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10-year-old Birthday Gifts

Updated on September 19, 2014

10-years-old Is No Longer a Child

This is a big birthday. The child is a "Tween". What is a tween you ask? Well, it's the new term for pre-teen. Pre-teen is so done. Tweens are not teens but they are now a double-digit age.

What do 10-year-old children like? Most of the have all the electronic gadgets that are on the market. They have all the board games. What is there that is different and fun to do?

This is my search for birthday gifts for my 10-yr-old. The cute toddler in the picture is not a baby anymore.

No electronic gadgets on this birthday

We have banned anything that requires a charger

It's time to get gifts that are entertaining and interactive. These kids who are not small anymore but still not grown up have very definite ideas on what they want. They may ask for the latest and greatest Wii game but they may not be aware of other things they might like. There are many more things that can capture their attention and keep them busy.

Our child has more electronic gadgets than he really needs. These are solitary pursuits that isolate him from the family. As these kids get older, the best way to keep communication open is to have things to do that involve them in activities they want to share.

These were fun 25 years ago and they are still fun - Shrinky Dinks

We loved Shrinky Dinks when they were new and then they disappeared. Now they are back with lots of different packages for all interests. There are even blank sheets were kids can create their own. A note here: according to one review I read, if you want to buy blank sheets go directly to their website where blank sheets are a better value.

Anyway, this is a great gift for a 10-yr-old. They can make things they want for themselves but can also create gifts for others.

The Incredible SHRINKY DINKS Maker
The Incredible SHRINKY DINKS Maker

This is a great idea if parents do not want their child messing with the oven. The kids can actually watch as the plastic shrinks. We will definitely get this.


Outdoor Activities

We don't have room for a trampoline. A tennis court or a baseball field are out of the question. Still, the boy likes to be outside and needs something to do. A tetherball does not require as much room as some of the other outside persuits. It can be played alone or with others.

Champion Sports Portable Tetherball Set: Classic Backyard Lawn Beach and Pool Party Game Includes Soft Ball Nylon Rope & Durable Telescopic Pole With Free Air Pump
Champion Sports Portable Tetherball Set: Classic Backyard Lawn Beach and Pool Party Game Includes Soft Ball Nylon Rope & Durable Telescopic Pole With Free Air Pump

Believe it or not, girls as well as boys play tetherball. Unfortunately for my child, there is a certain girl who beats him everyday at school. A tetherball at home would give him the opportunity to practice.


Refracted light

The movie is shown here not because it is one of my favorites of all times but because there is something in the movie that captured my attention in 1960 but recently captured my child's attention too.

In the scene with the mean old man, they hung crystals from the lamp in the window and made rainbows all over the walls. There is something satisfying about watching the light dance on the wall. We all rushed out to buy prisms because no one had lamps with crystals to steal.

Pollyanna (Vault Disney Collection)
Pollyanna (Vault Disney Collection)

This really is one of my favorite movies and we have it on DVD. Sometimes when no one is home, I watch it.

Prism, Equilateral 6" ~ Glass
Prism, Equilateral 6" ~ Glass

For a child who is even the tinest bit fascinated by science, this is a great gift. The problem with this is I can't seem to get it away from the older people who also want to play with it.



Our child is not interested in building sets so why would this be on the list? There is something very different about magnets which he find fascinating. Magnets have their own special properties that intrigue children.

Webz 108 Magnetic Construction Kit W108
Webz 108 Magnetic Construction Kit W108

This set is for older children who are not likely to put things in their mouths.



There are some toys that might interest more than some. Just the title "Totally Gross" attracts boys. They love anything that is gross. This is science at it's best because the kids don't know they are learning.

Totally Gross

Totally Gross Science Lab 50+ Experiments Smart Lab
Totally Gross Science Lab 50+ Experiments Smart Lab

Believe me, this is gross! Kids love it.


What did we get?

Now that I have researched all these items, I am at a loss to decide what one he gets. None of them are cheap and I know that he would like all of them. Oh well, there's always next Christmas.

Update: He got Totally Gross, the prism, and Shrinky Dinks. No batteries were purchased.

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    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 

      7 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      These are great alternatives to gadgets and electronics. Will keep them in mind for my grandson.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      8 years ago from Central Florida

      I agree... too much electronic gadgetry keeps a kid isolated. Interactive games and learning toys like these are good choices.


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