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Top 10 Toys We Wish We Had When We Were Kids

Updated on October 24, 2014

Top 10 Toys We Wish We Had When We Were Younger

Toys! That word itself conjures up old memories. Remembering all the nostalgic & retro toys we played with when we were younger and all the hours we spent playing with them. Toys we received as presents on our Birthdays, Christmas & anytime our parents or anyone bought us some. We, I, loved every second of playing with them.

Nowadays, there are so many cool toys available in the marketplace and kids don't know how good they have it with all these amazing tech and non-tech items.

Toys have most certainly changed with the times, and for the better I might add! Now that's not to say that the toys we had when we were younger were bad, but let's just say they're outdated and the newer ones are so much cooler. Also, the cool toys that would've cost a fortune to own back then are cheaper now. Good ole mass production and advanced construction.

This article will showcase all the awesome toys available today, that we wish we had yesterday! (Most of us are still kids at heart, especially me, and I still play with some cool toys from the past and new toys of the present.)

Image Source:
4CH 2.4GHz RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF Red and Black
(Click Here To See More)

Remote Control Helicopters

By far, one of the coolest advancements in toys has been remote control vehicles, especially that of the flying sort. I never had the chance to use remote control flying toys when I was younger. I believe they had them when I was younger but they were huge, clunky and expensive.

These toys are so awesome! They're cheap too! Just check the ratings for them on Amazon like the one down bottom - the same one that's pictured to the right, and you'll see how many high ratings & positive reviews it has.

They even have ones that have carrying harnesses underneath them so that you can carry something through the air, as long as it doesn't weigh too much. They even have ones with cameras built into them too!

Have You Ever Played With A Remote Control Helicopter?

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Night Vision Goggles, Toys & Remote Control Vehicles

Yet again, another technology I wish I had in a toy when I was growing up. Night vision is, by far, one of the coolest inventions ever. To be able to see in the dark is just about priceless. Back then it cost a pretty penny. Only the richest people could've bought some sweet night vision binoculars. The only ones using it back then, primarily, were soldiers.

As the years progressed you were able to buy an expensive pair of them on eBay. Super expensive and very high tech. Now you can purchase them for much less and with picture & video cameras built into them. There are also remote control vehicles, as well as hand watches that contain night vision capabilities.

Check all these next ones out.....

BTW, Are you curious how Night Vision works?'s: "How Night Vision Works"

Image Source

Have You Ever Looked Through A Night Vision Gadget?

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These night vision goggles have been around for awhile and are currently getting harder to find/buy so the price has gone up from $40 or $50 up to $70, 80 and more. If I were you I'd buy one so you have one before they don't make this type one anymore. They are becoming collectibles and will surely climb even higher! The reason for this is because they've made a new pair, with more awesomeness, you can check out the new pair on Amazon as well.

Night Vision On eBay

The best place to find some really great deals on some really cool night vision devices, is definitely on eBay! There are rare pieces that cost a pretty penny and are super high tech and of course you can even get a bargain on some used ones too!

Night Vision Gadgets On Youtube

There are a lot of great videos on Youtube showcasing night vision. You can see some security camera footage of criminals caught in the act, product reviews for night vision gadgets and much more.

Spy Toys

When my brothers and I were younger we would play spy a lot. Basically we'd pretend we were spies and use some cool gadgets that we got from the toy store. Tiny binoculars, walkie talkies, a spy book, etc. All of those are outdated and the newer toys are much better. We had some good times playing spy and now kids can have a better time with all the new improvements and even technologies that we didn't have, one was obviously the night vision I talked about prior.

The walkie talkies we used didn't work so good, we couldn't go very far without it cutting out not to mention it interfered with anyone who had a cordless phone, it would cut in and you could barely make out what was being said, it was cool but annoying. Walkie talkies are a heck of a lot better now, and so are some better binoculars down in price. Here are some cool toys we wish we had in the spy department......

I would buy these for the kids who are getting older and don't want colored, special design kid themed ones like some kid colored/designed ones are. Like for instance, there is a really good, highly rated pair of kids walkie talkies themed for Disney Pixar's "Cars" movies. Check Amazon for those, they're cheaper than this pair of cobra's up top.

I've always wanted to get a pair of sunglasses with a built in camera. They are so awesome! This pair, shown above, is more for kids, so it's cheaper. The ratings & reviews differ, but are still high up, so you'll want to read those and see if they're what you're looking for. I was just checking Amazon for sunglasses with built in cameras and it appears that they are all poorly rated! I guess the sunglasses camera companies haven't quite perfected the art yet or you need to buy some really high end ones...dunno!

SPY NET: Stealth Video Glasses
SPY NET: Stealth Video Glasses

I wear sunglasses a lot and still definitely want to get a pair of video sunglasses so I can record video hands free and without having to to pull out my phone or camera.


Cool Laser Security Tripwire

I really wish I had this toy when I was a kid. I've always loved, and still do, alarms that alert me if someone has broken a threshold, into my room or house! This toy is very cool, affordable and highly rated. If someone, or something, walks through the laser beam, it sounds an alarm.

I love the one review someone wrote for it, on Amazon, about giving it as a Christmas present. The parents decided to open this toy up and strategically place it around the tree so that when the kids woke up and sneakily went into the room, that Santa left presents in, first, before waking their parents, they tripped the alarms and woke up the parents, haha!

Weapons - Nerf Toys

My brothers and I played with some great weapons when we were kids. We played with some Nerf and other weapon toys. We weren't really able to play with toy guns because my mom wouldn't buy them. She doesn't like guns.

The Nerf toys we had were guns, but in the form of foam bullets so it worked out. We had some cool Nerf bow and arrow sets and even a Nerf football too.

There are so many better Nerf toys available now, than when I was a kid. I love Nerf guns still to this day and even have my trusty Nerf Maverick gun next to me in my recliner chair's pocket, lol.

That Nerf Gun on the right, is the one I own: Nerf N-Strike Maverick

They make a lot of really cool Nerf guns, especially the big ones that are automatic and will rapid fire shoot the foam suction cupped darts like the one called "Stampede."

Nerf Bow Gun Toy

Nerf's "Big Bad Bow" is the new hotness! Like I said before, I had a Nerf crossbow when I was a kid, man that was fun! This one is updated with even more coolness. It shoots even further than my old one did. It still comes with 3 darts in the box and there is a small amount of assembly, but nothing major at all.

The only minor problem with this toy is the darts. Over time, from wear & tear, the darts will fall apart, like a fin will fall off or not fit through the foam, snuggly, anymore.... unless you glue it or alter it. Thankfully they sell replacement arrows now, if you can't find them on Amazon you'll have to go the company, who makes the toys, website and purchase extra ones, separately.

Nerf Big Bad Bow
Nerf Big Bad Bow

Get them before they're gone, limited supply! Man these bows are so much cooler and crazier looking than the basic ones I had when I was younger.


Buying Toys To Do List:

Step 1. Money

Step 2. Store

Step 3. Toys!!!

Step 4. Buy Toys! (For Yourself & Others)

Step 5. Buy More Toys!!!

Step 6. Check If You Have Enough Toys!?!

Step 7. Play With The Toys!!!!!!!!!

Step 8. Save Those Toys!!! (*They might be collectibles/antiques someday!!!)

:o) :oP :o) Bo)


Now you're saying to yourself, "Legos? They aren't new!" Well you're right, but the ones I and many others played with when we were younger, aren't as cool as they have become today and as they gravitate towards the future they'll continue to excel with more themes.

I spent countless hours playing with Legos when I was a kid. I love building things and I even had Lincoln Logs. Now, the Legos that are available for kids are in a wider spectrum. There are so many themes, especially for movies like Star Wars & Batman. It's also best to buy a tub of them so that you or your kids can make huge monstrosities of awesomeness!

The History of Lego: The History of Lego's

Here are some cool Lego sets available today..............

Another cool set of Lego's are the Batman versus Joker flying vehicle and characters. Batman will never stop trying to get the Joker and the Joker will never stop toying with Batman and causing chaos and anarchy!

LEGO Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City 6863
LEGO Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City 6863

When I was younger I had a really cool Batman versus The Joker t-shirt! this would've been a cool toy to match my awesome shirt.


Did You Ever Play With Legos When You Were A Kid?

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Here's a great set of all the Lego's characters that any kid needs for their Lego Town they create. All the jobs/professions and people that consist of a town, village or city. It's a great learning tool for kids to see all the jobs people have.

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Musical Instruments

Pianos & Keyboards

When I was in 2nd grade, my brother & I took Piano lessons, but they didn't last long.

Yup, when you're young, you don't really want to do certain things, because your a kid and you find it boring. I wish I had stayed in piano class but even then it would've ended anyway because we ended up moving out of that area and then would eventually move a lot more times from other areas as well. Yeah we moved a lot!

Thankfully, there are easy ways to learn musical instruments with the help of the internet/youtube and in regards to pianos.....they make light up key pianos to learn songs easy. You just press the keys that light up and learn the song, it's so easy!

I owned one of those pianos not that long ago, but my roof ended up leaking and destroying it, that sucked! Go figure, the only spot the roof leaked, was right above where my piano was being kept. How ridiculous is that? And to think, I was well on my way to learning "Moonlight Sonata". The song that's played in the first Resident Evil game. Which, obviously, that song has been famous way before that game.

This is absolutely the perfect start piano for kids and might i even say adults. When I think about learning the piano, being older(30) I think of having to start out with a kids type learning beginning. It's the best way to do it, for anything!

This keyboard has 49 keys, it comes with a music book, a cd-rom and dvd that all explain what each note is, what it looks like and how to play sheet music. It actually shows the correct ways to play the piano. The ratings & reviews for it are through the roof! So whether you're an adult and want to learn the piano or you're looking to buy this for you're son, daughter or other relative, this is the one to check out!

This piano is awesome and has a lot of accessories that come with it, when buying it and It even has more buttons and cool add-ons! It's very similar to the one I had, that ended up getting water damaged from a leaky roof.

Can You Play The Piano?

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How To Play The Piano On Youtube

Youtube is a great educational tool with videos for learning just about anything you want to.

Learning the piano is no exception, they have videos for that!

Video Game Heaven!!!

The Best Video Game Consoles, Systems Of All Time!

I've been playing video games since around the time I got my hand on the first joystick of an Atari. I've been fortunate to ride every wave of video game console awesomeness. The future of gaming is alive and well, and it will surely continue.... for as long as humans of intellect inhabit this life sphere known as Earth. Us gamers, we'll continue to save the princess, race our t.v. screen cars & shoot our digital guns at enemies of every type - from zombies to warring enemies.

Man do I love video games, especially the older, retro ones. Like the gaming console in that picture, that's a classic! A Nintendo NES System - Video Game Console. I can still remember the first Metal Gear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros. Zelda.....the list goes on and on. I've spent a great deal of my life playing video games. I mean hey! if John Connor learned to beat Terminators by visiting the arcade and kicking some simulated butt, then more power to us gamers! Also, btw I can still remember an awesome FPS (First Person Shooter) game at a local arcade called Terminator 2 Judgment Day! It was based on the 2nd movie obviously, and I loved that movie! I saw it in the theaters when it came out, what an experience! Good Times!

Gaming has been constantly evolving and with new sensors for the consoles it's pretty darn cool. The Kinect camera, the Wii paddle, the list goes on again. I really need to hop on eBay and get myself some juicy sweet retro games that I've been craving. Snatchers & Night Trap for the Sega CD, Old games for the NES, and the soon to be or even now already could be called old/classic, games for the first Playstation - like the first and second Resident Evil games, the Need For Speeds, and of course some RPG's like Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9, oh and another favorite of mine that I didn't finish for the PS2 FFX & The Thing (Based on the Kurt Russell movie from the 90's. Uber-excitement! Also, let us not forget that we didn't have any decent handheld gaming systems except some clunky old ones from the 90's, like this one Ninja Gaiden game Tiger Ninja Gaiden LCD Handheld Hahaha! Man was it cheesy! but so cool at the same time! What a funny thing the past is!

Just follow any of the links on this page for products and it will bring you to their items on Amazon, there you can search for some newer cool gaming systems and consoles like the Playstation 3, the XBox One or the Nintendo Wii. The future of video games is always advancing, I wonder when we'll have VR (Virtual Reality)!?!

Retro Gaming on eBay!

Ebay has all the old gaming systems and games, sold by everyday people. I've been selling my old games lately to make ends meet, as well as other items.


Are You A Video Gamer Or What?

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I Want That One, And That One, And That One, And.....

From CD Players To MP3 Players

The Best MP3 Players

Buried in my closet, in a box somewhere, I still have one of my first cd players. Ha! Now, it wasn't one of the absolute first ones that I owned. The absolute firsts were junked a long time ago. "Why?" you ask....because they didn't have the anti-skip technology. What a disaster it was, to move around while listening to the cd's. Like walking somewhere....Holy crap it was horrible!

Eventually they made anti-skip but it drained the batteries so fast!. As time went on, companies perfected the technology and it barely skipped and then never did no matter how much you shook it upside down and all around to test it lol. Finally, the anti skip worked a lot better and didn't drain the batteries so bad. Because even the first set of anti-skip's still skipped, some worse than others if they were cheap or just not good enough.

I can even remember the first MP3 player I bought in 2003, it was a 30gb Creative Zen Nomad something or other. It was heavy and huge, lol. It could've easily looked like a small book. I thought it was so cool and I enjoyed it until I sold it on eBay in 2005 or 2006 so that i could by a cooler mp3 player that could do movies, tv recording, fm/am and so much more. Now, at this point I'm using the one in the picture up on the right and linked to down bottom: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

Now with technology advancing in the areas of touch capacity, there are iPod touches and other mp3 players using touch capabilities.

If you're looking for an MP3 Player with touch screen capabilities there are plenty to choose from! They come in different sizes, as it pertains to screens and memory. Do some cross comparison shopping when checking them out on Amazon, you might find a really great deal on different models or different qualities - used, refurbished or new!

Apple iPod Touch 16 GB Blue (5th Generation) MP3 Player
Apple iPod Touch 16 GB Blue (5th Generation) MP3 Player

Why not the top of the line most popular touch screen MP3 player? Yup, you guessed it, the iPod!


Advanced Computers

Desktops, PC's, Laptops, Tablets & Smart Phones

My family & I bought our first computer around 1995 or so. Talk about slow and ugly! It was only around a 100mhz processor. That's ancient speed added with dial-up. The first two main internet providers available around then were AOL & Prodigy. AOL was more of a family friendly, colorful looking, internet mainframe and prodigy had more of a forum based look to it, more geek styled. My family had AOL and my best friend had Prodigy. Good Times!

I still remember, and miss, the dial-up connecting sounds. *errrr ooooo buhding buhding buhding errrrrr* - lol

Only the richest people back then, and I do mean rich, would've had a laptop. It must've weighed a ton. I never saw any but I'm sure it was something to see. As time went on, we got faster ones and more of them. By the early 2000s everyone in my family had one(desktops). Then as that decade carried on, we all got laptops. It seems like laptops are all you ever hear about nowadays. Desktops are still available but people want to be able to carry their computer around.......

Hence tablets were born. Those wonderful touch screen toys. How cool are these things! Handheld computers, even lighter and cooler than laptops. I got my first one on January 20th, 2012. I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

If you don't have a tablet and you want a tablet but you're unsure which ones are the best then here's a helpful page that outlines all the best tablets and ranks them from best to worst:

2014 Best Tablet Side-by-Side Comparisons and Reviews

As I stated, I own a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and I love it. I also made an article about the best cases & accessories that I own and recommend. I also talk about tablets in general and give some info about them in it.

You can find the article right here: The Best Samsung Galaxy Tablet Cases and Accessories

When you think tablet! You think of Apple iPad's & Samsung Galaxy Tablets! Why not finally get yourself a great tablet, you've been waiting so long! The time is now! Tablets have been out for a while now and you won't be one of the first buyers so you don't have to worry about any defects, which Apple & Samsung rarely ever have! They make top of the line electronics, hands down!

Let's not forget the smart phones, speaking of touch capacity. All of these gadgets are definitely worthy of the status of being a toy. I bought my first cellphone in December of 2002 and it doesn't even compare to the newer phones out there. Before my first cellphone, I used to have a pager back in the late 90's. Pagers/Beepers were all the rage, lol. You'd call someone's pager and leave your call back number or type in any numbers you wanted and someone had to call you back.

Some of my friends even had their own secret codes printed out so that they could send each other messages without anyone knowing what the codes meant. Very cool, almost spy/secret agent worthy. Codes for sneaking out of our parents houses and other mischievous good times. Pagers were awesome, changing the song/beeps that would play to let you know you've got a page. I still have my old pager, my 1st one I owned, in a box somewhere. Hilarious! (My 2nd pager I owned, was stolen or i dropped it. I'm pretty sure it was stolen! I can almost guarantee it. Thieves took it while I was in school. That's a whole 'nuther story though.

But my first pager I had died. "How did it die?", you ask....well......It's a funny story how my first pager died. I fell in a swimming pool. My 2 friends that were in the pool threw a beachball towards me. I wasn't swimming because I didn't have any swim trunks. I could've just got in using my boxers but I didn't feel like it. So anyway, I was smoking a cigarette and they threw a ball over towards me and so i went up on the deck that connects right to the pool and I went to throw the ball funny like, using a fake, all my throwing power throw, and I slipped on the wet deck and right into the pool. I had everything in my pockets. A brand new pack of smokes with just 1 smoked from it (19 cigs), some money, my lighter, flashlight & yup, my pager. Needless to say, It was Toast! Everyone had a good laugh! LoL

Do You Have A Tablet Or Smart Phone?

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Planetarium Projector

Planets & Stars Projectors

I've always wanted a planetarium type projector in my room. When I was younger I bought glow in the dark stars and I used blacklights and it worked out great. With the glow in the dark stars you don't even really need the blacklights. The only real problem with glow in the dark stars is that they don't hold their shine/glow long enough, so they say it's best to use glow in the dark markers or paint and just draw stars or anything you want on your walls or ceilings.

Recently, I checked Amazon like crazy for some good planetarium projectors and it seems like there are more junk ones than good ones, according to reviews. I did however find one that I plan on buying that has some really good reviews. The picture is down below.......

This is, without a doubt, the best laser light show, stars & planets electronic goodie you can buy. The reviews speak for themselves! Good luck finding one better, because I've searched! I'm talking an extensive search! I spent way too much time and wish I could get it back! The people(companies) who make the horrible ones should have to pay the consumer, for wasting our time, having to look at their junk! lol!

I Love Toys!!!

Image Source

I love toys and I'm sure you do too! I can't wait to see what technology brings us next.

Holograms, virtual reality and everything being voice activated. It's gonna be so awesome!

Pretty much everything, that we find cool, in this world is a toy, but just don't break it. Some things are not a toy however, and let's hope you know the difference. Somethings can never be fixed or replaced.... and always remember, living things are more important than inanimate objects. Objects can be replaced, not people/animals/wildlife.

The majority of us have sentimental value for items that we own and wouldn't want to part with them, like in the event of a fire or disaster. But, you must remember that there will surely be more sentimental objects and memories down the road of life and you have to be there, alive, to enjoy those and more.

On that note, I'd like to restate that I love toys, I love receiving them as well as giving them. Same goes for any special presents or gifts! Good ole Christmas & Birthday presents, and anytime gifts.

Here's another article I wrote about one of my favorite toys from my childhood:

G.I. Joe - One Of The Best Toys Ever

Retro Toys On eBay

Own a piece of history or just an amazing collectible! With so many to choose from, on eBay! You just might find a gem you really wanted!

Do you still play with toys?

What was your favorite toy growing up?

Does your mouth water for any of these toys you read about?

Do You Love Toys?

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    • Elizabeth Braun profile image

      Elizabeth Braun 4 years ago from Sheffiled, UK

      Yeah, I love toys and think that the best thing about having kids much be playing with their toys with them. Or better still, when they've gone to school or bed...!!LOL

    • thewafflingprem1 profile image

      thewafflingprem1 5 years ago

      Excellent list of some great toys! thanks for posting

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Toys are great!

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 5 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      these really are some cool gadgets -

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I was more of a book person than a toy person, I guess, but I made up for it when my sons were growing up. Now I'm a semi-geek person whose mouth is definitely watering for a few of these very, very cool toy selections!

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 5 years ago

      I agree with you - there are so many cool toys today that I wish we'd had when I was growing up. Fortunately, I have two kids, so sometimes I still get to play with toys.