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10 Reasons to Give Her Chocolates

Updated on July 25, 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Give Her Chocolate

I'm one of those guys who knows less about women than he knows about string theory and that's next to nothing. But lest you think my list doesn't hold water, it's been inspected for quality and certified by an expert on the female gender. Many thanks to my wife - the expert.

The list is modeled after David Letterman's Top Ten List. I used to watch Dave back when I was able to stay up that late. I've started with the Number 10 Reason and worked my way down to the Number 1 Reason.

Remember it's an election year and to do your part, you can vote for your favorite chocolates down the page a ways. And please, leave a comment and leave some more reasons we can give her chocolates. Personally, I need all the help I can get!

Here's a great place to start if you're shopping for chocolate.

It's Wednesday!
It's Wednesday!

Reason #10

It's Wednesday

Wednesday is a seemingly arbitrary day to give chocolates but think about it. It's hump day. We've made it halfway through another work week. It's a good enough reason to celebrate (See Reason #6).


Reason #9

It's Friday

Friday is celebrated in public places around the world. "TGIF" is familiar to almost everyone everywhere. It's the end of the work week, the beginning of the weekend. She's reached another milestone - ok, maybe it's more like a milepebble but that doesn't mean you can't tell her "Thank you" with a small token of your appreciation for her.

One of Friday's most important features is it's a better reason than "It's Wednesday!".

I'm Sorry - I was wrong!
I'm Sorry - I was wrong!

Reason #8

She Needs an Apology

You've gone and done something wrong - at least in her eyes. It doesn't matter though. You need a way to get back in her good graces and "I'm sorry" isn't going to cut it this time. You need that special something that says you thought about what you did and you want to make it up to her.

To you it's just a box of chocolates. To her, you went out of your way to please her with one of her favorite treats.

Secretary's Day
Secretary's Day

Reason #7

Secretary's Day

Whether she's a secretary or not, what she does for a living - including stay at home mom (probably the most important job in the world) is an important function in her life as well as yours.

Sure, her boss may have gotten her flowers or a nice gift card to her favorite clothing store but you gave her something that makes her feel all warm and silky.

So a heads up guys - every year around the 3rd week of April, put your thinking caps on and come up with something that'll WOW her!

I Did It!
I Did It!

Reason # 6

Celebrate an Accomplishment

She got that promotion, or a raise, or she completed that project she started. It could be the most trivial of things - she remembered to do that thing you're always reminding her to do.

Recognize the occasion with something that tells her you're proud of her and you appreciate her steadfast diligence.

So Sad!
So Sad!

Reason #5

She needs a lift

She's feeling a little down in the dumps. Things aren't going so well at work. Her best friend hasn't called in a week. She broke a glass from the set your Mother gave you as a wedding present. You know just the thing that'll brighten her day...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Reason #4

Valentine's Day

February 14th - It only comes around once a year, but it's a super-important "holiday" to women and ignoring or forgetting it is a huge mistake. In fact it rivals only your anniversary in order of importance. It is THE day that's associated with love and chocolate - two words that women can use interchangeably.

Other than a Snickers bar or something on that level, you almost can't go wrong with what kind of chocolates you give her. But, and there usually is a but, the nicer the better!

Reason #3


The day you said "I do" may be one of the most important in both your lives. She needs to know that #1, you remembered and #2, you think the occasion is important enough to do something nice just for her.

Unless she has a specific favorite, you should probably mix it up a little. Don't get her the same kind of chocolates you got her on your last anniversary. Get her something that says your relationship is an evolving, dynamic one that, like fine wine, improves with age.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Reason #2

It's Her Birthday

This one's a tricky one. The more birthdays she's had, the trickier it gets. Guys, you'll have to gauge her mood a few days to a week before the actual date. You still can't go wrong with chocolates but use caution on the kind of chocolates you present to her. The pre-30 birthdays might go just fine with a bunch of Malted Milk Balls. They're fun, they say "I love you" and that she's young enough to appreciate the levity the gift represents.

The post-30 birthdays require you put some more thought into it. What kind of chocolates does she like. Do they say "You're an attractive, passionate women" or do they say "These chocolates are low calorie and you can eat them with one hand and still use your cane"... see the difference?

The #1 Reason To Give Her Chocolate

It may be a Wednesday, a Friday or any other day except Reasons 2 through 8.

The point is you want to give her something you know she loves "just because" she's yours and she fills a place in your heart you didn't know existed.

Chocolate Comments - Tell me something sweet

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What a beautiful well thought out lens, now you'll have to give her another box of chocolates because she did so well advising you on how to do it.

      I love hard chocolates first and toffee centers second and fruit and nut third. But which ever you buy me will be much appreciated. I won't be disappointed.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Mmmmm. *Dark* chocolate!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens - I tend to go with the #1 reason, so it looks like I'm doing something right! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Good one! I think I should make my husband read it! :D

    • Blonde Blythe profile image

      Blonde Blythe 

      7 years ago from U.S.A.

      Chocolate is good!


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