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Athletic Marketing - Perfect Sports Fan Gifts

Updated on April 7, 2015

10 Perfect Gifts For a Sports Fan

As a certified sports nut I have fallen victim to the joys of athletic marketing on many an occasion. You only have to look at the photo here and see my partial collection of team jerseys I have either purchased or been given as presents over the years. I have to admit that the athletic marketing of my chosen teams has seeped into my psyche and led me to join their tribe and as such wear the required uniform!

I will also admit that I am a willing victim of their athletic marketing attempts and thoroughly enjoy it when receiving a gift I can either wear or use when I head out to watch my team play in the flesh.

Here are ten of my favourites that I know all sports fans would love to receive.

10. Keeping Cool, Man

Hand Held Fan
Hand Held Fan

Every summer sports fan knows how uncomfortable it is to sit sweltering as the sun beats down on you and your team. Make the experience more pleasant and the win more memorable with a blast of cool refreshing air, so even if your team is losing, you'll keep your cool.

The best hand held fans are those that are easily held in one hand or can be attached to your body or clothes leaving your hands completely free to remonstrate with the referee over his last decision. An added bonus is when the fan has a water misting functions for those really sweltering days.

Portable Radio
Portable Radio

9. Portable Radio

Live commentary on any game enhances the viewing experience. Don't know who scored that goal, fumbled that pass or caught that fly ball? Radio.

One word, perfect answer.

The most suitable radios are those that are small enough to fit in a pocket and have a headphone jack.

Portable Radio - Up To The Minute Sports News

8. Binoculars - Miss Nothing

Golf, cricket, baseball, horse racing, anywhere that you can follow the action without having to spin your head like one of those plastic clowns you stuff balls in to at a carnival is perfect for a set of binoculars. Getting you closer to the action on the field.

The binoculars that best suits the sport fan are those which fold up into a small package but come with a level of magnification strong enough for the sports fan to be able to see the facial expressions of his team on the field.


7. Replica Team Jersey

Blend in with the crowd

Want to identify with your heroes on the field? What better way than to deck yourself is the same colours and uniform as the players on the field. Sets up an instant bonding experience with your fellow tribe members!

I always find it better to buy a couple of sizes bigger than normal in replica sports kit as there is always a time when I want to wear it over the top of a jumper or coat on a really cold day. No point having it hidden away as layer number 5 as the snow falls down!

Team Colours - Blend In With The Crowd

New 2012/13 Soccer Jersey Arsenal Away Football Shirt M Size By Arsenal
New 2012/13 Soccer Jersey Arsenal Away Football Shirt M Size By Arsenal

With Arsenal now having a reasonable season, it's not too lat to jump on the band wagon!


6. Digital Camera

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Immortalise the game in your family history by taking a few clear, sharp pictures of the action as it occurs. Or even better you will have a visual cue when you are describing the game blow by blow to your fascinated wife. (Did anyone mention ironic license at this point?)

Digital cameras that are best for sports fans are those which are compact, have intuitive ease of use and can also double as a video camera. Other features should be a high (10m+) pixel count and a zoom function that combines both optical and digital modes.

Sports Bloppers - A Treat For Sports Fans

Hand Held Television
Hand Held Television

5. Hand Held Television

Miss a goal, catch or home run whilst you were ordering that drink or hot dog? If the game is live on TV then just pop it out of your pocket and get that instant replay. Never miss a minute.

Even better if it is the last game of the season and your teams progress is dependant on another game that is being televised. Instant popularity!

Favourite Sport

What is your sports 'tragics' favourite game to watch?

See results
Food Branding Iron
Food Branding Iron

4. Perfectly, Useless Gadgets

Does the sports fan in your life have all the practical gifts you can think of? Well what better way to surprise them than with a sporting themed gadget that is practical in it uses but tenuous in its link to your sports fans team. What says this better than a toaster than gently burns in to a piece of bread the logo of your fans favourite team? Or a branding iron for that fanatical BBQ'er so they can brand each steak or burger with the teams insignia?

Or finally a watch that goes backwards, why? because when their team is down 31 - 15 and the official clock says they are at the two minute warning, they can imagine that there still is time to win the game. Only for the true fanatic or Manchester United fan who believes in Sir Alex Ferguson's Fergie Time.

A Must Have Ridiculous Gadgets

Sports Sunglasses
Sports Sunglasses

3. Sunglasses

The perfect accessory for the fan of summer sports. Who wants to miss that game breaking play because the sun was in their eyes? Sunglasses that look good should also have a high protection rating from UV rays and sports fans sunglasses should be as scratch proof as possible because a sports fan will jump in the air at some stage and the glasses will hit the ground, guaranteed!

2. Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia
Sports Memorabilia

Want to remind that mad sports fan in your life of that never to be repeated experience? Then a piece of sporting memorabilia commemorating that unforgettable season makes the perfect gift.

The best pieces of memorabilia are those that have been signed by your fans favourite player or team, making it a really special item. Even better if you can get the player to personalise the item, such as 'To my No#1 fan Ted' ;-) . (Though if their name isn't Ted that may be problem!)

Crazy Sports Fans

Sports DVD
Sports DVD

1. Sports Highlights DVD's

Yes the sports fan may have been to every game, but the true die hard fan will insist on buying the seasons highlights DVD and watch it endlessly, so make them even happier by buying it for them. They will be in sporting heaven, until of course next season starts.

It's also probably a good idea to make sure you have errands to run whenever they decide to sit down and watch it. Especially for the 10th time!

Do You Have A Sports Maniac In Your Life?

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