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10 reasons not to celebrate Valentine's day

Updated on January 12, 2017

Sometimes love is not so sweet

1. You are single…lady! Yes, admit it girls. You are the only one that makes a drama. Men really don’t care if they have or not girlfriend on this day. Moreover, they are happy because they don’t have to feel the pressure of the question “What should I take her?” It is principal - you don’t like Valentine’s day, if you are single. And you really hate it if all your friends have dates. Be positive! You can save some money and spend it for yourself.

2. It is expensive! You have to spend money that you could give for something rational. Flowers, chocolate candies, teddy bears, wine, romantic dinner and so on. These things become very expensive when Valentine’s day is coming. And let’s be honest! It might be a very nice gift, but you have some similar things from you ex and you don’t even like them so much. So spend your money for something important or save it for the future.

3. You think Valentine’s day is too commercial! And it’s created by some industries to make more money. Yes, maybe this is only a conspiracy but what if we are controlled by a few companies producing teddy bears, cards and expensive gifts.

4. You have allergies to flowers or chocolate! Yes, it will be very uncomfortable if you are allergic to flowers or you get a skin rash from the chocolate. And it is twice more uncomfortable if you are the one that give them.

5. You think greeting cards are stupid! Messages are original and some of them are silly. Most are the same and maybe your girl is not going to be charmed when her friend got the same from her boyfriend. After all if you decide to give a card for any occasion, try to do it yourself. It will be much better.

6. High expectations! If you are a man you know what I’m talking about. If you want to prove your love and your serious intentions you have to buy a really nice and expensive gift. The romantic dinner is recommended (mandatory, if you want to do it right). You are forced to do and buy things you don’t want and don’t find reasonable to spend money on. And even if you did everything I said, it doesn’t guarantee you happy and pleased lady.

7. All these boring and unoriginal love movies and songs! They are all the same. Every year! We all know the lyrics, we all know the happy ending, and we all can’t stand it anymore. These things distort reality and make us depressed. There is no such thing as perfect life and things that happen in romantic movies almost never happen in life.

8. You don’t find plush teddy bears and hearts romantic! Yes, the only thing they say is “I really didn’t know what to get you, so here is the last years` birthday gift for my little sister.

9. You have 365 days in a year, so why you have to only celebrate your love on 14th of February? You fuss and fight on 13th of February, you are good and lovely on 14th, and arguing again on 15th. This is not the way you have to prove your feelings. Love each other every single day and show it unexpected.

10. “What did he get you?” This is probably the most depressing question on 15th of February. Your friends are asking you a simple question but you haven’t got idea how to hide your disappointment. “Teddy bear hugging a heart” – Only that? ; “T-shirt of his favorite team” – Is he stupid or what ; “Nothing special” – Nothing? . Come on, girls,don’t be so judgmental! He might be not so discerning as you wish, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

And here is one reason to celebrate Valentine's Day...all that chocolate!

So sick of love songs


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