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10 Items to Keep off the Cold and Stay Warm This Winter

Updated on November 14, 2014

It's Cold but You Don't Have to be Miserable!

The weather outside may be cold and frightful but you can be feeling delightfully warm. How do I know this? I live in a place where school only gets called off if the windchill is 25 below zero and snow may decide to stick around until early May. Every year I hear the annual "why do I live here?! It's so cold out!" Over the years I have learned a lot about dealing with the cold, snow, and freezing windchill. If you are dreading the icy tremors promised in the next few months then warm up over the ideas in this squidoo for some winter relief.

As for my photo, here I am on a mountain in Austria in mid-July. We started with summer weather and through a very unique trek of three cable cars ended up here. None of us were dressed for the cold since it was mid-summer and luckily we could borrow a few jackets off my relatives before heading up to the top.

Keepin' Feet Warm with Minnetonka Sheepskin Moccasins

I love these moccasins. First and foremost because they do an amazing job of keeping my feet warm. I have never experienced any type of slippers like these before. Putting them on is like slipping in to instant comfort. They are heavenly soft and keep your feet warm all throughout the day. I also adore how they have 'hard' soles. This means I won't have to worry about sliding all over the floors and I do not have holes in the bottom from wearing them so much. Several years down the road and they are still as comfy and warm as the day I bought them!

The Towel Warmer Delight - Don't Worry. No Dryer Needed for heat!

One of the good parts about being in the hospital is the warm towels. Nothing beats getting tucked in with a freshly warmed towel for you to snuggle into. Once I saw these towel warmers, I knew they were meant to be shared. I'm recommending it because I really want one! Of course, I would also be nerdy enough to also want the sterilizing one but I think most people are fine without it.

The Handmade Alpaca Wool Earflap Hat - Most body heat is lost from your keep it warm!

When my sister was in Peru, she bought me an alpaca winter hat. I did not even know people used alpaca wool to make hats but whoever decided to was a genius. The hat keeps my head amazingly warm which keeps me warm. Living where I do, I have had to suffer through a lot of different winter hats. From the pom-pom balls of childhood to the stylish-looking yet completely inefficient, I have spent serious time looking for the right hat. I found it. I love how it fits my head just right and the alpaca wool keeps me toasty warm.

Sunbeam Heated Electric Blanket (Twin Size Optional) - Hate Getting Into a Cold Bed?

I always hated getting into bed on a cold night because my bed was....cold. I would huddle up in there waiting for my small amount of body heat to slowly fill the space. So one year, my mom got me an electric blanket. My whole view on winter nights was changed forever. I would turn it on and let it heat up under one of my blankets while getting ready for sleep. By the time I got in bed, it was warm and waiting for me. I never left it on the whole night, just until I got warm and sleepy. Also, it's good practice to get a new one ever year or two.

Slipper Socks with No-Slip Leather Soles

When it's cold at night, I often opt for slipper socks. They cover more than just my feet and keep me toasty warm all night. Mine are actually from Abercrombie and I could not find them on Amazon. Sorry. I did find some on Amazon similar to mine which are ready and waiting to keep your toes comfy all night long.

Swiss Wool Mittens with Leather Palms

I love these mittens. They are warm (obviously or I would not be recommending them) and super comfy! I like the leather pads on them which make it easier to pick up items and more durable against them getting dirty. Most of my family owns at least one pair in one color or another. They are so easy to slip on and warm all around. One of my family members always makes sure to have at least one pair in the car because she loves using them while driving to keep her hands warm.

Premium Hand Warmers for 10+ Hrs of Heat

My brother does crazy things like going camping and hunting in the middle of a South Dakota winter. Knowing that, I got him a supply of hand and foot warmers to take with him. You activate them and presto! you have made heat. Out ice fishing with no shanty? No problem. Get some body, hand, and foot warmers. You will be relaxing out on the ice all toasty while everyone huddles up trying to figure out your secret. And good news. These are not expensive so you can stock up!

Cozy Electric Foot Warming Pad-Cold Feet? Warm Them Up

If you are coming in off a long day on the slopes or been outside playing in the snow, you might have some icy cold feet (unless you got some of those toe warmers!). You lose a lot of heat from your hands and feet so once you warm them up, you will feel warmer all over. To get you there fast is the electronic toe warmer. It's kind of like an electric blanket for your feet. I like the idea so much I am thinking of giving it out as a Christmas gift.

Footed PJ Adult Onesie (Hood Included)- For All Over Body Warmth. The Onesie for Adults

Several years ago I really wanted a onesie pair of pajamas like my friend had. So my parents, instead of being weirded out by their college daughter wanting a onesie pajama, paid to have it custom made for her. I have to say onesies may appear creepy but they are so comfortable and warm it makes it all worthwhile. I limit my onesie to home use only but there was a girl in a biology class of mine who liked to wear hers to school in the winter. Very weird but she said she was always very comfy. Aside from that, do not worry about having to get a custom made onesie. Amazon has some cute ones no seamstress required.

Proctor Silex 1 Electric Kettle-Hot Water Made Even Easier

This was the closest I could find to my home model. Essentially, it is a hot water heater so you can quickly make your tea or hot chocolate instead of waiting and waiting for the microwave. Fill. Push down the button. Within a minute, I can hear mine heating and soon-to-be boiling. So much faster and easier than waiting in front of the microwave and burning your hand to test if your water is hot enough or not. Seriously. Get on board and get with the heating kettle!

Along With Your Hot Water...

Warming up after a long cold day is made easier with a delicious hot drink. Simply add hot water and enjoy your choice. Can't decide? Choose a variety of hot chocolates as a gift for someone dear or enjoy on your own.

So Which One is It?

What winter-warmth item strikes your fancy the most?

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