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10 Great Gift Ideas For Mom 2014

Updated on October 29, 2014

10 Cute, Excellent & Great Gift Ideas For Mom 2014

Are you looking for something special to get your mom for her Birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas? Here's a great list, 10 categories of ideas I put together. I'm sure you'll find a really great idea on this page. Whether you want to see your mom's face light up or, like my mom, make her cry, with a sad happiness of course!

Just like everyone else, I've bought my mom a lot of gifts over the years and so I like to think I have a good idea on what she and other mothers would like to receive as a present or gift. Everyone is different, which makes this world special and everyone unique.... but for the most part, all women & mothers share the same general interests for items they like to own and treasure.

*That's a picture of My Mom, Dad & Frosty The Cat :o)

Also, don't forget to check out: 10 Great Gift Ideas For Dad 2014

So let's dive right in.......I guarantee you'll find a great idea on this page! There's a lot to look through!

Just think of it as wandering a store for something good, but in this case you're home! and still in your pj's?

I really hope you enjoy this selection!

<3 I Love You Mom!!! <3

Jewelry Gift Ideas For Mom

You guessed it, without a doubt, one of the most popular gift ideas for moms & even just women in general is jewelry! My mom has a lot of jewelry, and always has, much like everyone's mother, wife, girlfriend or sister. Women love jewelry and they can never have enough. They wear all the different pieces they own on different occasions and with different styles/types of clothing. From earrings to rings, to necklaces to bracelets, those are just a few of the main types of jewelry that are made, sold & worn each day.

Another great gift idea for jewelry is to buy a piece of jewelry that has her birthstone.

Here is a list of all the birthstones, by month:'s Birthstone Info January - December

Loving Family® Sterling Mother's Heart Locket with Set of 12 Birthstones

This piece of jewelry is an extremely unique idea for a gift. It's a necklace with a heart pendant. It comes with all 12 birthstones and they can be kept in the silver, see, through heart. Your mom can pick and choose which birthstones she wants to showcase inside the heart. Maybe she wants to put the birthstones of each of her family members inside it, as well as her own. I love this piece!

Grandma Birthstone Brag Bracelet - Gift Idea - Grandma's Are Mothers Too!

Mothers Grandmother Brag Bracelet, Crystal Birth Months, 14k Gold-filled & Sterling Silver Beads
Mothers Grandmother Brag Bracelet, Crystal Birth Months, 14k Gold-filled & Sterling Silver Beads

This bracelet is great! Chances are, your mom might be a grandma, so with this piece of jewelry, after you buy it, the maker/seller will email you and ask you what birthstones you want on this bracelet and will make it with exactly the ones you want. You can choose up to 9 birthstones to adorn it! It touts 14k gold and swarovski crystals. If it peaks your interest, definitely give it a look. It's very nice!


Jewelry Boxes

Another great idea is jewelry boxes. A lot of women, including my mom, have jewelry just laying all over - on tables, dressers, in drawers, etc. It's a great idea to give your mom a jewelry box so she can keep her rings and necklaces organized and on display perfectly.

Image Source: Shining Image Tea2 Huge Black Leather Jewelry Box / Case / Storage / Organizer With Travel Case & Lock (Picture shown to the right)

Also, here are some more great ideas for holding jewelry:

Overdoor/Wall Jewelry Organizer

Door jewelry hangers... here's a great one... You won't drop any of them when using the door, unless you really slammed it! It's a great space saving item, to hang an item over your door for storage. Just make sure if you're behind your door checking for jewelry to wear, that you close your door all the way, in case someone opens the door and hits you with it. Hopefully someone knocks! sheesh!

Musical Jewelry Boxes

Now if you really want to spark a beautiful moment! Get your mother, or the woman in your life, a musical jewelry box. Now that's magical! She'll love opening the box each time she goes to get a piece of jewelry to wear. She can listen to the music while she tries on some pieces and hums or sings in the mirror.

Beauty Gift Baskets

It's a well known fact that women love beauty products! Perfume, specialty soaps, facial creams, etc. So the tough thing though is knowing what the special women in our life would like when it comes to beauty products. You're best bet is a nice beauty basket full of goodies that they can try/sample, to see if they like them and relax with their scented soft ambiance. Up next are some really good ideas for beauty related gift baskets and other likewise products.

Spa In A Basket - Wicker Gift Basket - Bath Items Massage Tools

Dolls! - Antiques, Collectibles, Rare & New Dolls

Every little girl loves dolls! My mom has never grown out of loving dolls either. It seems like just about every gift giving time she gets another doll. She's amassed quite a collection, even with ones she's bought on her own, like antique collectible ones from eBay, as well from flea markets and garage sales. I'd be willing to be that one of her old ones could be on an appraisal show and net a small fortune. But obviously like all of us lovers of collectibles, we don't want to sell our expensive items.

Also, just think about it, the things we sell and buy nowadays, that are new....some day those will be antiques. So make sure you save all your items and get extras that are still in their packages. As far as themes for dolls, my mom loves Victorian themed ones. She loves everything Victorian themed! Luckily they make a lot of different Victorian themed dolls.....

Does Your Mom Collect Dolls?

See results

Savannah Dollhouse

My niece received one similar to this for Christmas, from Santa, and she absolutely loves it! There is some assembly required! It comes with the special Allen wrench for it, so don't fret, you worker elves lol My mom loves having it in her house when she comes to visit! It's beautiful, as are their other pieces they make.

Dolls On eBay

When I think antique or collectible, I think Ebay! There are millions of products sold on there and a lot of them are rare! As you well know, rare collectibles of any kind are usually a pretty penny, that is n exception when it comes to dolls. It's fun looking through eBay, it's like going to a garage or yard sale, except that it's online.

My Mom & The Grandkids

*That's a picture of my mom and her grandkids, my niece and nephew.

Collectibles, Antiques, Figurines......

Precious Moments Figurines

Carrying right along with dolls, my mom loves collectibles, knick knacks and trinkets. Her house is adorned with little figurines. There are a lot of them too, I'm not sure if she has more dolls or more figurines, either way she's got a lot of little trinkets and figurines. Some of them are rare and who knows which ones are old or not, because all of them are of fine craftsmanship.

There are many places to buy these items, local craft stores & gift stores and online like Amazon, and especially eBay. There are a lot of rare and pricey gems on eBay and my mom has bought many from there. Here are some ideas........

The amazing thing about precious moments pieces are that they are hand painted and hand sculpted! That's remarkable and it makes each piece a rare one!

Porcelain Figurines On eBay

There are figurines for everything, animals, people, objects, what is your favorite animal? favorite person or favorite object?

Sewing Machines

Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing Tables

For as long as I can remember, my mom loves making beautiful artwork especially in the form of sewing to make clothes, tableclothes, curtains/drapes you name it. Even when i was a kid if I got a hole in my clothes or needed some adjustments to my clothes lengths then I'd ask her if she wouldn't mind sewing it, and she always would. I mean, I semi-knew how to sew, they taught us in school in home economics class - how to sew, how to write a check, how to bake/cook.

Another thing my mom loves about sewing machines, is the old fashioned or specialty ones that are built into desks, they can be somewhat pricey. They sell them on Amazon and eBay too. So here are some ideas for sewing machines and the like.....

Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine

Brother brand sewing machines have been around for a long long time! This and Singer are probably the most popular ever! You can't go wrong with either one and even other brands, as long as the reviews are solid! Sewing machines can be expensive. Only you would know whether your mom likes to sew or even wants to.

Does Your Mom Like To Sew, Crochet or Knit?

See results

Sewing Machines & Sewing Tables On eBay

eBay has some great deals on rare and not so rare, expensive and inexpensive sewing machines, furniture and accessories. That's the best thing about buying a sewing table because sometimes they have compartments for the machine itself so you can put it away and still use the table for other projects.

Designer Handbags, Clutches, Wristlets, Pocketbooks

Women love their handbags! My mom has more than she could ever need. So many colors, sizes, brands, ones with many pockets, ones with only a few, the list goes on! It's another great gift idea for your mom and any woman in your life. Get her a designer handbag and she'll love you forever, but I'm sure she already does, so at the least she'll be wearing a smile to match her new bag.

Up next are some of the most popular, best selling, highly rated bags on the market today.........

Image Source: Vera Bradley Carry It All Wristlet

Rubber Chicken Hen Tote Bag Handbag Purse Pocketbook "Henbag"

Rubber Chicken Purse - The "Hen Bag" Handbag
Rubber Chicken Purse - The "Hen Bag" Handbag

This is a very popular bag and it's plain to see by the picture & Amazon reviews why! It's really neat and it's definitely a conversation piece.


Designer Handbags On eBay

Whether you want to spend a little money or a lot, eBay has you covered for designer bags that will have you, or the woman in your life, over moon with joy!

eBay is a hub emporium for handbags, especially designer ones but you have to be careful and make sure someone isn't selling you a can happen.

Another thing you could do is to try to find a piece of clothing of hers without her knowing or ask your dad or if you're married to the mom you have the gift ideas for, you should be able to get the size.

Women's Clothes

Women's Jeans, Socks, Dresses, Scarves

Ok, now you're saying to yourself, "Clothes!?!, I don't even know what size I wear!" It's true, sizes for men, women and kids, are on a different scale. But you could always ask your mom for her size in whatever clothes area you want to get for her - be it shirts, pants, coats etc..

Then when it comes time for giving her presents on a gift giving day, then you can hold back on the clothes idea one for the next gift giving time, cause otherwise she'd be expecting clothes and it'll throw her through a loop and you caught her off-guard lol

TrendsBlue Elegant Solid Color Viscose Fringe Scarf (20 Colors To Choose From)

Scarves aren't just for Winter! For women they're accessories to wear with their outfits. Fashionable and trendy. Here is a popular scarf with many colors to choose from.

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!

That's right, the stereotypical women loving shoes! That they do! This is yet again another situation of finding your mother's, wives, etc. shoe size and trying to pick her taste in shoes. Try and think what color she likes to wear the most or what clothes she owns more of, in that color.

You also have to remember with clothing, it's not the cost that's always the big deal, you could check reviews online for the shoes or clothes too. Amazon has a really good customer review build-up for products.

Journee Collection Buckle Accent Slouchy Mid-calf Boots (3 Colors To Choose From)

These aren't riding boots, like the new trend for fashion is loving at the moment but they're still really great looking boots that would give riding boots a run for their money not to mention with Winter around the corner these'll work for that deep snow and slushy sidewalks. "These boots were made for walking....." you know the rest! lol


Chocolate Sampler Gift Baskets

If you were to ask my mom if she could only eat one thing the rest of her life, her answer would most definitely be, "Chocolate!" She loves chocolate and treats, especially cake too! Ever since my brothers and I were younger, we would buy our mom a box of Whitman's chocolate. Sometimes we'd get our ideas crossed and she'd end up with more than one box lol We'd eat some of it too, after she picked out her absolute favorite she'd offer some to us. So it's an all around great idea, chocolates! They sell gift baskets and samplers etc. Here are some.....

Mmmm Chocolate!

Amazon Gift Certificates

Amazon Gift Cards For Everyone!!!

If worse comes to worse and you can't decide what to buy, then you can always give someone gift certificates/cards:

Don't forget! About a month after Mother's Day is Father's Day! Be sure and check out some stuff for the old man too......'s Gift Certificates:

Some Great Mom Quotes

Here are some great links to some great pages that have a lot of great mom quotes.....Great! LoL

#1. GrinningPlanet's Funny Mom Quotes

#2. GirlToMom's Mom Quotes

#3. PsychologyToday's Quotes About Moms

My Mom & Frosty The Cat!

What's the last thing you bought your mom?

What was your favorite thing you bought your mom?

Please leave a comment if you stopped by, thank you!

Do You Think Your Mom Would Like Any Of These Goodies?

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    • Laurabpeterson profile image


      5 years ago

      Lots of great ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

    • Othercatt profile image


      5 years ago

      There's some great gift ideas for mom here! I especially like the locket with the birthstones inside. What a unique idea!

    • artbyrodriguez profile image

      Beverly Rodriguez 

      5 years ago from Albany New York

      Really wonderful array of gifts for Mom, and nicely presented.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice lens, great selection and ideas. I would love to see my mom, she has not been with me since 1976.

      Enjoy your mom they are precious. Blessed.


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