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The Best Gadget Gift Ideas 2014

Updated on October 30, 2014

10 Great Electronic Gift Ideas For The Gadget Lover

Looking for The Best Gadget Gift Ideas? for everyone on your shopping list? Ideas for both him and her? Then, You've definitely come to the right place! Here are 10 of the best electronic gift ideas to check out, that everyone will love. From cameras to computers to mp3 players & laser pointers to gaming systems and everywhere in between.

Pretty much, everyone is an electronic gadget lover. I also believe that everyone should take a break from their electronic devices once in a while too, everything in moderation! Ok, so let's dive right into this awesome list of great gift ideas......


That's Right! Let's kick thing off with drones! Drones are so darn cool! They can get expensive if you want a really hardcore one. Just about all drones come with cameras, but make sure if they do and what kind. Be smart when you check out the different drones to buy, read the reviews and see what others had to say.

Here's a really good one:

Digital Cameras

One of my biggest regrets in my life is that I didn't have a camera with me when I was in my teenage years. I would've been able to capture so many great memories to share with others. I would've had pictures of all my friends and all the fun stuff we did. I especially wish I had a camera to capture the tornado I was in, with video! What a sight to see, that was!

Ever since the early 2000s when small, handheld cameras first started having video capabilities I jumped on the train. My first digital camera I bought had video capabilities and I was video recording everything I could. I love how technology has advanced. HD, waterproof, extended memory, without worrying about the olden day format of film, worrying about sunlight damaging the film or even wondering if you were able to get the picture you just took - you'd have to take more than one, just to be on the safe side. Those days are over! They have screens on them and you can upload them to your computer, or phone, fast!

Here are some of the greatest cameras available to buy, today - they are some of the best selling, highly rated, most popular cameras around.........

A Waterproof, Freezeproof, Dustproof & Shockproof Camera!

More Great Cameras On Amazon

It's important to keep your camera safe whether it's with you or resting on a shelf in your house. Accidents can happen and so can the elements. A case and strap are a great idea to look into. Keep the camera in a pouch when it's not being used. When it's being used, it's best to have a strap on it, preferably one that goes around your neck, so that if it slips out of your hand then it won't shatter to pieces when gravity takes it. Plus, the strap around your neck will help stabilize your shot, unless you're already a very steady-handed person or if you're camera has a built in image stabilizer.

Olympus TG-1iHS 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom
Olympus TG-1iHS 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom

Another amazing camera! Olympus has always excelled at making quality cameras. This one is also waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof, crushproof, etc.They're famous for making strongly constructed and almost completely impervious to anything thrown at it, cameras. Not all their cameras are waterproof or tout these amazing qualities but they're all amazing nonetheless, just read the reviews for them online and you'll see why!


Have You Ever Owned A Waterproof Camera?

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Say Cheeeeesssseeee!!!!

Digital Cameras On eBay

You can usually find a great deal on Ebay because people sell their products if they need the money or if they no longer need the item, in this case a camera.

Computers: Tablets & Laptops

Another great idea for gadgets is a tablet or a laptop computer. I switch between using my tablet and my laptop for different tasks. I love them both! Maybe someone in your family really wants a tablet or really needs a new laptop. Then look no further!

At this point, the top 3 most popular tablets on the market today are:

The Apple's iPad

Samsung's Galaxy Tablets (This Is The One I Own & Love!)

& Amazon's Kindle

Here are some of the best selling, highly rated tablets & laptops available......

Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop - An Expensive & Highly Sought After Laptop Computer

Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Laptop

(Click Here To See More)

That's right an Apple computer! The same people who make the iPad, have made Mac books since before tablets were even manufactured. Everyone who owns a Mac Book knows how cool they are and the amazing standards they are held to, by Apple. They are pretty costly but worth every penny. They are built to last & built to perform!

Do You Want A Tablet As A Gift?

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The Hottest Tablets & Laptops On eBay

Tablets and laptops are cheaper on eBay because they're most likely used or refurbished, but that's not always the case. Either way, you might find a really great deal on eBay!

Smartphones & Cellphones

Chances are, you know someone or happen to be that someone, that wants a new, cool phone as a gift. I was fortunate enough to buy my first cellphone when they were more widely sold and cheaper. I bought my first one in December of 2002. I loved that phone! It's not as cool as the ones they make nowadays, but it will always have a nice spot in my brain for sentimental reasons.

So why not give someone you know a cool cellphone this loving season! Maybe they didn't get one for Christmas? I'm sure there's someone you know who really wants one and possibly has been nagging you. lol Here are some of the best selling, most popular & highly rated cellphones and smartphones available today.....

Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 - For AT&T Service

(Click Here To See More)

That phone is strictly for AT&T Service, They sell one on Amazon for strictly Verizon service as well.

If you asked people to name a random cellphone or in this case smartphone, the number one answer, to the highest percent, would be a Samsung or an Apple. It's a no wonder that Apple & Samsung are forces to be reckoned with, with the products they sell!

Samsung Smartphones

The only company that can compete with Apple is Samsung, the same can be said the other way! Both companies dominate the electronic gene at this point, they both are stellar in the tablets an smartphones categories.

Video Game Consoles Systems

Another hugely sought after electronic gadget or gizmo this year, and every year before, is without a doubt - a gaming system. I can't help but get excited while writing about them. There are some awesome gaming systems and games out there, and even the newer ones have just premiered as well. The hottest new games for the Xbox, Playstation and the Nintendo!

I've played countless video games in my life, as far back as the Atari....and I Love 'Em! Games are just getting cooler and cooler! I love playing my old, retro nostalgic ones again & again! So here are the most recent gaming systems and games that you or your kids want this holiday season, to unwrap for Christmas!

Do You Own A Smartphone?

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The Xbox 360 Console - Halo's Home Planet - The Xbox Gaming System!

If you were to look online at what the best selling games were, that people are buying, like the list I put together up top, you'd easily be able to see that the number 1 platform that people are buying games for, is the Xbox One. I personally, think the Xbox is awesome! A lot of games branch out to many different platforms, so you can buy it in either one you want - Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC or more! But also that's not to say that all games can be bought for each game system you want, nope. Each one is different, but the majority of games are available on most platforms!

The PlayStation 3 System

By far, the Playstation has always been a great gaming system. It's so plain to see, that this company will stand the test of time and will undoubtedly keep making newer platforms and games to keep up with the times and technology, as well as being at the cutting edge of it all. I've owned every system, countless games for each of them and will continue to be a buyer of Sony products, I just love 'em.

Which Video Game Console Do You Like Better?

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The Nintendo Wii - Whoopiiii

Another glory gaming company, Nintendo! Some people have never played the Atari, but I'm sure if you asked a hardcore gamer if they've ever played the Nintendo or Super Nintendo, they'd say, unequivocally "Yes!" they played it and all of their awesome games! Obviously kids nowadays will probably not want to play the old Nintendo and it's games, but I think if you introduced the system to a kid before he gets to play the huge graphics phenomenons, that make up video game consoles today, I think it would give them some great memories that they'll remember and cherish when they get older. I mean seriously, the consoles that are used now, will end up being retro, just like the Nintendo's and likewise gaming systems from the past are now.

That Nintendo Wii system uptop is a bundled gaming system that comes with Mario Kart. It's definitely a group playing game and I've played it with so many friends over the years. I've had and shared some great memories playing Mario Kart on the older system with my friends. I haven't played the newer one, but I will & I'm sure it's still as golden as the classic one from yester-year!

Play Some Classic Games!

Classic Games On eBay

With all the new gaming consoles & games out there we mustn't forget where they all came from. Have you ever played an old retro game on an old retro gaming system? You should! At first it will seem cheesy and you might be like meh! but if you keep playing it, it will grow on you faster than you think. Your eyes will adjust to the sub-par graphics and you'll be playing them for hours on ends, all the while, saying to yourself, "Just one more level! Then I'll get what I need to get done!" You'll be a true bonafide procrastinator! lol

Pianos & Keyboards

Light Up, Lighted Keys, Learning Pianos Keyboards

It's so easy to learn to play the piano nowadays with the help of the internet and YouTube! But let's not forget also because of the genius(es) who made light up key pianos. I wish I had one when I was younger! They are so cool! The last one I had ended up getting ruined by a leaky roof, that was not cool! Of all the places for the roof to leak! it had to leak right above where my piano was! That's just rotten luck!

I still need to get another one, I was right in the middle of learning "Moonlight Sonata". I'll finish it some day lol So anyway, I think these next pianos, keyboards, will definitely make your family member smile, especially the little ones! So sit back and take a look at these very cool pianos.........

What To Do When Buying Gadget Gifts:

#1. Get Gadget Gift For "Name Here"!!!

#2. Get Gadget Gift For Myself!!! :oP

Yamaha EZ-200 Lighted Keyboard With Extras

That's right! Learning to play the piano is a breeze now and has been for awhile. These gadgets are not new and have been around for over a decade. So what are you waiting for? Learn to play the piano now, with a lighted up keys keyboard! This package has everything you need to get started.

Digital Audio & Voice Recorders

I'm not a lawyer or someone in press, but I use an audio recorder a lot. I happen to live in New York and the law here states that I can record a conversation, as long as I have one person's consent(Which means my own!) So I record, pretty much, every conversation I have with anyone. I love being able to have conversations saved. It's almost like living your life being videotaped all the time, except it's audio. Someone will probably play my footage back someday and listen to it like a television show lol.

Also, I don't get everything recorded, that's impossible, but I get a lot. I also love having proof if someone tries to lie or mistakenly thinks they said it one way when I know they didn't. I even have security cameras as well. I love having all this stuff. Ok so anyway the next recorders are ones that are highly rated and best sellers. The first one, is one that I own.

I've owned it so far, for 3 years, and so far so great! I love Olympus! I also eventually plan on buying one of their awesome waterproof cameras like the ones near the beginning of this article. It seems like they make things that last!

I've owned a number of recorders throughout my life, ever since my mom first got my brother & I, a big tape(actual tape cassettes that were made before CD's) recorder one and then eventually a handheld micro tape(the kinds of tapes used in old answering machines) recorder, then eventually digital, like the ones I own now. I've even had the misfortune of owning ones that ended up breaking by means of the manufacturer that didn't care about their quality, nor their customers! So in turn, I only listed 4 of the best of the best ones here....

Can You Play The Piano?

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Fa La La La Laaaaaaa

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder - *This is the one I own....

This is the exact digital voice recorder that I own! I've had it so far, going on 4 years and it's still going strong. It has gone above and beyond what I needed it for. I record a lot of stuff. Seeing as how I live in New York, I can record any conversation I'm in or for the one's I'm not in, I just have to have consent from one of the person's in the others. The other parties don't have to consent, which is great!

I have also recorded audio work for animations I have done and I also have recorded my own solitary talkings/discussions for future listeners to hear, if anyone ever finds them or wants to listen to them. If you need or want a digital audio, voice recorder, this is one that should be at the top of your list!

Do You Own A Voice Recorder?

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MP3 Players

MP3 players are a hot ticket item for gift ideas, right after Christmas, as well as anytime of the year! Portable music players have come a long way since the cassette tape and cd player versions. I've owned just about every type of portable music player. I wish I would've had an mp3 player when I was younger, instead of a clunky tape or cd player. Those old machines are quite easily going to be antiques someday so hopefully you saved yours and they still work lol I have 2 cd players laying around somewhere and the only thing they're good for is paper weights or to play my old cds. It's pretty much going to be like record players are to people now - nostalgic and retro.

As for mp3 players, I currently own a Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player. It can also do am/fm and can take a micro SD card for more music capacity. It's also a top seller and highly rated. I love it! Oh yeah and you can even do audio/voice recordings with it, as well as record from the radio.

The Best SanDisk MP3 Player - (3 Memory Sizes Available - 2GB, 4GB, 8GB) (5 Colors Available - Black, Blue, Red, White, Indigo)

*That is the MP3 Player that I Own. I have a Black 4GB one, but they also sell it in 5 different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Indigo & White. They also sell it in different memory sizes: 2GB, 4GB & 8GB. If you check the reviews for it, you'll see that it's definitely a good one, as I said before, I Love It! It's not a touch screen, it's small & exactly what I need, for my travels outside and all around.

But if you or someone you know want a touch screen, check out the next best sellers and some other non-touch screen ones as well.......

Don't Forget Songs For Your MP3 Player!

When it comes to mp3 players now and pretty much all forms of electronics, everything is getting touch screens! The Apple iPod touches are so cool! I don't think I really need to say anything more because by now everyone knows if they want an unbelievably awesome mp3 player, then an iPod touch is the way to go! But I should mention that it's a good idea to protect the screen from getting scratched! That's important for quality reasons.

Do You Own A Record Player?

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Kickin' It Old School With A Record Player

Vintage Record Players On eBay

It's amazing to hear a record player. If you've never played a record or heard one then you're missing it. It's a one in a million experience for sure! I love old technologies! I even want to buy an old typewriter!

Laser Pointers

Now, some really cool items! Laser pointers! I've owned the basic red dot laser pointers but I definitely plan on buying some other different colored cool ones - like green, blue or even purple ones. They are so epic and affordable! Colored laser pointers, aside from the red ones, were uber-expensive back in the early to mid 2000s but now they're much more affordable! I can remember when they were $100's or even the rare high powered $1,000's of dollars ones.

Supposedly, with colors other than red, you can see the beam, not like the red ones, where you can only see the dot on the item you're pointing it. Laser pointers are strongest depending on what color they are, in regards to the rainbow colors of ROY G. BIV ( Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet) The more you go up the scale of laser pointer colors, the more visible they are in the sense of the beam projection. As always, the same thing goes for all of them, don't shine one in your eyes or someone else's. You'll cause irreversible damage. Same thing goes for LED flashlights.

So, here are some great, best selling, laser pointers,.........

Flashlights, Lanterns & Headlamps

I've owned so many flashlights throughout my life. Thank goodness for LEDs. Beautiful bright light and less battery consumption! Thank you to whoever invented those wonderful Light Emitting Diodes! Now there's no more need for those old orange, faint lights from the past - those are, most definitely, not missed!

I own a lot of flashlights, if you'd like to see my best ones:

My Top 5 Favorite Flashlights That I Own

There are so many different companies and flashlights on the market today, so how do you choose a good flashlight that's affordable and reliable, I've got you covered!

Up next are the best selling, most popular, highly rated flashlights available......

Do You Own A Lot Of Flashlights?

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Have You Ever Used A Laser Pointer That Wasn't Red?

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Zoom! Ping! Pow! Blam! Laser Beams!

LED Light Up Umbrellas

Light Up Umbrellas are a very cool invention! If you don't know what they are, they're basically a regular umbrella you use for when it rains, but it has built in LED lights, like ones used in flashlights, that light up the pole of the umbrella - or in some cases there are umbrellas with lighted spots on the top fabric part.

These umbrellas were first seen in the movie "Blade Runner". The movie with Harrison Ford. I've owned 2 light up umbrellas in the past number of years. The first generation one I owned didn't hold up so well over time, the hinges that opened the fabric were coming undone and falling off, but over time the companies have been perfecting them for more reliability and craftsmanship.

They sell light up umbrellas online, like on Amazon. They also sell different colors like blue, red, white, etc. I've even seen umbrellas that have a light that shines out of the bottom of the handle so that it acts like a flashlight, it shines down to the ground so you can see where you're walking, etc. Also, the cool thing about the umbrellas is that when they get old, worn & broken you can just remove all the fabric and metal for the umbrella rain blocking parts and keep the light up shafts as toy lightsabers lol

Take a look at these ones......

I own a light up umbrella but it doesn't have the function to cycle through colors. This one is so cool and I love the blue top fabric. When mine dies, I'll get one of these. By die, I mean the wear and tear of the fabric, obviously not the LED lights. All of my LED products will last all my life I'm sure! They also make the same umbrellas but with different colored tops.

Do You Own A Light Up Umbrella?

Yes, They're So Cool!!!

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Happy Gift Giving!

Amazon Gift Cards!

Still unsure what to get or need more gift ideas, be sure and check out my other gift idea articles, but also don't forget a great gift idea.....Gift Cards! I love receiving gift cards! At first you think to yourself what's this? oh! a gift card! I wanted something right now! lol Ok well a gift card is that present now! lol I don't mean to sound ungrateful, it's just the way the mind works, unless you condition it! lol

What gadget do you really want this year?

What is your favorite present you've ever received and/or one you've ever given to someone else?

© 2014 MarcStorm LM

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