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10 romantic gestures for valentines day.

Updated on March 24, 2013

Its the small things that count!

1. A single red rose. The oldest and most popular valentines gift ever! Think outside the box. Jazz it up a little. Tie a ribbon around the stem. Press it into a frame. You can buy flower pressing kits from most craft stores.

2. Make a collage. Gather all your favourite photos and create a photo collage. Add your favourite memories, important dates. You could even do a timeline effect collage from the beginning to the present.

3. Write a poem/song. We can all be creative when we need to be! Even a short poem persnalising the live you share will impress your partner!

4. Cook a meal. Look up romantic recipes in cook books or online, if you don't have any cook books, cook your partners favourite meal.

5. Create a movie night. Draw the curtains switch off the lights and create your own cinema! Buy or rent a romantic film and buy some cook at home popcorn. Sit back and enjoy your romantic moment.

6. Make a home movie. make a short film expressing how much you love your partner. Include whatever will please them! Copy it onto a DVD so they can re watcfore when they want to.

7. Bake a cake. Bake their favourite cake or biscuit. Use icing pens to personalise your decoration in celebration of your love.

8. Find out old messages. Find out some old emails or texts from when your relationship first blossomed. Copy them into a book or collage. Then look back, laugh, smile and remember.

9. Make a scrap book. make a scrap book of all your favourite memories and moments. Decorate with rose petals, hearts, etc.

10. Propose? Valentines day is the most popular day of the year for marriage proposals. Is she expecting it? If not, do it! Don't forget the champagne :)

Good luck, and happy valentines day!


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    • BelleBadour profile image

      Belle 4 years ago from staffordshire

      Thank you for commenting! This was my first hub which is why it's so basic. Thank you for the tips, I will bare them in mind for my next hub :)

    • Spongy0llama profile image

      Jake Brannen 4 years ago from Canada

      Very nice. There's nothing worse than giving into consumerism on Valentine's Day. These are all incredibly sweet and wholesome gestures that say so much more than a full bouquet of roses from the florist or a heart-shaped box of chocolates do. You seem like a lovely and sensible person.

      If you want to inject some more life into this hub, see if you can dig up some public domain/free use pictures to jazz it up and flesh out your text with some anecdotes and more details (longer hubs get better scores and long-term recognition, generally ;)