest you get some shopping done, oh and don't eat the fish, it wasn't very good, that is all!"

"I Believe I Can Fly.... I Believe I Can Touch The Sky......"

This costume is said to run small and has a lot of very positive ratings and reviews so be sure and check this costume and the reviews, to know what you'll be getting. It's pretty decently priced and woke break the bank. I think it's beautiful and would love to see a girl wearing it. As far as I know, I don't think it comes with the white gloves, but if you follow the link to Amazon you'll see quite the selection of white gloves to purchase to complete this outfit. Also, you'll need to supply your own shoes - that shouldn't be easy, try for white because trying to match the blue could be hard.

Also, they sell some great costumes for pilots in both men and women's types. Check Amazon for whatever costume you're thinking of, the sky's the limit!

California Costumes Women's Retro Stewardess Adult, Blue, Large
California Costumes Women's Retro Stewardess Adult, Blue, Large

*Ding! (in a southern accent) "I'm sorry, we don't have anymore of those pretzels you like, the man in row 13 ate them all after he drank the rest of the Yoohoos we stashed in the downstairs fridge. If you'd like, we can let you visit the sky-cap once he's done lecturing Darnell about using the cargo area for his own personal dojo. He's a martial artist and training for a tournament in the great state of Louisana, which is also a lay-over we all are going to have to put up with, due to some sleepy air controller who thought it was a good idea to visit the bar last night and drink well in to the early morning after assuming he could score with Debra, who is well out of his league. Now, if you just sit back and relax I'll let you know when Grandma Moses finally gets out the bathroom. I'm thinking it's going to be awhile with all that grunting. She musta decided today was the day to eat all those raisins she jampacked her purse with. Carry on, more like Carry over, her stinky stench of portal refuse. Thanks so much! you are a delight!"


Have You Ever Travelled By Plane?

See results

Pilot Pins On eBay - Flying Collectibles On eBay

Pins, Pins, Pins, I Want Pins! Collecting and buying pins, I'm definitely going to get some off of Ebay, that's the motherload I tell ya!

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf!?!

Here's a really funny costume! It's the Big Bad Wolf, dressed as Granny, from the famous "Little Red Riding Hood" story. This costume has 5 stars(top rated on Amazon!) & is very nicely priced! You can either wear this costume as a stand-alone or you can pair it with a Little Red Riding Hood Outfit

There are a lot of different werewolf costumes to choose from on Amazon and a lot of them are highly rated.


I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll... OMG Becky, look at her butt! I know, I mean like OMG!

I like big bad wolfs and I cannot lie. When Red Riding walks in with an itty bitty grin, she'll get a wham in her face...

Not so fast Wolfie! Grandma's in the closet, waiting for you with a shotgun, cocked and ready. Maybe you can get a bite of the Hood before she unloads, maybe you can't. Do you feel lucky, Punk, well do ya?

I think Red Riding Hood might actually be a grown-up Goldie Locks. Always traipsing through the woods, looking for trouble. One of these days, blondie, mark my words. You're gonna get eaten!


Native American Indian Costumes

It's definitely a heartbreak when I think of the fact that Native Americans were treated so badly back then and were almost caused to be extinct. Genocide should not be tolerated on any soil! Theft of property and all that jazz! They were a wonderful group of people, full of heritage and age old traditions. It's a shame so many were wiped out and that you rarely see any of them, unless you happen to live near them. So put on a Native American Indian costume this Halloween and show your appreciation for them!

The only problem with this costume is that it's one size fits most. Other than that it has good reviews and I think I know what type of fabric it is and I like it! This is what I would call a modest looking Native American Indian costume. If you follow the link to Amazon you'll find some more sexy women's Indian costumes, and high rated to boot! Definitely check out some of the other sexy costumes. If they don't show up in the recommendations, on that page, then do a search on there and you'll see some really nice ones!

This costume is highly rated and as far as I can tell, the hatchet and wig don't come with it. You'd have to by your own wig or headpiece which won't be too hard at all.

Give yourself a cool or funny Native American Indian name... Also, you should probably buy some moccasins, otherwise you'll be called man with no shoes lol

California Costumes Men's Noble Warrior Costume, Brown, Medium
California Costumes Men's Noble Warrior Costume, Brown, Medium

Warriors are born every day. Do you have what it takes to be a solid individual?

Integrity, honesty, honor! Be the best that you can be in the first American Army. Who's on first, the Native Americans! They were playing ball first and the white man came along and stole their base. Then the umpire stepped in and could all but watch the horror that became history. This land was your land, this land was our land... it was all our land, unified peace!



Have You Ever Learned About Native Americans, More Than What Was Required Learning?

See results

Native American Collectibles On eBay

If you really want to get authentic with your Native American costume then you should really buy some first rate items to really look the part! Whether it's jewelry or a peace pipe or even some real authentic clothing or accessories eBay has surely got 'em.

On a side note, I think this one girl I went to school with was a Native American in a past life or she just happens to love the culture, either way it's cool beans.

Didn't Find The Costumes You Were Looking For?

More Costume Idea Articles

If you couldn't find a costume you wanted then don't fret! Here are some more pages I made, chuck full of costume ideas:

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Also, in case you haven't decorated for Fall or Halloween Yet, and need some ideas for decorating, as well as some Thanksgiving ideas too! then check out this article: Halloween & Fall Decorating Ideas For 2015

Did You Like The Selection of Ideas?

Did Any of These Costumes Catch Your Eye?

What Are You Looking For? Do You Have A Possible Idea In Mind?

What Costume Did You Wear Last Year?

Please Leave A Comment If You Stopped By.....

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      MarcStorm LM 4 years ago

      @Nicoinstitches: Yeah that's a really sharp costume, it even reacts to the blacklight, which is why it says it's rave light activated and etc. It's amazing what they're doing with costumes these days, compared to the tablecloth material & hard masks of yesteryear. New twists, better fabrics & all around ingenuity! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the selection, Best Wishes!

    • Nicoinstitches profile image

      Nico 4 years ago from Ottawa, ON

      Like the twist they have on the Bride of Frankenstein costume.

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      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      Happy Halloween with Blessings!

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      BunnyFabulous 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Some cool costumes, but was looking for more funny ones.

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      Perfech the fastion.

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      Haha, makes me wish we did Halloween more in Australia. :) Cool costumes.

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      Love the frankenstein costume!

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      rooshoo 5 years ago

      Most extensive costume lens I've seen on Squidoo so far. Nice work!

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      karen vance loudermilk 5 years ago from charleston wv

      best halloween lens ive seen yet, great job

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      Some awesome costume ideas here! Thank you!

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      What entertaining costume ideas!

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      MartieG aka 'survivoryea' 5 years ago from Jersey Shore

      Really great selection of costumes! :>)

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      SolarEclipseWatcher 5 years ago

      Quite a collection! There are some great ideas here.

    • Alessandro Zambon profile image

      Alessandro Zamboni 5 years ago from Italy

      This Halloween I will wear a Ghostbuster costume. We are a group of 4, so we thought that's the best way to go. But your costumes are so beautiful that I can buy one for the next Halloween.

    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 5 years ago

      Something native american, i think or maybe a french maid. Great lens.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I love to have the fun ones.

    • Radcliff LM profile image

      Radcliff LM 5 years ago

      Love the Family Guy costumes!