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10 Tips on What to Gift for Housewarming Parties

Updated on December 26, 2016

When someone has a new home, and has invited you for a meal or housewarming party, it's nice to bring a gift on your first visit.

A housewarming gift is given when someone moves into a new home. Guests generally bring a thoughtful gift for the new homeowners to wish them all the best in the new space.

  • Do not give away gifts that you have recieved and do not want for yourselves. If they do find out it will be very embarrassing for you.
  • Choose something simple like a picture frame, a small crystal vase or a wall clock. These can be used in any house no matter what the decor or theme of the room.
  • If they are a newly wed couple, a gift could be something they wanted and did not get as a wedding gift; you could get it for them.
  • Do not give plants to people who will not be interested in taking car of it. Gifting plants in extreme weather will cause them to wilt and die easily. Never give live pets for the same reason.
  • Gift a basket. Various items can be put together in the basket and it can be a great collection to be given away as a gift. A basket of fresh fruits or a collection of various types of cookies makes a great gift.
  • Beautiful flowers, in a dish, basket, or bowl brighten a new home and thus make a good housewarming gift.
  • Things that are used in day-to-day life, can be gifted; these include kitchen and cutlery items and bath accessories.
  • House numbers - For a gift that's as stylish as it is functional, give a set of hand painted house numbers.
  • Many people think that buying hand-made presents implies that the items are cheap. This is not true. Handmade gifts are quite different from the factory-made products. A wall painting or a pullover can be gifted too.
  • One special piece can leave memories for every year to come. Choose a piece of crystal or silver for a formal home or interesting glass, porcelain, or pottery. Giving gifts take a bit of effort on yout part, but surely that smile of appreciation from the recipient is well worth it. Each gift should bring a little happiness.


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      Cleanclover 8 years ago from Piece of land!

      Thank you

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