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10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Writers

Updated on June 7, 2015

Finding a gift for a writer friend or lover might not be an easy task. If you've already bought them a gazillion books over the years and you're aiming at something more original this time, read on!

Gift 1: E-book reader

If your writer acquaintance is still stuck in the Middle Age of Paper books, why not buy him an ebook reader?
At first he/she might be reluctant to use this new toy, but in a short time he will undoubtly be conquered by the new frontiers of technology.
E-book readers come in all sizes and brands, with the most famous being the Kindle by Amazon. Embellish your gift with a nice cover or case to protect it, or...

the ever popular Kindle by Amazon
the ever popular Kindle by Amazon | Source
A cute idea! Add gummies to the gift card
A cute idea! Add gummies to the gift card | Source

Gift 2: E-book/Bookstore gift card

... a gift card to buy e-books from an online store. For the less technology-savvy, a bookstore gift card is still a good idea, especially if your book gifts over the years have not been well received.
To make it more "giftly", couple the virtual money carrier with a funny card, a cute box or frame, a small chocolate treat... sky is the limit!
For the socially conscious writers, choose websites like Better World Books, which donate to literacy funds around the globe.

Gift 3: an Alphasmart machine

You probably have no idea of what this means. Hey, I won't blame you. Alphasmart machines were thought for classrooms, back when having a computer was simply too expensive. There are several incarnations, but overall they are basically a keyboard with a screen, displaying a few lines of text.
Big deal, I hear you say. But they got discovered by writers for a simple reason: spell it with me, n-o-d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n. Unlike a tablet, they cannot be connected to the internet or store games and fancy apps, they are made for just one thing: writing. Also, their almost eternal battery life makes them ideal for people who love to write outside, be it the park or a fancy cafe.
Depending on where you live on the globe, it may be easy or hard to get your hands on one of these machines. The most popular is the Neo, followed by the 3000 model. They come for cheap on ebay, and every writer will love them!

The familiar struggle...
The familiar struggle... | Source

Gift 4: Creative writing manuals

No matter what kind of writer your writer friend is, you are bound to find a creative writing manual out there made for them.
If your friend worships a certain author, try to see if they wrote something about writing: a notable example is "On Writing" by Stephen King.
As for general and inspirational books, my advice is to check out Heather Sellers and Natalie Goldberg. For poets, "Walking on Alligators" is an awesome title.
For genre writers, there are several specific books catering to niche genres: works on how to write fantast, horror, thriller abound.
For writing prompts, Brian Kiteley's "Epiphany" series and Monica Wood "Pocket Muse" series are a must have. There are also tons of books out there dealing with the monster called "writer's block".
For self-published authors, books like "The indie author guide" or marketing books can have the additional effect of helping their sales.

An example of a cute notebook
An example of a cute notebook | Source

Gift 5- Notebooks and pens

You can not have too many of these! Hit your local bookstore or stores like Target, or scavenge online sites like Etsy, ebay or Aliexpress. Look also for Stationery boards on Pinterest!
Depending on the type of person you're preparing your gift for, the selection differ. For an elegant writer, a fancy pen and leather journal are the best choice. People who love cute stuff will fall head over heels for childish pens and whimsical notebooks.
Keywords to use: pair stationery with useful adjectives like cute, black, professional, and so on.


Gift 6 - Coffee or tea

Most writers are addicted to one of these two substances. Buy a fancy roast, an exotic blend of teas, a cute mug, a funny tea bag holder, or any combination of these. Buy organic and fair trade for those who care about the world's well being.
If your writer friend is not addicted to anything, buy a nice box of cookies or a good bottle of wine and pair with a card: "To open only when your next book is finished". This will surely give them motivation!

From this... to jewelry!
From this... to jewelry! | Source

Gift 7: Writing jewelry

There is a lot of jewelry made out of typewriter keys. You can choose your friend's name initial and find a cute keychain or necklace for them! You can also find cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and several other categories of gadgets out there, for different prices. The same jewelry can also have charms in the form of typewriters and book. Try Etsy or eBay with "typewriter (insert the kind of jewel you're looking for)" for the best results. (I once had a link here but since it was reported for spammy content multiple times, you will have to do the research youself, sorry!)

Who doesn't love The Little Prince?
Who doesn't love The Little Prince? | Source

Gift 8: Book cover t-shirt

How about a t-shirt displaying the cover of a beloved famous books? Out of print clothing is the most famous producer out there, and they do not only have t-shirt but also bags and other goodies. You can find their products in several shops, or buy online.
Or, if your writer friend has already published a book, how about printing their own cover on a t-shirt or tote bag? You could also hire someone to create a design based on the plot of their book - to hire designers, try Deviantart, or websites like Fiverr.
You could also print a favorite quote from a favorite writer or your favorite part from their own book. The possibilities are endless!

Love to smell this? Then read ahead!
Love to smell this? Then read ahead! | Source

Gift 9: Book perfume

If you ask him/her, your writer friend will admit it: the smell of an old library is like no other smell in the world.
If you've watched the movie or read the book "The Perfume", you won't be surprised to know that someone has actually replicated that scent.
Yes, this is a thing. A very expensive one, but a thing.
CB I hate perfume has produced in 2005 a scent called "In the Library". According to their website, it's a "warm blend of English Novel*, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish". Who can resist this?
( I once had a link to their website here but since the Hub was reported for spammy content multiple times, you will have to look for it youself, sorry!)


Gift 10: Book scented candles

Well, some people actually like to smell new books. You can find them in the corner at bookstores, indulging in their secret, sinful passion.
And yes, that perfume is pretty expensive.
So, if you can't afford it, head over to Candles For Books Lovers on Etsy.
Their book candles come in two scents, New Book and Old book, so that you cannot go wrong!

These are only 10 ideas, but there are surely other awesome gifts ideas out there. Take a look at the related hubs on the side or leave a comment and help other people find the perfect gift for us writers!
We will appreciate it!

Which gift do you think is the best?

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