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10 No-Nos of Gift Giving

Updated on February 1, 2016

10 things to avoid when giving gifts

The purpose of gift giving is to express your well wishes to the receivers and make them happy. But sometimes the intention is not expressed well because you gave the wrong gift. You might end up causing the opposite effect. You could hurt the receivers' feelings or worse, insult them. Here is a list of things to avoid to make sure you get a smile and not a frown.

10 No-Nos of Gift Giving

1. If you received a gift and decided to recycle it by giving it to someone else, never give it to someone who knows the person that gave it to you. You might hurt the givers' feelings if they found out you gave the gift away.

2. If you're giving a wedding present, make sure both the bride and the groom can use it. Example, don't give a single beer mug. It's like you're giving best wishes to the groom only.

3. Never forget to remove the price tag of your gift before wrapping it. If it's too expensive, the receiver might feel pressured to reciprocate. If it's too cheap, the receiver might feel insulted.

4. Never give something that the receiver already has. If it's a collectors' item, make sure the receiver doesn't have the exact same thing. Most people prefer something that they don't already have.

5. For occasions which are centered to a specific person like birthdays, weddings, and graduations; try to give something that other well-wishers won't give. The last thing you want is to give something exactly similar to what others gave.

6. Don't give inappropriate gifts. Try to find out first if the receiver's religion considers religious images and statues as idolatry, before giving them such gift.

7. Don't assume. Don't give baby stuff as a wedding gift unless they confirmed that they're having a baby. Because if they're not, giving baby gifts might make them feel pressured.

8. If you're planning to pretend that you forgot an occasion, make sure you prepared something special. Your wife might not believe that you were only pretending you forgot your anniversary if you only gave her a bouquet of flowers. It will look like a last minute gift and that you actually forgot.

9. If you did forget the occasion, make it up to him/her in full blast. Don't wait for that person to feel forgotten and unloved. At the exact moment that you realized you forgot, plan something to make it up to them.

10. If you don't have a budget for a gift, don't despair. You can still give a gift without spending too much. You can give something you made yourself like handicrafts or a cake you baked. Sometimes, a simple card with a heartfelt message is enough to make the receiver teary-eyed.

Suggested gifts to make someone smile.

Can you think of another gift giving no-no? Share your thoughts!!!

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    • norelyngatawa profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @SusanDeppner: thank you for the visit!:)

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Good advice!

    • norelyngatawa profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @sockii: thanks for the tip and visit!

    • sockii profile image

      Nicole Pellegrini 

      5 years ago from New Jersey

      It's always good to know a person's tastes and interests - or even medical conditions! For instance, I can never use perfume gifts because the strong scents trigger a migraine for me. Good useful advice up above.


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